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  1. Since we have quite some people who love the thick 1080p image that the GH3 has created (I think it was @mercer and maybe @kidzrevil ?), I was digging around a bit in the camera settings and we also have a 1080p 24fps All-I 200mbit mode that also features HLG. Anybody ever tried that mode? If i wouldnt care about 4k, wouldnt this have an even more (relative) higher bitrate than the 400mbit 4k ALL-I? yes, this one has 400mbit vs 200mbit but 4k is also 4x 1080p in terms of pixels... Maybe I will give that mode a shot.
  2. jase


    40mm is just the perfect focal length for me, I like it a lot. When I heard that Voigtländer created a lens with such crazy aperture I was sold. If I werent that invested in M43 and preferred Panasonic over Sony, I would be tempted to make the switch just for this lens. Perfection.
  3. jase


    Need to buy that combo in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..
  4. Works as a charm, even already within the browser. Thanks so much, jon!
  5. Very very interesting. As being an advocate of the GM1, this camera ticks many of my boxes with the exception of IBIS. Quick question: could one use a GoPro-based (read: small footprint) gimbal, for example when pairing the E1 with a light lens like the Pana 20mm? I tried to Google it, but didnt find too many results.
  6. Super cool topic, Mercer - thanks for bringing it up! Whenever I went down the Sony path (already twice) I had exactly the same thoughts as you do: just forget about all of this color crap und go B&W. In fact I shot a b&w video several years ago on my beloved GM1, which is one of my own favorites up until today, although it is only 720p. Whenever I watch it, it is able to pull me back into those times as no other shot I have taken...
  7. Thank you so much Jon! Was about to upgrade tonight, this is a lifesafer!
  8. true that... the summilux 15 is way (!) better.
  9. Summilux 15mm f1.7 has a linear focus ring. Panasonic 20mm as well, yet the focusring sucks balls. However, hard stops doesnt necessarily mean that you get everything in focus once you hit infinity. For example, the Voigtländer lenses for M43 go beyond infinity once you reach the hard stop. As far as I know this is by-design to overcome reactions of the lens due to very high or low temperature.
  10. I am in the process of buying the SLR Magic VND which seems to be a good one, yet reviewers are telling about a tiny green tint and I was just asking myself how to correct this in general. In the end, i will just try
  11. Maybe a somewhat stupid question, but most VNDs add some kind of color cast / tint to the image. How do you guys handle this in your workflow? My initial idea was to shoot a white wall with and without the VND, create a color correction until both images are identical and then always apply this correction to all clips, subsequently? Is this correct or am i missing sth?
  12. jase


    This. I found myself multiple times watching disassembly videos just to see, whether one could rehouse it. I mean even if it is fly-by-wire, in the end the stepping motor has to turn some gearwheel that change the position of the lenses... but yeah, this would require major mechanical engineering skills.
  13. jase


    Yep, love that lens and use it all the time!
  14. jase


    I shoot cloudy all the time.
  15. Oh god, something like a GH5s would be.. nuts!
  16. As far as I know it only dims in 4k mode...?
  17. Jesus, the boundaries where pushed way too much within this grade, just look at her t-shirt, footage falls apart..
  18. Ok ty. That puts the nail in the coffee, because I use the screen for 99% of my style of shooting.
  19. @kidzrevil whats your experience with the screen during 4k recording and bright daylight? Or dont you care because you use the EVF anyway?
  20. Depends on the format of course, my sweet spot is 40mm FF equiv., although I am currently more in the 35mm area. Still: FF: Voigtländer 40mm f2.0 S35: Konica Hexanon AR 28mm f1.8 m43: Summilux 15mm f1.7 / Panasonic 20mm f1.7
  21. Thanks for the kind words! Obviously I watched some weddings videos before, but tbh - I dont really like them, so I gave it a bit of my own unplanned style of doing things - glad it worked out. At least my cousin was super happy, so thats that. About the the look: I used the Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3 as always, graded with FilmConvert in post including some shadow / highlight adjustments, but nothing too spectacular. About the the Shure: great offer! I will think about it. Your review sounds quite promising. Does anyone know if the sound quality of the Shure is better than, lets say a Rode videomicro directly connected to the camera? I know myself and the less I have to fiddle around when recording, the better I can focus on what I want to do. Switching on the camera and a mic all the time and then synching it in posts sound rather.. annoying compared to connecting a mic without a preamp directly to the camera. But maybe the quality is way low with such a mic compared to the ones with integrated amp... Then again, a videomicro should be way better than the onboard mic. Choices.
  22. Interesting, I need to check this out, thanks! Still, you would have the post-sync pain, but on the other hand if it is decent, why not... Yet, this is not really usable for ambient stuff, right?
  23. Did my first attempt to create a wedding movie since my cousin asked me to do so. Technically speaking, the thing has many flaws: no tripod, crappy in-camera mic of the GX80, .. you name it. Also i was a bit intimidated since the official wedding photographer told me not to get in his way, which is kind of understandable. In the end, the compact form factor of the GX80 really made it easy to wander arround and sneak some shots and i was suprised about the quality of the standard 45-200m zoom which I never used before. However, it becomes more and more apparent to me that I need a camera with mic-in. Since I am happy with my GX80 the G85 would be the logical step, but the GH5 looks also amazing...
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