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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD testing finds Canon EOS R5 overheating to be fake   
    EOSHD testing finds Canon EOS R5 overheating to be fake, with artificial timers deployed to lock out video mode. In this test, we will probe my Canon EOS R5’s actual internal temperature in Celsius, as reported by the firmware.
    This week CDA-TEK and I are developing an Android app for the Canon EOS R5, which connects to the camera via the Canon API...
    Please read the rest of the article on the blog carefully before commenting below
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    ntblowz reacted to Lux Shots in Buyers WATCH OUT, Used S1H / S1 Cameras Are Great Bait!   
    I sold my GH5S on eBay with the PanaLeica 12-60, a battery grip and 5 OEM batteries for $1800. I had a dozen picks of the camera, the sensor, the lens from and rear elements and the camera LCD. I was running an auction with the Or Best Offer option, and someone reached out to me with a buy it now for $1800, so I took it, as I was trying to fund an S1H purchase. After a week of receiving my camera, he complained that the unit was not as described, and wanted to send it back even though I said there were no returns! I said what was wrong with the camera, and he said there was a scratch on the bottom of the camera near the tripod mount! 

    Ebay forced me to accept the return, and this fuck effectively got a free two week rental out of my camera!
    Ebay can eat ass juice for all I care.
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    ntblowz reacted to newfoundmass in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    Camera Conspiracies loves EOSHD
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    ntblowz reacted to mechanicalEYE in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    Yesterday Amazon dropped off the last piece I needed for my Ninja V to try my own R5 / Ninja V test today.
    Yesterday - First attempt: Camera setup with the overheat control setting on, screen on, 4K HQ 30.
    No card in camera. Canon LP-E6NH battery in camera
    Camera was sitting in direct sun light at 97°F
    Continuous recording started and camera overheat warning came on at around 37 minutes or so, it shutdown at around 42 minutes, which aligns exactly with what John Gress stated in his video that Trek of Joy posted here earlier.
    When camera shut off, I immediately turned it back on and the camera still showed the 8K, 4K 120, and HQ options available. Makes me think it’s more of the firmware parameters set by Canon here. Camera was hot to the touch.
    time between test: 45 minutes to an hour
    Yesterday - Second attempt: Kept the settings at 4K HQ 30, screen on, but turned off the overheat control setting.
    No card in camera. Canon LP-E6NH battery in camera.
    Camera was sitting in shaded garage at 97°F
    Camera overheat warning appeared at 37 minutes, shutdown at 42 minutes. Camera was warm to the touch.
    Today - Third attempt: No prior operation before test... Camera setup 4K HQ 24p, overheat control setting off, screen on.
    Camera indoors in my office, with A/C on set at 72°F
    No card in camera. Canon LP-E6NH battery in camera.
    Camera overheat warning came on same time at and lasted to about 42 minutes. Camera was warm to the touch.
    The times I am seeing align with Geralds test, except the overheat control setting didn't seem to change much on or off, and I had no cards in camera for all recordings. 
    Haven't tried with camera screen off, but I don't believe the Cfexpress cards are a notable factor in overheating, as believed by the ( nolifedigital ) guy.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Video Hummus in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    in comparison

    XT3 4k 60fps ------ 16.0 ms (15.6-16.0-16.3)
    C200 (4k=1080p) --- 16.1 ms (4k: 15.5-16.2-16.9, 1080p: 15.5-16.0-16.6)
    BM p4k 4k --------- 16.2 ms (official)
    a7III 4k 1.2x 30p - 16.7 ms (dpreview)
    Definitely pretty impressive for a 45MP sensor!
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    ntblowz reacted to Video Hummus in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    A7SIII is the closet FF camera that has come to pulling me out of MFT land as a primary camera. The 12MP sensor kinda kills it for me. I wish it was closer to 20MP for photography. 15MP might have been doable...
    MFT still has steam in it for at least one more round of GH and GX cameras. I honestly think they are waiting for a more compelling MFT sensor from Sony. That, or they are experimenting with doing something funky with S35 or preparing a FF S L-mount camera that will replace the MFT GH cameras.
    So I wait for news on GH6 camera while still happily enjoying my 5S.
    BTW, since this thread hasn’t been derailed enough already. Here is a shot from my first outing out with the 7Artisans 60mm macro. I sipped coffee with my hand on the shutter for about 45 mins off and on until one lucky bee came along.

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    ntblowz got a reaction from Daai in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    The guy in that chinese owner thread let aircon blow for half hour after the camera overheated,  it can still only do 5min 8k or 10min 4k even though the body is really cold and even got condensation around it, so definitely some dodgy firmware trick there..
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    So going back to the actual internal design of the EOS R5...
    The questions Canon need to answer are:
    1. Why is a circuit board sitting between the main CPU and back casing, blocking the heat from spreading away into the chassis
    2. Of course, why is there no thermal conductive material on the CPU?
    3. And why does the RAM thermal pad overlap onto the CPU, but not entirely cover it? (It seems to spread the heat from the RAM onto the CPU which is never a good idea).
    4. Why does ice not cool the camera and speed up recovery time? The firmware recovery countdown timer is so slow to go back up and always the same.
    And indeed they will be asked via my contact at Canon UK.
    And I won't let up until they answer.
    If they don't answer, they have something to hide obviously.
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    ntblowz reacted to Video Hummus in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    Can’t wait for Porsche to release a new 911 with 300 horsepower and a top speed of 200mph and a cruising speed of 100*
    *top speed only achievable on a cloudy, 24C day. Cruising speed is only for a max of 30 mins, except when in 6th gear max cruising time is 15mins. 5th gear allows unlimited cruising time but suspension is disabled and top speed is disabled.
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    ntblowz reacted to Kino in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    I'm not sure about Pocket 6K, but it's true that Komodo is noisier than Gemini and Helium and doesn't have the same DR:
    Then again, for $6K, you are getting a "discount Dragon," so no complaints!
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    The camera seems to completely ignore ambient temp
    It carries on ticking the clock down... 15 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins...
    This is after just 1m 3sec of 8K recording, the rest of the time the camera was sat idle in live-view (8K enabled in the menus).
    The video mode you enable in the menu seems to set the timer.
    And after that not even liquid nitrogen seems to make the counter go up.
    All seems very fishy to me.
    I was down to 5 mins after applying the ice.
    To the touch the camera felt like an iceberg from top to bottom. I even had it on a bag of frozen chips at one point, but realised the chips were melting and I wanted to eat them for dinner the next day.
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    ntblowz reacted to cameraeye in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    Imagine if Canon created a breakthrough sensor with low RS, good DR, 8k and doesn’t overheat- but exactly like the 5dIII after the II thought, ‘we can’t give them something this good, let’s cripple it’. But then they cripple it too much on the secret insider cripple-o-meter and get caught because if they uncripple it everyone will know.
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    ntblowz reacted to Wild Ranger in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    "It seems as soon as there is a card inserted, an overheating countdown timer starts, but doesn’t apply when an HDMI device is attached and the card removed"
    These get very fishy. I had commented in another post about suspicion and my crazy paraonic theory that the overheating limit is only a limit made by firmware, nobody believed me... Now I believe it more firmly, but we still have to wait for the truth to come out.
    For me, Canon's credibility is at stake in all of this.
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    Do you have anything constructive to offer or just more of this? Getting a bit bored of it now.
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    ntblowz reacted to androidlad in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    This thread details the teardown process, modifications made and some important findings:

    He replaced the two thermal pads that did not fully cover the CPU with a dollop of thermal paste and noticed significantly better and more even heat dissipation.
    Most important finding: despite the temperature drop and improved heat dissipation, 8K/4K HQ still cut off at 20min mark, suggesting a firmware limit is also in place.
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    At the weekend I bought the enigma that is the EOS R5 for myself. Foto-Meyer in Berlin were able to find me a rare unit. A huge thank you to them! What all EOS R5 owners have in common is that they have paid a lot of money for a professional video tool. We pay the money, we get to decide what happens next, and I'll be reaching out to Canon and making this clear. We need to ask them to work on a solution for overheating. It's worse than you can possibly imagine.
    Just need to get something straight - my purchase is NOT an endorsement of the EOS R5. I bought it purely to cover the camera on EOSHD and to help work on fixes for the many issues this camera has. It is in no way a dependable tool for 8K, RAW, oversampled 4K, 4k 60p or 4K 120fps in the state that it's in. At the very maximum it is a pixel binned 4K 30p camera similar to the Sony A7R IV with the benefits of Canon's colour science, 10bit codec, top LCD and better ergonomics. Actually that doesn't sound so bad does it?! But this is not how it's sold to us - it is supposed to be a $4k all singing, all dancing, cutting edge 8K/4K video tool and that's how it should perform in the real world.
    Read the full blog post:

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    ntblowz reacted to Ed David in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    To paraphrase you, @rawshooter
    your defense of red is:
    "Every other tech company has done illegal and/or bullying tactics before (including Olympus hiring the Yakuza) , so there is precedent for fraud and this makes it okay.  That is completely normalized behavior.
    Here in America, in the 19th century, slavery was not just common, but built into the fabric of the Southern US economy.  It was the accepted form of the economic output of America.  And yet, slavery, I think we can all agree is not normalized today.  In fact, slavery is illegal today in the United States.
    Therefore activists and journalists and filmmakers should exist to point out the problem of this, just as filmmakers in our cases exist to tell stories that empower and bring awareness to different conditions and issues facing our modern lives.  We should thanks filmmakers and journalists when they bring issues like this to the forefront.  For example, the filmmakers who made Black Fish, completely changed the public's understanding of Sea World.  So did Gasland, as it brought awareness to the danger of fracking.
    One more thought from me about Red.  When Red started, they were a massive innovator.  They changed the face of digital cinema with the red one.  Before that, the closest digital cinematic cameras cost $400,000 or more. With the red one, as well as the Canon 5D, everything changed.  High end cinematography became within reach of many more people.
    Now it is red that is trying to hold back innovation.  That alone makes the story of Red via Jinnitech, to those who remember the incredible story of Red even the more fascinating.
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    Whilst the latest instalment was largely focused on the administrative aspects and an implied interpretation of them, I think its worth remembering how this all started and what caused Jinnitech to go down this rabbit hole in the first place.
    This is one of my own "Made In USA" 128g REDMAGs.

    According to the Federal Trade Commission, for a product to qualify as "Made In USA" ....
    "The product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content."
    That Toshiba SSD being made in the Philippines and it representing far more than a "negligible" part of the product clearly suggests that it disqualifies it from being able to use that claim.
    And thats before we get to the issue of the modern MiniMAGs having misleading definition of their actual capacity.
    Everything else that has flowed or been explored about RED in the subsequent videos has stemmed from the revelations about the drives.
    So, amongst the rest of it, don't lose sight of the fact that in the short term at least, the drives are the real story here because contravening the FTC regulations is actionable and the Lanham Act gives individuals and companies the right to sue anyone making such a false claim if they have been impacted by it.
    How RED have conducted themselves regarding patents and corporate structures and so on are one thing but if anyone can explain why the use of "Made In USA" isn't anything but deceptive then I'm all ears.
    Also, if any of you have your own opened REDMAGs that you can show pictures of to demonstrate that a claim of "Made In USA" is viable for your one then, of course, I'm all eyes.
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    ntblowz reacted to Video Hummus in Jinni.Tech vs. RED Part 4 (1hr long)   
    RED sued Jinnitech for their JinniMAG saying it was patent infringement (On a patent application filed days after RED sued him!) and several other bogus claims.
    Turns out the judge threw out all the alleged charges against Jinni and the case was official closed.
    He goes into detail about the company structure. Shows evidence that two corporate officers are lawyers, who apparently have almost no identity on the internet (their LinkedIn page is now deleted...their website is broken).
    He shows evidence of him trying to get a minimag replaced and asking for a breakdown of the cost to fix it since they quoted him $1,600 dollars. He presses them on why he is basically told to shove off and that since he threatened them with legal action that they are refusing services to him (apparently illegal).
    He shows evidence that REDs terms of service violates US UCC law which prohibits unconscionable contracts.
    He goes into great detail about why they are...anyway the short of it is the terms are service are about as scummy as you can write them.
    The bomb though is he says he filed suit against RED and the case will be held in December of this year.
    He then goes on to say that days after the suit was filed against RED.com Inc that RED dissolved that entity, And filed a new business entity in Nevada under RED.com LLC and Jim Jannard is not listed as the corporate officer and in addition they listed the capital of this new company has having $0.
    Dissolving you’re multimillion dollar company ahead of a potential class action lawsuit says something about how RED is run.
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    ntblowz reacted to anonim in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    With download ready R3D files 
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    ntblowz reacted to Punio in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    Considering a Ninja V would be cheaper than a few CFExpress cards and you get ProRes, this seems like hopeful conclusion to the heating debate. Now I just have to wait and start creating 🙏🏼

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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in Let's talk about Sony A7S III overheating   
    A comment on Hugh's YouTube video explains why the testing needs to be more thorough.
    Most of the reviews were put out in a hurry and don't tell the whole story on the A7S III thermal limitations.
    Hugh: I am an Electrical Engineer of 30+ years designing electronics for the automotive world which must maintain operation (NO shutdown) to 85C (185F) and without permanent damage over 100C (212F). The trunk of any car in Phoenix, Houston, or Florida (where I live) will easily exceed 140F for 6 months of the year. I contacted Dan and expressed my concerns with some test errors he made, his interpretations regarding heating/damaging of electronics in general, plus other variables reviewers continue to miss. It looks like you are trying to make some honest assessments here but there are a multitude of variables here that you (and others) are still missing. I don’t think Dan took my suggestions well so I will try you. As you noted, and I pointed out to Dan, internal heat generation (radiation) is outbound as well as thermal absorption (inbound). There are actually THREE thermal tests that must be made to determine if the camera is a net “source” or a “sink”; (1) standard room temp of 23C (73F), (2) outdoor/hi-temp under “sun-load”, but also CRITICAL is (3) which is simply outdoor/hi-temp in the shade! This shade reference is CRITICAL since this test will tell you if the thermal failure is absorption (inbound) vs. radiation (outbound) induced. You MUST do this third test or you cannot make ANY conclusions on thermal propagation of the camera. No reviewer is understanding this point since they are not Engineers. I get that but then they extrapolate conclusions which are simply wrong – some favoring Sony and Canon and some against both brands. Until you have a FLIR type camera showing thermal mapping of the body (AND the body/lens SYSTEM), you really don’t have any idea where the heat source/problem area is located. It is simply assumed to be worst on the back side since this is what Photographers look at all the time. It may be on the bottom or on the sides – no one knows until you look for it at least with some JK type thermocouples.
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    ntblowz reacted to scotchtape in Let's talk about Sony A7S III overheating   
    New accessory, attaches via hotshoe, produced by Tilta... 😄

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    ntblowz reacted to Emanuel in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    Interesting comparison here (from that user):
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    ntblowz reacted to plucas in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    Apparently you can extend the external recording life in the 4K HQ mode (30fps) if you remove any cards from within the R5:
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