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  1. 9 hours ago, kye said:

    Awesome stuff!  The fact that the profile is fully supported in colour management pipelines really unlocks the potential of the camera, and if you are interested in stills and video then being able to pull the right frame from the video means you can capture The Decisive Moment without having to be HCB.

    Yes. When starting I was afraid that 4k resolution would be too low and the workflow would be too cumbersome. Turns out the resolution is just fine for my purposes (watching content on smaller screens), has quite some headroom for zoom in. And although the framegrabbing workflow is a bit cumbersome, extracting the perfect frame in combination with 60p in 4k is awesome!

  2. 6 minutes ago, PannySVHS said:

    @jase   Didn't you also use to own a GX85 and a GM1 as well?:) I remember a beautiful GM1 nature video. I loved the colour signature of the GM1. It had some of the nicest 8bit lumix images i've seen on the web. I got myself a GM5 last year but I have not really used it unfortunately.

    yep, that was me. long time GM1 and GX85 user. I think you might have meant this video:

    good times.

  3. tbh, after having played a bit with Apple Log I concluded for myself that 4k framegrabs are my new way of taking photos that are (for my hobbyish usage) good enough that my a7c stays at home all the time. It is not the most joyable shooting experience for sure and you really have to get close to get some DoF blur, but the quality and turnaround time is just.. perfect for me.




  4. Hi guys,

    i am searching for a lav that is able to take "hits" without creating too much noise. The subject is doing bodyweight workouts and while doing them, he comments on them. More or less the same as this guy here:

    Can anyone point me to such kind of lav he is using? Something that you can put around your neck like he does without taking every body movement as noise?


  5. I had this lens on my a7ii, sold the cam, kept the lens and made eventually the plunge back to Sony land because of that single lens - whenever i look at the images it produces I cant say something else than plain love 🥰

    Since I am currently more a telephoto kind of guy, the equiv 60mm is ok for now. When i came back this weekend with my first shots with the voigt on the a6600 i was blown away by its sharpness - you really need to see the picture fullscreen to see the insane sharpness - the forum preview does a rather poor job. Quite some time ago that I was that blown away by gear as i am right now with this lens. Even when taking into consideration that this is just a 4k framegrab and not a photo!

    Speaking of 40mm photos taken with this lens (again open in fullscreen):



  6. 45 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    By the way the MOV 4K quality is VERY good indeed. They did not compromise on the codec. It's like a pocket S1. Don't think it is doing 10bit MOV H.264 but it looks damn good.

    Interesting, so you would not agree with Cinema5D telling that MOV is somehow crippled to 8 stops?

  7. 2 hours ago, Thpriest said:

    Is anyone using this in FCPX? 

    If i want to turn Cine D to Vlog and then apply GHa lut is the GHa lut above the Vlog lut in the inspector?

    No it is not. Application is top -> down, e.g. at the upper position the cineD to vlog LUT has to be put.

  8. Sounds rather disappointing, especially if you take into consideration that cinemad5d reviews tend to be very "friendly". EIS only when shooting MOV, yet MOV only has 8 stops? Moire? Mh, at this stage I wont be an early adopter although I really would like to love this camera. Hopefully upcoming firmware updates address some of those issues.

  9. On 9/28/2019 at 8:07 AM, MrSMW said:


    the latter, ie, separate settings for photo & video ie, basically have 2 cameras in 1 body with respective settings for each type of capture.

    It sounds like it’s the case and when back in the UK in a few weeks, will go and have a play in a camera shop. Maybe take a card and shoot something even if it is attached to an anti theft cord!

    I have the G9 and by using the Cx presets you are perfectly able to do that. For video f.e. i use CineD while using the Natural mode in the "A" mode.

  10. On 8/25/2019 at 7:47 PM, DaveAltizer said:

    Bumping this thread! Just made a video showing the amazing advancements of the V3 firmware! I love using this camera. Colors are great. Ibis is amazing and now autofocus is totally reliable 


    a tad offtopic, but I have to admit that the VLOGs of @DaveAltizer are one of the very few hat I really enjoy watching until the (suprisingly not so bitter VLOG) end. Top notch content!

  11. Hello everybody,

    i am in the market for a 5 inch monitor (recorder is not needed). What I would love to have is:

    • bright screen (usable in sunlight if possible)
    • false color / zebra / focus peaking

    I checked the atomos shinobi as well as the smallhd focus. The shinobi ticks it all but seems to have quite some severe lag and is twice as heavy as the focus. The focus however does only have a 720p screen (how much does this matter in contrast to the shinobi's 1080p?) and no zebras.

    Anyone with experience on the GH5/G9 using those monitors? are there any good alternatives?


  12. Thanks Sage. I got a question about exposing with CineD. You write:


    "Skin tone should fall roughly between 40 and 55 IRE (HLG 26-55, Cine-D 28-57). Avoid allowing skin tone below 40, or above 60 (HLG 66, Cine-D 72). The rolloff occurs above 65 (HLG 77, Cine-D 84) - this is for over-bright elements."

    So what I do is setting my Zebra to 55% and expose for the skintones - secondary I check whether the scene wouldnt be completely blown out. Is this somewhat correct or am I missing something?

  13. Shot this using GHa for CineD with my G9. Works quite well after some exposure adjustments. Had to bring down the highlights quite a bit since I am more used to ETTR. Doesnt look as good as other examples within this thread, but I currently dont use any diffusion at all.

  14. 2 hours ago, kye said:

    (also quoted from the previously-linked thread)

    Nice short - there's some really nice shots in there :)

    I thought the 60p shots you slowed down were really nice with the jumps and turns etc, and it kind of broke up the pace of the film and provided something in-between the really fast action shots and the motionless interview shots.  I don't know your style, but I'd have tried to use a few more of them and maybe extend them longer.  

    You also went at a great time of day, the light on the water gives it dimension and the back-lit spray from the waves looks just great!

    I couldn't help notice that the shots with (what must have been) a very long lens seem quite jerky, was this the IBIS getting in the way?  

    I'm gearing up to shoot my kids sports games and have got some 135mm-200mm lenses in transit, but the longest lens I've used on the GH5 so far is the 58mm Helios, so I'm not familiar with how the camera works with long telephoto lenses.

    Thanks for your feedback, kye! In fact, this was my very first short, so yeah - there is quite some room for improvement :)

    The surf shots were filmed using the 100-300mm @ 300mm on a tripod, so yeah - the IBIS was getting in the way quite a bit, but acceptable imo.

  15. Hi guys,

    I currently own a MBP from 2011 which is just fine for cutting 1080p and applying effects when using Proxymedia. However, for 4k this is an absolute pain, editing and even more applying effects like FilmConvert, it takes ages to be applied.

    However since time is money, I am afraid that I need to update my configuration in order to be able to edit 4k more fluently. Yet, money is tight - so just buying the newest MBP is not an option. What I need is a fluent configuration that allows me to fluently edit 4k. I dont do rocket-science stuff, normally no multitrack and effect-wise some color correction as well as FilmConvert. Can anyone share some experiences with his or her machine that does that job? Ideally it would be a Macbook again, since I am on the road all the time... 

    Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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