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  1. Looks great! How close can you get without the diopter?
  2. As promised, nothing special. Still, i am quite pleased with the Sony colors, til yet!
  3. yes, and definitely not an easy one. I am still not sure whether it was the complete right decision, but the even smaller formfactor as well as the slowmo (and andrew's review of course) made me jump on this trip. We will see
  4. yeah, i am in the middle of something, nothing special but will post it, if wanted. dont remember the eact length of those shots, but they were definitely at the long end.
  5. Nope, it is a rx100 iv. Have to say that i am quite pleased with the results!
  6. Interesting guesses, but all wrong. Hint: manufacturer and sensor were not mentioned yet
  7. Since i found those threads quite interesting, I would like do one on my own Here we go:
  8. jase


    Agreed. I personally dont use anything above 50mm FF-equivalent. something a tad below like a 28mm for APS-C is next to perfect for my style of shooting.
  9. jase


    I own the 85 f2, but it is totally not my focal length, so it is collecting dust.
  10. jase


    There exists an awesome wiki about OM lenses, unfortunately it is in German-only. However if you need something translated in particular, let me know.
  11. jase


    Agreed, still a much closer focus distance than normal leica M lenses have.. wow, didnt know that this works without loosing infinity! do you guys know of wide angle converters specifically (e.g. smallish) for leica M lenses?
  12. jase


    Regarding the FF38 from DSO I found this rather interesting piece of explanation: Assume i use leica M glass, how does this work? Does tit mean that I loose infinity focus to get those macro capabilities? Because technically speaking, the FF38 is "just" a converter, there are no moving parts to adjust focus or sth like that? Or am I wrong?
  13. I just toyed arround with the kelvin settings of my display. Weird enough, when i set it to 7000k it matches my macbook at 6500k quite well, also my iphone looks now much more similar. See the attached screencap that looks "good" (subjective) on my screen - how is it on yours? Again, I am aware that this is all very subjective, but are the colors off in your perception?
  14. for sure! i am totally aware of the fact that there is no "solution to rule them all", but: maybe there is a solution that gets us quite near to that Anyway, when @Mattias Burling shows screencaps of his fantastic french bulldog, we all think/say: "awesome" so apparently we think the colors look good, which in turn means that our screens maybe comparable. or maybe not and we like what our screens show us? confusing.
  15. Appreciated, will check those solutions. One question remains: i get that you get calibrated monitors using those devices. But do those devices also ensure that you calibrate towards a certain standard so that your (my) typical audience, that watches my stuff on vimeo, smartphones, etc... see the same i do?
  16. Since i got a Apple Thunderbold Display next to my Macbook Pro i am having issues with the colors on both screens. My Thunderbolt display has a much more yellowish tint (or its the other way round: my Macbook has a bluish tint?) which makes it very hard to grade since on other screens it looks much different. What i tried is going into the settings and choosing the sRGB profile for both screens - however this does not really help. Still different colors. Then i compared the colors to my iphone 5 as well as to the Macbook Air of my girlfriend and guess what.. all screens look different, but my external display is much different to the 3 other screens. I get that no screen looks exactly the same, still i want to generate content that doesnt look way off on other screens. So i am wondering how do you guys deal with that? What do you set, what do you use to set?
  17. Are you talking about the RX100 Profile? Because i just got a setting for cine1 & pro...?
  18. That is personal preference in my opinion. If you read the pages from this thread you will see that some people (including me) like the Ultra Contrast 3, whereas others also like 5. I think that 3 is a good allround solution.
  19. I think you are right... Some weeks ago someone said the same here, but I dont remember who did.
  20. freeman, this looks really great! stunning piece!
  21. Yeah.. i am not a fan of interlaced stuff so i happily accepted 720p since Vimeo does not accept that much anyway from non-pro users in the past. Strength is 3.
  22. Because the GM1 only allows 50p in 720p. Lens is the Voigtländer 25mm paired with those great Tiffen Ultra Contrast filters.
  23. yep it's mine. and it is 720p
  24. I think that the GM1 paired with the right lens does a pretty decent job:
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