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  1. Yes, but it is huge and heavy...
  2. Dslr-forum.de is the place to get stuff for a good price. Most importantly, the stuff is sold by photo-enthusiasts, so you can expect good stuff. you can also check kleinanzeigen.ebay.de which is in essence the german equivalent to craigslist. Sometimes even cheaper, though less trustworthy and less camera stuff.
  3. FWIW, according to: http://www.thehurlblog.com/cinematography-online-micro-four-thirds-lenses/ the Panasonic 15mm delivery quite some "filmic" image if set to f2.5, however he totally dislikes the oly 17mm 1.8 - a lens that I like very much. So...
  4. Man, thats like the perfect bargain.. I am jealous.
  5. Granted! Care to share those videos?
  6. From a technical perspective you might be right, but the Olympus has definitely some magic that cant be expressed in numbers. Currently busy with an edit and this lens shines again!
  7. Interesting read, thank you! As some might know I also have a love/hate relationship with the Voigts. Sold and rebought it twice. The image is awesome, but there are just times when you need AF - especially when things are going fast.
  8. How close can you get withou a diopter, Tito?
  9. That would be great, no hurry!
  10. So, now that this lens is floating arround for some time: did anyone actually buy and use it?
  11. This! Now, after being on a trip and using it for some time i have to admit that it lacks joy using it. Way too front heavy, you just cant handhold it with the GX80. Spec-wise and performance-wise it is awesome, even the AF is totally usable. But I now learned the hard way that body and lens should be a good match, at least for run&gun. Good that I have my Pana 20mm with me.
  12. I noticed occasionally the same, too. Do you raise the shadows in post? Doesnt this introduce noise? Unfortunately I dont have access to a computer currently to review it by myself..
  13. Educational - does this mean you have to be a student? I mean, does Apple check for that?
  14. Coming.. On sunday I am about to leave for holidays on the Bahamas - first real life stress test for the Sigma. Yet I have the Pana 20 with me, just for backup
  15. Thanks again! I really like it, too. Awesome suggestion (which you btw have quite often, maybe you should become a creative thinkthank lol). And no, the curly blonde is a very good friend, my girlfriend is the other blonde btw: replaced the original video.
  16. Great idea! I tried it immediately, however since I only recorded with the built-in mic there are too many wind noises. Instead, i took several fragments and put them at different places during the clip. Tell me what you think (PW is mercer):
  17. Thanks for your kind words, mercer! This was shot with the Olympus 17mm 1.8 - all handheld, just holding the GX80 with my right hand while cycling. Lovely lens.
  18. Damn this gimbal is crazy. Total different league to the Beholder MS1, which I tried and hated.
  19. This lens is one of the main reasons for the m43, at least from my perspective. The compactness yet outstanding results even in lowlight are unmatched. Whenever I want to be really compact, I am using that lens and it never disappoints.
  20. Many people use this combo, so the answer is a definitive yes.
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