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  1. I know & love fffmpeg and i am everything but afraid of configuring it - so thats not the issue. The question to me is more whether ffmpeg has the better encoder than FCPX or NLE's in general. But if i got @mercer right, downscaling outside the NLE is preferred to using the 4k material and let the NLE do the scaling?
  2. I got quite a good deal on the LX100 and will love to try it out. I am not interested in 4k output, but merely in getting an increase in quality by downscaling to 1080. My Macbook Pro is from 2011 and it will not be able to handle 4k properly i am afraid, so.... which workflow is preferred? Downscaling it before with something like the ffmpeg method suggested by @maxotics? Or do I need to go down the path to import the 4k footage in FCPX and start drinking more coffee?
  3. Andrew, any chance that GM1/GX7/G7 might benefit from this as well? I understand that this profile depends on GH4 settings that are unique, but maybe there is some way arround...? i would gladly accept some sacrifices
  4. jase


    I am planning to get the Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f2. Since I will be using this lens either on m43 or Sony, i am not bound to the nikon or the canon version. Any advice which route i should take? I know that the nikon version is smaller and lighter and features an own aperture ring - however if i would combine this lens with a speedbooster, i get an additional aperture ring - so how does this work in the end?
  5. So, i need image stabilization in a small package with a decent sensor. Any way a GM1/5 with the 12-35 2.8 is better than the LX100?
  6. Any place where i can find some untouched clips? @benymypony, maybe you could provide some? would be great if some skin is in there, if i may wish for sth
  7. @ebrahim: indeed, the MFD of 1m for me is a huge issue for me. if i apply your trick (focusing the taking lens to mfd), then you loose infinity focus, right?
  8. jase

    G7 vs A6000

    in general i like it wuite much with a little grade, but i didnt shoot that much stuff with it yet.
  9. jase

    G7 vs A6000

    Recommended by whom? Just curious, because i currently use the same settings, but in combination with natural.
  10. Actually i meant thr other way round: being very wide without getting the fisheye look
  11. I do mostly run&gun stuff and would like to emulate a gopro but without having too much fisheye and having a better image quality - therefore i am looking for an ultra wide zoom lens. I got a pana gm1 / sony a6000 body so there are plenty of options. after some research i found the sigma 10-20 3.5 which would fit my a6000 since i got the ef adapter anyway. Anyone having amy experience with that lens or any other uw zoom?
  12. Any way to reduce the minimum focus distance if used on a lens without loosing infinity focus? Would love to use it on the pana 20mm, but then i would loose the mfd of 20cm..
  13. ​Maybe I misunderstand you, but i have set the A7s into APS-C mode.... which is super35?!
  14. You are spot on. The a7s has more detail, but i dont think that it justifies the price tag.
  15. A little late, but here some first shots. On both camera's I tried to match the settings, as a result the A7s used the APS-C mode, both cameras shared Creative Style Neutral with -3,0,-3. Forgive me the not proper alignment. the first scene was focused on the text below in the lower left corner of the card (f8.0), the second scene was focused on the upper part of the strawberry (f2.8). now, some time for guessing which shot comes from which camera (all ooc)? If interested, i can provide the ooc files as well. will do some lowlight shooting later on. Anything you guys are interested in particular? 1 2 3 4
  16. Just did the update, too. 50Mbit like the A7s! Very nice. Will do a A6000 vs A7s comparison later this week.
  17. How does this work with focus-by-wire lenses? Do i have to set the taking lens to infinity like an iscorama? Anyone a clue about the focus throw for this thingy?
  18. jase


    ​And why is that? Do you own the lens? Can you elaborate?
  19. jase


    While we are busy talking about zoom lenses: I am looking for something that works on my A7s, should be in the 24-70+x reach, IS is a must have, i dont mind F4 on Fullframe, since this is enough DOF for me using this as run&gun. I already own a Canon EF adapter and I am quite fond of my 35mm f2.0 IS Canon lens. So, especially since IS is a must for me, I think there are not many choices. I could go with a FE zoom made by Sony/ Zeiss, but i hate focus by wire. The only real candidate i see is the Canon EF 24-70 f4 IS. Reviews are stating that it is quite good. Anyone aware of an alternative that also includes IS? I would not mind it being APS-C, but then it needs to be a 2.8...
  20. jase

    Too Many Lenses?

    I am a fan of "one lens and one lens only". During my MFT days, this was the Voigtländer 25mm which is an absolutely fantastic lens. On my A7s this is the Canon 35mm IS lens. Using the APS-C mode i get effectively a 35mm and a 50mm which suits my needs perfectly. I never used a zoom and there are only a few occasions where I was thinking that a zoom might be handy. Might look out for something more wider, probably below 20mm. Heard some good stories about the Sigma 20mm 1.8 - or maybe something even wider like a Canon 14mm 2.8, will see.
  21. When I shot on MFT, i asked myself a similiar question: would I get used to the manual focus with the Voigtländer? Short answer: yes, this lens is pure awesomeness. Of course it takes a bit of time to get used, but the Voigtländer is an awesome lens when you want to get into the manual realm for stills. In fact, i have never used an AF lens after getting the Voigtländer (stills & video) - only the 45-200 for the purposes this lens obviously serves for. See my vimeo link in my signature - most of the clips I did with the Voigtländer, without any stabilisation. Works quite well if you are not too shaky.
  22. jase


    Anyone using the Canon 50mm f1.2 EF often? Andrew seems to be quite fond of it and I would like to have a high speed lens within 50mm range for DOF purposes. Wondering whether this lens is only used in special occasions or on a daily basis.
  23. I have this beautiful filter for sale due to lens switch. The version I got is the tiffen ultra contrast 3 (52mm). Anyone interested?
  24. I think it honestly comes down why you buy a particular camera. I did not invest all the money to get the A7s because of DR. But my audience is also totally different: I make videos for my friends and myself when we are spending time together. They honestly dont care about DR. They also dont care and dont see whether I use my GM1 or the A7s... However, when I do some low light work, they actually do care because they see the difference. Yes, I know that with a ND I can overcome the iso 3200 limitation easliy, but I am a run&gun shooter - if you take a look at my work you will notice that everything is spontaneous.. I just point and shoot and just care about aperture and focus of course. Thats it. I dont care about shutter and very often I dont care about ISO as well - thanks to the A7s I dont have to, anymore. All boils down to your needs. I heard from many people that SLOG is not necessary in 99% of the situations - for you it is quite the opposite. But hey, thats ok - personal preference
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