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    sandro reacted to Kisaha in I think my NX1 is defective, now what?   
    Let us know please. You do not have much, if you want to change system you can easily. Sell the lenses as well, collect your 2400euros (in total) and buy whatever you want.
    If you care for video, I would suggest a used C100mkII, for hybrid GH5 is great, for photos, maybe X-T2, and some video of course.
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    sandro reacted to SMGJohn in Disable noise reduction?   
    Never shoot above 1600 ISO unless you must, avoid anything above 3200 at all cost you will destroy your image. 
    Change all settings in colours to R1.00 G0.95 B1.00 these are the colour settings because the cameras have green bias you will loose a lot of vibrant green colours. You can also do 0.90 with green works just fine too depends on what you prefer. 
    Also get the hack either Kinoseed which is easiest to install but slowest to initiate at startup or Vasile's hack which is ultra fast but does not have as many features for picture mode. It sort of help with the loss of information duo to high ISO use, but most importantly it reduces compression artefacts in footage greatly.
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    sandro got a reaction from Digital Master in Adobe Rant   
    Since the NX1 came out I used proxies, then Adobe added H.265 support but where you actually able to work with 4K H.265 files? Me never, so proxies are still needed. So what is so horrible in the meantime for GH5 to use proxies? They will add support for sure. 
    Is resolve actually good on Windows?
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    sandro reacted to Geoff CB in Time to dump Adobe. First impressions of Resolve 14 and EditReady 2.0   
    Yes only the studio version, playback is very smooth on my system, in line with H264.
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    sandro reacted to jacoblewis in Time to dump Adobe. First impressions of Resolve 14 and EditReady 2.0   
    I read that Resolve works natively with h.265 files. Is it only in the Studio version that it works? Tried importing NX1 files to no avail. I'd love to see how it works with NX1 files before I dropped money on it.
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    sandro reacted to SuperSet in Adobe Rant   
    Adding new features is good. Even adding new features that don't work is tolerable as long as you fix it.
    Breaking something that was working is very bad.
    Computer programmers should take cue from the hippocratic oath - first do no harm...
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    sandro reacted to Neumann Films in Adobe Rant   
    *assumes everyone owns a Mac
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    sandro got a reaction from Marco Tecno in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    what else is new?
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    sandro reacted to SMGJohn in Event shot with NX1 with 16-50s only and 120fps 160mbs   
    I suggest to get the most out of the NX1 is to put negative 10 on sharpness, lower contrasts a little by negative 2 and increase Colour saturation by 2 and then use any of the picture profiles cause they are gorgeous even the normal one outputs sexy colours, just decrease the green by 0.95 or 0.90 whatever you feel is best, do it for all the picture profiles as all the NX cameras are green biased. 
    Nice work otherwise, I guess I should not voice my opinions too loud because I have not even edited together all those footages I have shot over the year I guess I must get to it.
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    sandro reacted to neosushi in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    After abandoning the NX community just after releasing two news cameras (NX1 & NX500) and pro lenses, I don't see anyone in their right mind investing any of their money again if Samsung ever had the idea of coming back to take more of our money. Camera market is not a market where you can just come and go. Reputation is (almost) everything. Samsung were given the benefit of the doubt but most professionnals did not switch from their Canons or Nikons to Samsung because of their lack of history in the PRO camera business. Mark my words - which are just my analysis and don't come from anywhere else - if Samsung ever comes back to the camera industry (which I HIGHLY DOUBT THEY EVER WILL) it would be a total economic failure. Because no one will trust them again - especially people who will own by then GHx and Sony A7R x cameras-.
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    sandro reacted to SMGJohn in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Hold your hats ladies and gentlemen, not so fast, the Samsung camera department is not dead yet, with the latest scandals at Samsung there been words that Samsung is once again putting focus on their mirrorless cameras.
    And also it was the son of head of Samsung groups that decided to lay off the cameras and move the team to focus on smartphone stuff, it clearly has not worked and one of their wonderful smartphones caught fire, a lot of people do not realise either but Samsung never had a proper camera department until they actually bought Pentax tech and people say that their smartphone department made great strides in sensor technology is simply not true, it was a two way cooperation between the camera department and the smartphone department.
    There still hopes for NX2
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    sandro reacted to Marco Tecno in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Luca, you're reviving the interest for the nx line. Samsung should hire or pay you.
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    sandro reacted to lucabutera in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Hi Pavel, yes IS work, this last work revolutionary the Samsung nx camera users.
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    sandro got a reaction from sidi in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    I don't think it works that way...
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    sandro reacted to DPStewart in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Man KIDZ....
    Your sense of style just gets better and better.

    I haven;t been around here much lately because my NX1 is just WORKIN'. Ya know what I mean?
    I put in Andrew's whole LUG-LUT settings and post routine, and it's just been GREAT. So nothing to report.

    But RICARDO...
    Boom! You've really tapped into an interesting recipe here.
    I've put in your settings and shot a few things and I agree - very nice.
    A different feel than the EOS Log-LUT thing, but I like them both. Once I've shot a bit more with Ricardo's set and got to know it better - then I'll have two distinct looks out of the NX1.

    I think the NX1 screams with the Sigma ART lenses, but boy I'd still love to have that 16-50S lens to really finish the deal.
    And I was RIGHT! Back when the camera got knocked out of production, I KNEW the prices for those "S" lenses were not going to come down....
    Oh well...at least you DO get what you pay for with them.

    ~Cheers all!
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    sandro reacted to dhessel in Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015.3 Unable to import h265   
    purchase a subscription
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    sandro reacted to kinoseed in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    The updated v2.50 is up, which should fix the issue with camcorder mode on boot.

    When in comes to donations:
    Q: So, where's the Donate button?
    A: Nowhere. Find a suitable charity and donate. If you cannot afford it, find a local charity and see if they need help in person - it will do you a world of good.


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    sandro reacted to lucabutera in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
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    sandro got a reaction from IronFilm in Best Camera for Low Light for 1000€   
    For under $1000 I remember the Nikon D5300 wasn't that bad at high ISO.
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    sandro reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Bringing this back to life, this time with a picture :

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    sandro reacted to Parker in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    I mean... Better?... Hard to say, IMO. I still have both, and can't bear to part with either. The range on the S lens is definitely more preferable than the sigma, being wider and longer, and the stabilization is pretty stellar (combine it with DIS and lateral handheld movements of the camera can look like a straight-up slider shot) and of course it's a wonderful lens for stills, but the main thing that keeps me using the sigma for video is that buttery smooth focus ring (and the constant f/1.8 of course).
    I do think it's really cool you can electronically change the S lens's focus throw and sensitivity, but it's still just not the same as actual mechanical focussing, at least for me. 
    But either way, gorgeous shot (as usual!!) @ricardo_sousa11
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    sandro got a reaction from Eno in 1.74x - A Crop Odyssey - Canon 5D Mark IV officially announced   
    At this point the problem is not Canon but people that keep buying it.
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    sandro reacted to Parker in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Definitely not. First of all they're only designed to cover a cropped sensor circle, so even if it were possible they'd vignette like crazy, but that's  besides the point anyway seeing as they're specifically designed for the mirrorless NX mount and flange distance, meaning there's no way you could shove a piece of glass in there and expect it to be focuseable. 
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    sandro reacted to لطفي بوعكاز in Samsung NX1 Film Convert is out!   
    after week long extensive tests, I finally come to conclusion that I'd use Gamma DR standard with -15 sharpness and MB15 for a uniform and flat skintone look, this look is good when the actor has no makeup but for more gritty look I use gamma C which gives more color depth especially on cheeks are more red than the rest of the face however I recommend makeup to smooth the face "BB CREAM" works nicely.
    I didn't like -4 sat and -3 contrast nor -4 contrast and 0 sat because no matter what you do you can't return the pure black back on, if you adjust black level or contrast it affects the entire image, that's why GammaC is very good for darker tones, like horror, thriller, mystery but Gamma DR is good for comedy, romance. 
    For nature, outdoor, buildings I prefer Gamma C, this is because it has much less macroblocking in the blue channels "sky basically" unless your sky is cloudy maybe you want Gamma DR. 
    with Gamma C you want to expose to 0 this is because its blacks are darker, for Gamma DR I underexpose to -3. 
    remember we are using 8bit color, professionals use 16bit color for flat profile because they have the headroom to do the grading, our cameras have to be adjusted as close as possible to your final look otherwise it will start breaking up especially walls, skys and flat surfaces where repetition of pixels occur. 
    I also ordered a lens filter glass "Tiffen Black Satin 1" this is so I can smooth out the face's blemishes, because the camera is too sharp in order to reduce macroblockings which occur when there is too much details in sky, flat surfaces ect..you cant fix this in post it has to be fixed before the image hits the censor. 
    Also thanks to this forum for my research, I tried all your settings, without them I wouldn't have come to my personal conclusion
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    sandro reacted to Rinad Amir in GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?   
    This is great news finally 10bit rec
    it be nice to have slowmo lets say 240fps in 1080p since its 2016(gredytalk) 
    nice 4k downsampled from 6
    ibis that works with metabones
    i can alredy imagine this baby with my sigma art collections ☺️
    Panny TAKE MY MONEY!!!
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