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    Kieran reacted to Django in Canon EOS R5 has serious overheating issues – in both 4K and 8K   
    The R5 will only overheat in 8K, 4K60p & 4K HQ. 
    It shouldn't have any problems in regular 4K24p/30p.
    Calling it unusable is a little extreme. What other hybrid camera can even approach these specs? 8K/4K120p FF no crop, DPAF2, RAW, 10-bit 4:2:2 internal.
    Besides we've had 30mn recording limits for years due to EU laws. Hardly an issue for me personally..
    That said, if Sony can do better, bring it on!
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    Kieran reacted to jonprimo in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Hey guys I got my bmpcc6k last wk and finally got to take it out this wknd to do some test shots. Here are some screen grabs. I shot in Braw 6k & 2.8k mixing 23.98, 50 and 120 fps. Lens was canon 24-70mm L series. Also I had no ND so I had to stop down a lot and mess with the ISO to expose. 
    These stills I colored in Lightroom. I’ll have the video edited and colored within the next wk or so. I’m really loving the look.
    Also below are the raw files with the colored ones side by side. I’m not a colorist but I tried my best to bring out the colors. 


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    Kieran reacted to DBounce in Sigma Fp review and interview / Cinema DNG RAW   
    No you were not asked where the footage is. I fully understand that no one has footage outside of Sigma. I merely questioned your otherwise interesting article’s title. As I do not feel an article that claims to be “comprehensive” can be absent of the single most important aspect of any camera... the footage. Also no information of base ISO... or ISOs if it is dual?
    It was a simple comment. It was not meant as a personal attack on anyone. And for the record, I’m pleased to see more players come into the video market, as I believe competition is a healthy thing and great for consumers.
    Perhaps you will ban me for saying these things? I have noticed of late, that pretty much everything is tolerated by those claiming to be tolerant... unless what is presented is a difference of opinion. That’s where tolerance ends.
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    Kieran reacted to BTM_Pix in Sigma Fp review and interview / Cinema DNG RAW   
    I think when you're talking about recording on the T5 drives, rather than unwieldy external screen based recorders, the whole internal/external definition becomes a bit moot.
    Conceptually, its not actually that far removed from RED drives (aside from the "proprietary" media) and no one considers that to record externally. 
    There are locking solutions for USB-C that could easily enable an after market "cartridge" type of housing and the SmallRig solution is a neat one.
    Hard to tell without taking it outdoors really but in terms of using it in combination with the loupe, I've used that same on my Sigma SD0 (and even put an LCD in it to make a cheap EVF  ) and its very solid and with it on the FP we weren't having any difficulty hitting focus.....
    Well if they were, then as this was pretty much the response from me and @Andrew Reid when they mentioned the price they'll hopefully take that into account in their final calculations 

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    Kieran reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    If you shoot in anything other than 4k DCI, the sensor gets windowed, that symbol is letting you know. 
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    Kieran reacted to tonysss in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I still consider it a better picture (OG BMPPC).
     For more than a year I have been waiting for a video from BMPCC4k that would excite me
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    Kieran reacted to xzobinx in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I went the same route and order the focal reducer with EF mount. My only advice is getting the zhongyi lens turbo ii if you only intend to use manual focus lens. The optic sits a bit deeper than viltrox and MB so it's compatible with a few more m42 lens IE. helios 44-2 or MIR-1. 
    A few quick still from a wedding I shot last weekend with Zhongyi and rokinon 85 1.4

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    Kieran reacted to crevice in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    I’ve returned or sold many cameras in the past few years and have kept my micro the entire time. I agree with the quirks, but for me they are solvable. For example only shoot raw and manual focus lenses, so I have no need to ever even go into the menus - besides maybe to format a card once in awhile. So the menu buttons don’t bother me. I also have the NPF adapter, so battery life is great. So the micro is more compact, battery life is better, it has in my opinion the better raw codec, and a better filmic quality to it and also records to regular SD cards. Yet, nobody talks about it because of the way blackmagic promoted it as almost a drone only/go pro-ish brain. When in reality it’s an amazing filmic camera perfect for rigging. It’s truly one of the most insanely under-appreciated hidden gems in the consumer/prosumer film/video industry. Also, with resolve superscale - you can upscale it to 4k with amazing results. 
    120hz only makes it look worse to me. It’s not the motion cadence being bad. Most starting out in the past few years won’t tell a difference. For us old timers, the motion cadence we are speaking of gives a bit more cinematic feel to it. For example the micros motion cadence seems slower, with more natural blur, which I find more pleasing. 
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    Kieran reacted to socs in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Not to get too off topic but you mentioned the blackmagic micro cinema camera.   Everytime I use it I think I should just throw all my other cameras (z6, xt3, etc) in the trash.  For me too it has the best look to it by far.  But, you really have to work to use that camera with all of it's quirks.  Folks say you can soften modern cameras in post, but I've never seen good examples of that to match something like the bmmcc.
    I wish BM or another co. would just package that same sensor into a newer body with all the ergonomics and battery life of a modern cam.
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    Kieran reacted to crevice in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Here are my early impressions of the pocket 6k
    - My camera came with scuffs and scratches all over the body. It looked like it has been used for months. Went on FB and saw several people complaining and posting pictures of very bad scratches and even dents all over the body. Check out the official Facebook group to see more info on this. 
    - Vmount or some other solution is needed. I fall into the prefer pocket full of batteries category, as I like to keep it compact. But I am not even sure I made it 15 minutes before it died with an official canon batter (newest version). It was really bad. I need to do more tests on this. I was shooting 6k braw for what it’s worth  
    - Motion cadence and overall look still doesn’t really do it for me. It looks fantastic, but it doesn’t have the magic older blackmagic sensors had. Maybe it’s the resolution bump and it’s just the way it is with these modern sensors. So far, nothing in the consumer/prosumer price range beats my blackmagic micro cinema camera as far as motion cadence and nailing the filmic look with ease. I feel cameras now days nail the specs on paper, but they lack feel/organic quality/smooth motion cadence, etc. Often people get up and arms when the word “cinematic” is brought up. Yes you can make cinematic footage with the pocket 6 or prob any camera for that matter. Yes lighting impacts it and proper grade does as well. And yes it’s a term that is overused and misused. But I think their is definitely an organic feel missing from these often sterile modern sensors. Sure you can throw a pro-mist filter on it, some vintage glass, and massage it to look great. The sensor kind of reminds me of my old Red Raven. Which isn’t really a bad thing (or great). Just has a slightly similar look and feel to it. 
    - Having a dedicated ef Mount is wonderful. Much better not dealing with an adapter.
    TL;DR Overall, it’s a great camera and just like the pocket 4k - it’s great when rigged up. Battery life seems much worse than the 4k when using canon batteries - but I need to do more testing. Overall look and feel is sharp and impressive, but lacks an organic quality which can be attributed by slightly video-esque motion cadence, modern sensor, and higher resolution. 
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    Kieran reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    What will have stunned them is that BM were able to deliver the camera the day after the announcement while RED are only in the position to show off teaser pictures of theirs.
    I don't know how long RED intend to let this routine of putting out teasers go on for but if it continues much longer we'll have to start calling it the Komodo Drag On.
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    Kieran reacted to BenEricson in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Think of all the great movies everyone can make with those extras Ks! 
    Two things for sure - The battery life will still suck and the OG pocket will still have a nicer looking image.
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    Kieran reacted to TurboRat in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Really liking this guy's low light shots. The edit looks a little bit edgy or hipsterish but it kinda fits his brand:
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    Kieran reacted to MeanRevert in NAB 2019 predictions and major talking points - BMPCC 4K Pro anyone?!   
    They should announce the Pocket 4K Pro with the exact same specs except that it ships on time and with adequate supply. 
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    Kieran reacted to BTM_Pix in NAB 2019 predictions and major talking points - BMPCC 4K Pro anyone?!   
    Quite a nice Freudian slip as I think this show is probably going to be a bit more of a quiet one than some editions !
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    Kieran reacted to deezid in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Not that the P4K looks bad, but these sharpening halos (easiliy visible in the thumbnail around the jacket even) make the P4K look way less organic than the original BMCC.
    Was shot in either ProRes or Braw. Cdng doesn't show any of these internal processing issues when sharpening in Resolve is set to 0. Still wondering why BMD joined Panasonic, Sony, Canon (since EOS R) etc...
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    Kieran reacted to ah5168 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Pictures of the Tilta F970 Battery Baseplate fitted to the Tilta Cage. You can use the Batery Baseplate fixed directly to the bottom of the camera without the cage. It provides 7.4v and 12v outputs.
    With a fully charged pattern NP 970 7800 mAh battery using the 7.4v output I am getting 1hr 35mins of continuous 4k Prores recording to the external SSD.

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    Kieran reacted to webrunner5 in cinematic color?   
    Just buy the original BMPCC and most footage out of it will probably look Cinematic. Easy as that.
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    Kieran reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    OK, a bit quick and dirty but here we are.
    Slightly complicated by the only non-reducing EF>MFT adapter that I have on hand being a Fotodiox Lens Throttle which always has a certain amount of ND even when set to clear which, coupled with the light advantages of the focal reducers, means a bit of an exposure modification for that one.
    No big deal really as its only there for reference anyway.
    I shot this so view that you would have plenty of white wall and with focus set on the wine bottles so you also get some detail into the edge of the frame with white surrounding it and some potentially glowable stuff on the fridge.

    Obviously the Metabones 0.71x reduction to 0.75x of the Aputure gives a wider FOV but its also got a very slight sharpness edge.
    The RAW dng files are here for you 
    https://mega.nz/#!x35lUQYI!P8oS55N-z2xvfjzesoSEEsjcIPIt4e-lKGYpUdVO7jsBM4K Focal Reducers.zip
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    Kieran reacted to AlexTrinder96 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I'd go 1 stop over for Caucasian and closer to middle grey for darker skin!

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    Kieran reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
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    Kieran reacted to Davide Roveri in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    A very interesting video about how to optimise exposure on the BMPCC4K from one of the best channels about filmmaking and cameras on YT (IMHO), hope you guys will find it useful! ?
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    Kieran reacted to Emanuel in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I am still astonished with this camera, a game changer not only but also because of the ease of use for sure. Let alone IQ. Impossible to ignore : ) Is there 50x of price difference?
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    Kieran reacted to AlexTrinder96 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    This film was posted on the P4k FB group earlier. WOW.


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    Kieran reacted to Django in EOSHD's best and worst cameras of 2018   
    EOS R certainly wins most hated camera of 2018 award!
    Yet despite it's on paper limitations and for sure poor 4K RS performance, its a camera I very much enjoy shooting with.. and the perfect B-cam to a 5D/1DX/C100/C200.
    Canon did get a few things right:  the only FF MILC with a flip out screen, the FF MILC with the highest bitrate ALL-I codec, the most reliable and smoothest AF in the game. Those 3 things alone should give it some points. The IQ as stated is indeed just cinematic. That word gets thrown around a lot but the reason it applies here is thanks to the thick codec, alongside 1:1 resolution and lack of digital sharpness on default in C-log, paired with the acclaimed Canon color science.
    Then you have the smaller things: Smart EIS, 3 custom movie modes, custom ring lens control, MF bar (works for me personally), touch & drag AF, MF focus guide, AF override..etc
    Finally when the Vari ND adapter will become available.. well that could just be a game changer.
    Now i do understand, none of this makes up for the poor RS or severe crop factor. So yeah dog this camera all you want if those 2 are deal breakers to you.
    Just wanted to add some perspective as one of the very few owners of this camera around here. And FWIW i do think Fuji, Nikon, BM & Sony have all kicked it out of the park much further than Canon and certainly deserve the praise. 
    Happy NY everyone ?
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