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  1. ​I would have to do a side by side comparison to provide an answer to you. Could do that this weekend. At least my experience was not like "wow, amazing dynamic range!" - it was more like "wow, amazing low light capabilities!" To be honest, dynamic range was never my real issue I have to admint. Slog is no option for me due to iso 3200.
  2. ​a7s and Settings as described here.
  3. Seems those LUTs are quite attracting some negative feelings. Since I am here to learn I would like to ask you guys to comment on this screencaps (I think it is quite clear which are OOC and which have the LUT with 60% opacity applied). Do you always favor the OOC variant?
  4. Mattias, I love them a lot! Tried Newcastle on my newest work, quite pleased with the results:
  5. austinchimp, I have the a7s since a couple of months and I am still on a path to get decent skin tones while having accurate colors. Trust me, I tested all those profile guides that I found on the net. s-log is at the moment no option to me since I want to have ISO 100 and i did not start using ND filters yet. Anyways, you might give those settings a go: Take PP2 as a base (with default values of course) and change the following: gamma: cine4 color mode: pro color phase: +5 These settings work amazingly well for me, here is one quick example: Another very important aspect I found out is setting the white balance manually to appropriate kelvin values. You can look them up using Google if you are not familiar with them. Interestingly, I found myself nearly always using 5600k during daylight circumstances, no matter whether it is shady or bright sun (even with snow!). Only on tungsten light or halogen, I change the white balance to about 3900k and within the above mentioned color profile, i change color phase to +2 (i use PP3 for that to change it more quickly), otherwise the image is very yellowish. You could give those settings a try. I would love to hear from you if it helped a bit since I am sure that this journey is not done yet.
  6. @geppoitaly: could you tell us how you downloaded the firmware? as soon as i click on the link i get a blank page..
  7. Mh, please help me out since I would love to learn. In my tests I found that setting the ISO higher than 20k would yield into too much noise. Setting was 1080p / 60fps. In which regard would you advice me to change the exposure?
  8. I got my a7s now a couple of weeks and i decided to make a quick lowlight test while doing a workout outdoor. All shot using the Canon EF 35 f2.0 IS (what an awesome lens for run&gunners!), arround 20.000 ISO, Cine2 with Pro and some neatvideo magic, otherwise untouched. God i am in love with that camera. Still much to learn, tho.
  9. Maybe we can stop insulting and come back with some hard evidence? I cannot really add anything substantial to this post, but i am very interested in proof that actually contraditcs to the sayings of jcs, because for me they make quite sense.
  10. Brother, I have to second all posts above. Lovely images, keep up the good work! Looking forward to see more from you
  11. simple but very nice, i love it! care to share the lens you used? The focus pull around 0:19 looks very smooth! I guess you used a tripod?
  12. ​offtopic: are you refering to the nikon or the sigma?
  13. jcs, thanks for your valuable input. Regarding the a7s, which features both FF and APS-C mode, do i get you right that (assuming a lens with the desired focal length is given) APS-C mode has only advantages over FF if the shallow dof is not necessary? E.g. lets assume i am happy with the dof of a 35mm f1.4 in APS-C mode, this solution on the a7s would only yield advantages over using the a7s in FF mode with a 50mm f2?
  14. ​Interesting thought, but what makes the Voigt so perfect for me is - next to your mentioned things - also the ability of having a relatively short focus throw (for 0.3 - infinity), the added macro mode as well as the short focus distance. Given, short focus throw and close distance is nothing what everybody needs, but for me as a run&gun guy this is quite essential. Anyways, i will have a look into the canon 50 f1.4, thanks! Does the commlite adapter has any drawbacks when compared to the metabones adapter?
  15. I have to opt-in for the Voigtländers. I worked a little bit over a year just with the 25mm and it is absolutely gorgeous - in fact, i am still busy finding an adequate counterpart now that i switched to the a7s...
  16. jase


    ​thanks, greatly appreciated! So if i got you right, the lens scale is 0.5, but actually can focus down to 0.36? Would be amazing! Which version do you have?
  17. jase


    ​Sorry - you are absolutely right. I forgot to mention that i am a pure run&gun guy, so i need a short focus throw of arround 90 degrees - and that makes it quite difficult.
  18. jase


    After moving from m43 to the a7s I am still struggling to find a proper equivalent for my Voigtländer 25mm f0.95. I dont care (yet) whether it is APS-C or Fullframe, so I am looking either for a 35mm or 50mm with at least f2, better f1.4. Minimum focus distance should be around 30cm and I prefer "real" focus instead of focus by wire (although i am open to it, if it works good). Pure awesomeness would be either setting the f-stops on the lens , compactness and/or IS, but this is optional. It would be also fine for me if it is a bit wider than 35 respectively 50mm, so sth like 28mm or 45mm would be also within my range. Candidates I already found: Canon 35mm f2.0 IS Olympus Pen F 38mm 1.9Candidates i removed from my list: Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f2 (minimum focus distance is only 45cm)Summicron 35mm / 50mm f2 (minimum focus distance is only 70cm)Any suggestions from you guys? What should i go for within the 50mm range, if i stick to fullframe?
  19. What about the noise reduction settings within the menu, do you guys have turned them off?
  20. jase


    ​Hi Andy, are you talking about the f2.0 or the f2.8?
  21. Interesting how opinions can differ - I liked the colors very much!
  22. Interesting! I just watched those episodes yesterday and the day before yesterday on Arte. Where did you get that info? edit: nvm, found it here: http://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Interviews/Schaetze-Suedostasiens----mit-der-Blackmagic-Pocket-ins-ARTE-Programm.html (German-only).
  23. ​Andrew, sorry for the digging (and hijacking this thread at the same time!), but since you got the Canon lens as well as the Oly EM1 - what is your opinion about level of stabilisation? Does the lens get close to the EM1?
  24. It feels like bashing Andrew is a new sport? He is controversial for sure, but guys... it are his top cameras of the year 2014? Why are people arguing over this nonsense when this is subjective thing? If Andrew states that the 1DC is his camera of the year it his genuine thing to do so - you dont have to agree. Just build your own top list.
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