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  1. Looks damn awesome, reminds me that I really love the output a BM camera produces! In my opinion, you can spot a well-made film it if doesnt need ultra shallow depth to be attractive. And your clip is really well-made to that regard.
  2. jase

    24p or 23.976?

    Thanks, I will need to run some tests to see this for myself.
  3. jase

    24p or 23.976?

    Forgive me my stupidity, but are you saying that I shouldnt use a 60p recording in a 24p timeline without applying slowmotion? E.g. only if I would apply the slowmotion it will look good according to your opinion? If yes, does the same apply to 50p files in a 25p timeline which is not slowed down?
  4. jase

    24p or 23.976?

    Cary, could you elaborate a bit? I always thought that recording in 60p and using that in a 24p timeline to have 2,5x slowmo is good practice?
  5. Also voting for keeping them. As much as I like native (MFT) glass because of size, focus rings are soooo much better on Canon EF because they are not fly by wire (except the STM ones which still seem to have a way better implementation of focusing than mirrorless glass). Additionally, with a speedbooster, EF glass really shines if you also need AF. I am using the Sigma 18-35 on my GX80 and was suprised about how good AF works, I excepted something much worse. Sure, not comparable to native glass, but for my purposes it is acceptable. I only would go for native glass if: size matters and/or if it is a unique lens. For example it seems that as long as I am on MFT i am bound to the Panasonic 20mm. It is just a terrific lens and so small.
  6. This one is also entirely shot with 1080p: Yet for my next shot, I think I will go entirely for 4k, just to see the difference
  7. Thanks for this! Wasnt even aware of this possibility, will give it a try
  8. No autofocus on any Nikon speedbooster, they are purely mechanical with no eletronic contacts at all. I find peaking working on the GX85 quite well, however the display has to be used instead of the EVF for better results. According to Andrew's review, the EVF of the G80 is much better, so you might consider this camera if you want to benefit from better peaking performance through the EVF.
  9. Since I have the Canon EF variant, the focal length is automatically passed to the body by the lens itself.
  10. Yes, I got that part. But still, I would have to put the same rig onto the G80 as well, that why I dont see what changing to the G80 will change about that?
  11. I dont get that part. What does rigging with a smallcage has to do with upgrading from GX80 to G85? Not that I would not like to, due to the mic in, but I dont see any connection...?
  12. @Andrew Reid: do you like the Rode Mic X for ambient recording? I only really got into sounds some month ago and recording externally is just not as handy as doing it directly in camera.
  13. No, this is more like a 11,5 - 22,5 f1.1 - or less wide, once you go for 4K or enable electronic stabilization. I think i will get the smallrig cage and another handle that mounts on the cage, so that I can sleep better at night About 15mm vs. 20mm - i totally agree with you. 15mm is about the same as the iPhones do - and they work pretty well. However, i dont really know why, but i just love the Pana 20mm - so small and yet a linear focus, although the throw is a bit long for my taste. The second version feels way better than the first version.
  14. The title says it all. I have now a Sigma 18-35 mounted on my GX80 and am wondering, how robust the hotshoe is, since the whole combo now weights around 1,4kg. Should I invest in a cage? I dont like the idea seeing my camera & lens dropping on the ground because of the hotshoe...
  15. Here you go: Excuse the bad quality, but my phone is the only other camera I have I also took your recommendation for the Smallrig Grip - awesome stuff! Yet i am thinking about whether I should add a metalwire or sth like that to the grip and the camera straps, just in case the pressure on the hotshoe is too big... For now it feels pretty rock solid, but I dont know whether I dare to trust this in the long run. During christmas I will make a small example video. Up until now I am just running around here at home and loving the lowlight as well as the focus ring, feels like Voigtländer! I think this GX80+ SB XL + Sigma 18-35 combo is kind of unmatched, there isnt another stabilized system out there that gives me the DOF of f2.2 (FF equiv) with such a wide angle zoom. Loving it! Now if the GX80 would have a mic in an 4k60p I probably would ban myself from this forum to not get caught by the GAS again. Have to admit, this camera is really nailing it for me. Paired with the Pana 20mm, I have a very stealthy kit when I need it, with the Sigma I am now ready for my next backpacking trip.
  16. Yet, one has to keep in mind that the awesome manual focus is MF only, AF capabilities are disabled in this mode which is pretty useless, imo.
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