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  1. And anyone knows how good / fast the AF is when using the speedbooster xl ( @Andrew Reid?) is CAF working?
  2. Anyone with experience about the extra tele conversion feature? if i got it right, it is a 2.4x zoom in 1080p mode without any loss in quality? if thats right, then i could use a 10mm lens and have a 24mm lens with this feature at the same time? Would be quite awesome!
  3. The panasonic 20 would be my dreamlens if it wasnt a fly by wire lens. Seriously, if one could mod that lens to manual focus i would pay a premium for it, dont care about the AF. 20mm on m43 is just about perfect in my opinion and the pana20 is a stellar performer! I had the suggested canon 35 2.0 is - but you would have to use the expensive metabones xl speedbooster to turn it into a 22mm lens. Yet the awesome thing about the canon glas in general would be that you get AF *and* nice manual focus. Especially for street this is quite nice. As much as i love my voigtländer and MF, stil there are moments in time were AF is quite handy. the sigma 20 and rokinons are just too big for my taste, but that is totally subjective.
  4. My opinion is that IS within a lens isnt anymore important in the future, since IBIS will do it. The gx80 does it already extremly well and it will even get better. your choice boils down to: - do you accept fly by wire focussing lenses? - is size an issue? if you hate fly by wire as I do, basically all olympus and panasonic lenses are out. if you want it small, have a look at the voigtländers. if size is not an issue, go with any speed booster and any lens you like. if you need AF it gets tricky - either you accept fly by wire or you need to go the EF route with a metabones speed booster.
  5. Wrong site - join the facebook group, there you got lots of experts.
  6. @fuzzynormal Gx80 + lumix app + dropbox seems to work with my iphone however since i only can choose 50p i used a shutter speed of 50: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4e1yfm7w19pzqu/50ss50p.mp4?dl=0
  7. I would really like to help you @fuzzynormal, but i have no access to a computer due to holidays
  8. To sum it up: Voigtländer 25mm at f1.4-2.0 Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3 Filmconvert GH4 Profile, standard setting. Best results with the FJ Super x400 or KD P400 preset. Yet, those shots dont had any filmconvert applied.
  9. I use the Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3. keep in mind that those shors are out of camera, so no grading with filmconvert had be applied! I am in the middle of my trip, so i cant give you a graded example. the filter doesnt really like direct sunlight, the contrast is then really really low, you have to keep that in mind. Personally, i however like the look occasionally. Check out the part with the ferry (1:09) for an example about this sunlight effect in this clip: I agree with RWR, I learned with Sony cams the hard way that auto white balance does not really work. Now i also found AWB on the GX80 not that good so I dial in my kelvin values. Just use 5600k whenever daylight is available and dial in something in 3000-4000k whenever you have artifical light. Surely not the perfect approach, but for run&gun this works well.
  10. Standard -5/-5/-5/-5 however as you can see the shadows are far away from being crushed. this ia due to the tiffen ultra contrast filter. Together with filmconvert this combo really sings, because filmconvert lowers the shadows in such a way that you only need to adjust the highlights and some subtle skintone correction.
  11. Here are a couple of shots, OOC. Looks quite fine to me as a starting point for grading.
  12. When you try to keep it steady, you can also walk with the lx100, but you have to walk carefully. batterylife is awesomely crappy on rx100 side of things. Lx100 has the same battery as gx80 and last twice as long although i did not run any scientific test.. Charging can be done via usb or via external charger, however the big flaw is that you only can charge while being powered off unless you have a special adapter. Rx100 can charge while using it, which is a big plus for timelapse stuff.
  13. Since I am a run & gun type of guy I can tell you about my experiences with The LX100, the RX100 IV and the GX80. In my opinion, the whole choice boils down to the following aspects: - how important is a zoom for you? - how important is size for you? - how important is focus pulling / grading for you? I first started with a GM1 in combination with a fully manual prime. Loved it, but due to GAS i thought i could even ante it up. Then I had a odysee of different cameras: A7s, which I liked for low light and hated for the price and the color (although one can achieve pretty good results out of the box with manual WB and a good profile). Went with an A6000. Liked the Zebras, the punch in zoom (in fact i liked the functionality), didnt like the colors that much. Then I went with the LX100. Perfect compromise for a small package with decent DoF and a good stabilized zoom. Didnt like focus pulling, started to hate fly by wire. However, although I did know better, GAS once again striked back after reading the awesome review of the RX100 IV by Andrew. Bought it, it has amazing features, but the image just dont feel right. In the end, i kept on tweaking and tweaking and did not take the camera for many shots with me because I just was not satisfied. And DoF just sucks. Really, if you want decent DoF control, dont go for it. After using both the LX100 and the RX100, i kind of went back to the roots. Rebought my Voigtländer - back in prime land. Bought the GX80 and I love it. Awesome stabilisation and the image feels right. Long story short: RX100 iV if: you need 120fps you need the smalles package you dont need DoF you dont mind fly by wire you somehow are able to grade Sony cameras LX100 if: you need a compact package with zoom and stabilisation you somewant need DoF but it is not on your primary list you dont care about shitty focus pulling due to fly by wire GX80 if: you dont necessary need a compact package with a zoom that has a better f-Stop than a kit lens you like stabilisation you like manual lenses you like easy grading capabilities you like changing lenses in general In general I can sign all the people saying they dont "feel" the Sony image. I tricked myself by telling "i can surely do better". However I dont. In fact I like the Panasonic image.
  14. Anyone knows whether is possible to get rid of this annoying "change your focal length" popup each time you turn on the camera when using a manuall lens that does not have any electronical contacts? really reminds on the NTSC mode on Sony cameras..
  15. jase


    Does it allow proper focus pulls? When i tried this with the 12mm f2.0, the focus "jumped" as soon as it hits the corresponding marks - quite akward.
  16. jase

    One Lens?

    Yep, the 25mm with the brand new GX80 - lovely combo.
  17. jase

    One Lens?

    Golden hour with the Voigtländer.
  18. Anyone found a way to add the MF assist to a function key?
  19. Two packages arrived today After touching the focus ring I really found out how i missed a real manual focus lens. This fly-by-wire stuff is just not real. Quick shot @f0.95 using the natural settings from @sgreszcz with film convert applied and some basic corrections: The whole cam just feels good. However, I found the white balance settings pretty inaccurate for now. I had to dial in the Kelvin setting for tungsten to get appropriate colors.
  20. jase

    One Lens?

    This shot is mind blowing, everytime I see it. I already started checking out that lens :D
  21. jase

    One Lens?

    Thats for sure! We are kind of searching for the holy grail. And once we found it, we try to trick us self in telling us there is an even better one :D Anyways, cant see your result with the contax glass!
  22. jase

    One Lens?

    jm2c: you had a winning combo with the milvus lenses and the NX1. I dont get why you sold them. I read your argument about vimeo, but yet I think you made a loss by selling them, didnt you? GAS striked back again I take.
  23. jase

    One Lens?

    Thanks for your kind words, DevonChris! I too think that this is one of my best shots. So after constantly checking for something even better I finally reckon that I had something that was very good and that I wasted quite some money over the last two years finding something that might be even better, yet eventually not for me. Learned the hard way.
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