My recommended picture style and settings for the 5D Mark III

5D Mark III Settings Vault

Get ‘Cinema Mark III’ by EOSHD in the 5D Mark III Settings Vault

I’ve created a section of the site for recommended 5D Mark III settings, including the all important picture profile settings that I personally shoot with. These are general purpose settings – the ones I use most often.

The settings don’t need to be downloaded you can just dial them in and it only takes a minute.

They include settings for fixing the very abrupt highlight rolloff on the 5D Mark III in video mode, by shifting the usable dynamic range of the camera towards the highs, without compromising noise in the lows or shadow detail.

In fact it allows you to expose for the lows without worrying as much about blown highlights.

It also produces a punchy and detailed look direct from the card for those who don’t do much grading – but my recommended settings leave enough headroom for some light grading afterwards and digital sharpening in post.

If you need a flat picture style for heavy grading, I recommend the Flaat profiles by Samuel H. There’s a link to those in the 5D Mark III Settings Vault as well.

Happy shooting!