UPDATE: James Miller removes optical low-pass filter from 5D Mark III for resolution increase / new footage

Update: James has had a full day’s shooting now with the modified 5D Mark III. Check out the footage above.

Warning: please wait for this to all shake out. Don’t hastily modify your 5D Mark III without the necessary technical knowledge and research. Opening the camera voids the warranty and risks irreparable damage.

James Miller has decided to open up his brand new Canon 5D Mark III, tear it down and remove the blurring anti-aliasing filter from in front of the sensor. It does seem like a particularly strong optical low pass filter on this camera, which produces very soft results in video mode.

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The Sony NEX FS700 – 4K for $8k

Sony NEX FS700

Above: the current FS100 (pictured) will get a 4K companion at NAB

At NAB 2012 next month, Sony will shake the digital cinema market to its core. Sony’s answer to the C300 is a 4K Super 35mm update to the FS100. It will be available in June for a provisional $8000.

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David Hockney and the Canon 5D Mark II – Exclusive interview with Ted Chau

David Hockney at his DSLR video bank

Above: artist David Hockney at his DSLR video bank

For his latest work David Hockney shot video with a rig of nine 5D Mark II DSLRs provided by his fine art printing solutions supplier Ted Chau.

The work is for Hockney’s new exhibition currently open at the Royal Academy in London. Similar to his photography and painting – the video piece is a large montage of 18 canvas-like video displays, showing DSLR footage shot by the artist in Yorkshire, England.

In this interview Ted Chau talks to EOSHD about the project and Hockney’s use of DSLRs.

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