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  1. Thanks guys for your kind words! It encourages me to also show you some other work I did with this GM1/Voigtländer combo: A hiking weekend with some friends (first video with GM1): Relay running event (second video with GM1): Again, I like it as light as possible, so no rig used or whatsoever.
  2. Thank you. I am always using 720p & 50fps mode.
  3. I am still in love with this camera. This is my newest video i shot during a festival, pure run&gun withhout any rig at all:
  4. Andrew, how does the GM1 hold up to the GX7 despite not having 1080p/60? And I would second the question regarding your findings in terms of profiles ;)
  5. thanks a lot, exactly what i was looking for :)
  6. Again, thanks for your replies. How about close ups - is there a constant value by which the minimum focus distance of a given lens is enlarged? E.g. take a lens with 70cm minimum focus distance, how does this distance change with the slr anamorphot attached (and with the diopters and even with both of them stacked)?
  7. Thanks for you replies, guys. In that case I think I will wait until the lens is out for the masses and not be an early adaptor. Most of the films i take / create are when I am with my friends, when I am on some kind of leisure activities, etc... So typical scenarios where there is a small window time-wise to take the shot. In most of the cases, being quick is what really matters and I would hate myself if I dont got some unique moments because I did not master the skill taking films with such a setup. So, wait & practice is what is most important.
  8. I am doing most of my films in run & gun manner using a GM1 in combination with a Voigtländer 25mm - this works quite well once i got used to manual focusing. I would like to take another step by beginning with anamorphic shooting. I understood that most of the lenses requires focussing of two lenses which makes them not so suitable for run & gun setups (at least in my experience, correct me if i am wrong). However, with the new anamorphot from SLR magic, this seems way better (an iscorama is not within my price range). I was wondering whether the owners of this lens think that it is suitable for doing run & gun shooting, any advice? Thanks in advance!
  9. Andrew, are the summicrons in combination with the speed booster the "poor man's" summilux (which might be even sharper..?) Or is the image quality wide open not as good so that one needs to go back to f2.0 anyway?
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