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  1. edit: stupid... i did not create a comparison vido when i had 3 & 5 but i found 3 overall working a bit better because 5 was just too much.
  2. True, the Ultra Contrast is awesome, especially on the voigtländer 0.95 - i regret selling that lens... the combo is plain awesome.
  3. The link is pointing to the edit mode of WP, Andrew!
  4. I am also really considering the rx100 and putting it to my lx100 side-by-side. I found this quite tempting offering, but i am not sure whether "english version" implies that the model is NTSC only? http://www.ebay.com/itm/161751558380 @gethin: where did you read about a new panasonic?
  5. Sorry for digging this up, but how is the feel of manual focussing? Is it LX100-like or does it feel akward? Can i first focus using AF and then manual override using the wheel to do a focus pull (something the lx100 cant)?
  6. Valuable input, appreciated guys! wolf33d, what are your thoughts about lowlight capabilities and DoF - is it any good with this small sensor?
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modulaoptical/cm33-compact-manual-focus-lens-for-mirrorless-with Sounds pretty cool, a compact pancake lens designed for APS-C including some awesome stuff like lens-mods and a focus aid called focus finder. The pricetag is not cheap, but still - it looks really cool. I am wondering whether they can compete with the big boys.
  8. sorry for hijacking but i really love hexagonal blur! how do i find other lenses with that effect? does it depend on the amount of blades?
  9. Sadly it does not really work like a fully manual lens: the focus pulling is nowhere near "linear", but if you hit a certain scale mark (lets say 0.5m) the focus really "jumps" onto it. very sad.
  10. Are we talking about "normal" concerts where normal means that the stage is lighted? Because if it is, i would say the LX100 is a good go, here are some screencaps (4k -> 1080p, fully zoomed f2.8) - at least for me. And if you are lucky, you will find a used one for less than 500 euros, nice stealthy package.
  11. And here's the finished edit: I have to say that this works quite well, at least sufficient for my needs
  12. jase

    More spam

    Sorry, but this is nonsense. If you dont know what you are talking about, just leave it and dont scare other people. This is just an automated bot that created account(s) and post(s). My suggestion for the future would be, that an admin needs to approve a newly registered user. By doing so, the user would not be able to post directly - however, if he is a true (and valuable) user for eoshd, he/she would not mind at all. not at all since passwords are stored encrypted in the database of the IPS system. @ken: now you see the consequences of your post. thanks for that.
  13. Here are some screencaps from Berlin's Lollapalooza Festival. First real try with the LX100. These are just some very quick & dirty tests (with too much film grain), but i have to say this combo is really great considering the price.
  14. I cant help you but still want to thank you for making me aware of Compressor. I use it now to transcode my LX100 4k Files to 1080p Apple Pro Res 422 HQ. That takes quite some time on my MBP from 2011, but FCPX just need to create the proxy media and thats it. perfect!
  15. Forgive me for the ignorance of not reading the thread entirely, but is there any short summary why one should use resolve instead of final cut pro x.
  16. Same settings we discussed several months ago, @Inazuma - seems to work on the lx100 as a charm. The lx100 is really a gem - i did not hold it steady as shown in the video above, but i think the OIS does a pretty decent job. Also focus was often wrong since i tried the autofocus. However the focusring is very smooth. Not as nice as on the Voigtländer 25mm, but still good enough. I think this is an amazing package for what it costs currently. You wont regret it!
  17. Thanks. I went back to square one after having quite a few unsuccessful attempts and remembered and old video from me, which i really liked: Recipe is as follows: Standard with -5,-5,-5,-5 Highlight / Shadow 0,0 Iso was Auto, but i guess it was 200-400 Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3 Filter FilmConvert with GH4 Profile, FJ SuperX 400 emulation was used with 30% grain Some slight adjustment in the shadows to give it more contrast, thats it. Works out of the box on the GM1 and seems to work out of the box on the LX100. Will put up some small demo video later.
  18. Mh, interesting. I find myself needing to color correct my shots as well, so when i am not finding some white as reference I get into trouble.. Do I understand you correctly, that (assuming your WB is manual and thus consistent) I should be able to apply my color correction to every shot I did and it should work mostly out of the box?
  19. This weekend i received this little gem. I started playing around finding some proper settings. This is my current status: https://vimeo.com/137074524 (password: lx100) What do you guys think? It might be a little to contrasty..
  20. You have to use something like LUTutility for that, or you can try ColorFinale.
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