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SLR Magic Rangefinder footage – kiss goodbye to lens breathing AND Kowa anamorphic goes single focus

July 28, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I have been out shooting with the SLR Magic Rangefinder. Key features: It completely takes over focus from any lens Solves lens breathing (reduces to such low level it isn’t noticeable) Adds cinema standard 240 degrees focus ring with FF gearing and hard stops Reduces minimum focus distance of all anamorphic lenses to 1m (even long-throw projector lenses) For those who shoot anamorphic especially this will be music to your ears. These shooters will also be familiar with diopters, which are used to correct aberrations and achieve very close focus. Effectively the SLR Magic Rangefinder is a variable diopter and thus a rather brilliant concept as

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SLR Magic Rangefinder converts “dual focus” anamorphic (aka Kowa) to single focus – and solves lens breathing

July 22, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I have just received my SLR Magic Rangefinder which is a groundbreaking concept. It transfers focus away from the main lens focus ring onto a dedicated buttery smooth geared 240 degree cinema lens focus ring and attached to the main lens like a screw on filter. With the main lens set to infinity, focus is done purely through the SLR Magic Rangefinder. This means that the awkward to focus Kowa 2x anamorphic lenses are now as usable as an Iscorama. It means Nikon glass can finally focus the ‘right’ way! It also gives closer focussing abilities for lenses that have a

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SLR Magic Anamorphic 2x on the Panasonic GH4 (4:3)

February 26, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

At Photokina 2014 I gave my first impressions of the prototype SLR Magic Anamorphic 2x on the GH4. Now I have a newer version of the lens with me in Berlin to see how it compares to my other anamorphic lenses. Unlike the previous SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x, this is a 2:1 anamorphic, which is the cinema standard (and the look that goes with it).

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Poll: What lenses do you want to see in the full SLR Magic APO cinema set?

January 29, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I’m helping SLR Magic collect feedback from filmmakers about the forthcoming full set of APO cinema lenses. The $2k 50mm T2.1 is the first of the set. This will be followed by 4 more, but which ones? All will be APO formulas, full frame and equally high image quality. They will be T2.1 with the exception of the very wide 21mm lens which will be a T3.1.

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SLR Magic vs Cooke

January 28, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

The SLR Magic APO HyperPrime CINE 50mm T2.1 is a soon to be released high end PL mount cinema lens. The expected price is $1999, less than half the price of a Zeiss compact prime. The Cooke S4i Mini 50mm T2.8 is $7850 at B&H and the full set is around $45,000. How do they compare?


SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 10mm T2.1 Review

January 16, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Two of the most exciting lenses for GH4 and BMPCC users at Photokina were the SLR Magic 10mm T2.1 and the Voigtlander 10mm F0.95. The SLR Magic wide angle is now available and gives you back your 24mm wide-end in 2.3x 4K mode. You could view it as an upgrade to the well regarded 12mm T1.6. Compared to the Voigtlander it has the advantage of less chromatic aberration, a stepless aperture and focus gearing designed for video use. Other than that it’s hard to do a detailed comparison because the F0.95 isn’t out yet! I put the lens through its paces

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World premiere – SLR Magic APO 50mm T2.1 PL mount cinema lens

September 11, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Hong Kong, China (September 12, 2014). SLR Magic will present a new CINE lens to the public from the APO-HyperPrime lens family in the upcoming Photokina 2014 fair in Cologne at the SLR Magic booth (Hall 5.1, L-011). The SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 50mm T2.1 is the first lens of the family. It achieves outstanding images under challenging lighting conditions. When taking pictures with many image-dominant, open light sources, it is common for correction defects to show up. Because the SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 50mm T2.1 is an apochromatic (APO) lens, longitudinal chromatic aberrations are corrected by its unique optical design

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New SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 10mm T2.1 lens for Micro Four Thirds (plus ND)

September 4, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Following in the footsteps of their highly successful 12mm T1.6 wide angle lens for Micro Four Thirds mount, SLR Magic based in Hong Kong have developed a 10mm T2.1 lens, optimised for cinematic use. I’ll be reviewing the new lens very soon on EOSHD, the sample unit having arrived today. This has the potential to be a great wide choice for the GH4 especially in 4K mode where every millimetre counts on that smaller recording area. As for image quality, I have high expectations for the new lens. The existing SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 is a fantastic lens, very characterful, it will be interesting to