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  1. I also have this manual and found a guy on dpreview who did this mod to the LX100. I really would like to do it and i can solder, but the mic out will always be a weak point and it is very questionable how good the quality will be without a dedicated mic-in.
  2. Would you mind pointing me to a specific sequence? I just want to see whether I will notice it once someone is putting my nose onto it.
  3. so what? I am using auto-shutter all the time. Do you notice it in my videos? Well, I dont - which is good for me, I am apparently easier to please
  4. Thanks jon. I think I will try to do some tests on my own to see whether I can see the difference in my work. On a sidenode: god, whenever I watch your videos I feel the urge to buy the Summilux 12mm at an instant. As soon as we get the successor of the G85 that will enable the Teleconverter option also in 4k, this will be it for me.
  5. I am by no means experienced in the department of grading, but my last 3-4 videos or so i underexposed with -2/3 and I love the results I am getting. However I also have to conclude that my GX80 is sometimes overexposing, so turning it down by -2/3 makes the zebras go disappear in the highlights area.
  6. nothing special, but i really like the cinelike d hack!
  7. I will have some material ready this weekend. Til now I am quite pleased with CinelikeD on my GX80!
  8. jase


    lovely! Voigtländer are absolute lensporn... Since I am very bad at guessing focal length and fstop, what do you guys think what was used here:
  9. Nice skintones indeed! Compared to your videos taken with the GX80 in the same yoga studio setting, I dont see that much more dynamic range. How is your experience to date with the GH5 compared to GX80 / G85? What do GX80 owners like I miss?
  10. This one: https://craigmod.com/journal/gf1-fieldtest/ ? If yes: it is indeed a great read and stunning images!
  11. Definitely! I need that lens before I will do my next trip to Nepal, so lets see how fast prices will go down.
  12. Exactly my line of thinking. However I dont buy lenses new, so I will wait until the price drops a bit more and get it used. On the other hand the laowa lens is also quite interesting, since it is also small and lightweight. Will see.
  13. I have to admit that at first I was a bit disappointed that it has no constant f2.8 aperture. But now on a second sight, I think this could be really a lens for me - weather sealing, smaller and lighter than the olympus 7-14, leica touch (hopefully) and a filter thread. Bonus: longer end without sacrificing too much on the shorter end. If the manual focusing is the same as with other newer PL lenses like the 15 f1.7 then what is not to love about this lens?
  14. Exactly! GX80 is very stealthy If only this G800(?) or whatever its name is had IBIS..
  15. Agreed, no way i will ditch the GX80 any time soon, it delivers incredible quality in such a small package! There is no alternative once one combines ibis, size and picture quality. But maybe a G85 would be a nice addition to my collection
  16. Indeed, the 4k60p would be just a nice to have. In the past I always only used the 50p modes because I believed that i needed the slowmo. Now that I made the switch to 4k I found myself not having any real need for slowmo. I will keep an open eye for the G85!
  17. Well, I am lurking arround the 4k RAW topic all the time, but honestly, I dont think I would benefit from it that much. I got an insanely small package with the GX80, I like the endresults so why should I do a switch other than GAS? For 2017, I am interested in what Panasonic has in its sleeve for us during autumn/winter. For my next hike, I will need something more weatherproof, so either we have some successors or I might buy the G85 when it gets really cheap for its mic-In, weatherseeling and flipout screen. But time will tell.
  18. Thanks man, means a lot from a RAW guy ? Standard with everything -5 except contrast, which i always brought back in post anyway. And yes, still filmconvert with the GH4 profile. With the Summilux those skintones you get OOTB, only needed to correct one single shot regarding skintones.
  19. A rather quick edit of a short sailing trip in The Hague: Again I am really satisfied with the quality. The Summilux really sings. Stupidly enough I did not bring my field recorder so I had to rely on the built-in mic of the GX80, which I only could use in the beginning. The lack of a mic is is really annoying me, my next camera really needs to have have a mic in. I even considered checking out the A6500 but gave it up quickly after hearing about the dimmed screen issues.
  20. About focusing: is it really true that on the a6500 you either get MF or AF-C only? Nothing like AF-S or MF with AF-ON? Is there any way to MF and use AF for a quick focus while you are shooting?
  21. jase


    After walking arround with the Summilux 15, I would buy the Summilux 12 in an instant as soon as we have something like the GX80/G85 mark II that allows the lossless ETC crop also in 4k. This, a mic-in and weathersealing for both lens and body seems like the almost perfect kit for hiking / backpacking / traveling whatsoever. The tools are nowadays incredible cheap for what they offer. Now imagine that Sony or Panasonic would integrate such a thing as the Techart Autofocus Adapter within their bodies... you might call that our heaven!
  22. I could repeat my self and ask you again where anyone in this thread said he should go full auto. Again, I could repeat myself and ask you why the G85 is a P&S in your opinion and a GH4 is not, but you know what? This here: is really some sad stuff here. You come in here, start a rant, throwing arguments, then in fact you start to discredit people that dont do video the way you seem to think is the only way to do it and finally you finish by putting us on the DPR level where in fact you are the one rants about stuff no one said nor argued about. I dont see any sense in arguing with you about this, but I really want to express that this thingy here makes me quite sad and really dismantles this thread which is such an invaluable source of information for those particular cameras.
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