Sony A7S features external XLR audio connectivity, huge ISO sensitivity of 4096000

As we get closer to the press conference, more unconfirmed rumours on the A7S have come in from NAB.

My source has confirmed the A7S will feature compatibility with an external XLR adapter much like the GH4 but less bulky.

Here’s the current XLR adapter for the A99:


No info yet on whether the one for the A7S is the same or a new design.

ISO sensitivity goes up to 80,000 – corrected 4096000. Believe it or not some real-world documentary and news crews do actually use the new ISO 80,000 setting on the C300 with the latest firmware update.

Perhaps the “S” in this case stands for Sensitivity, not just ‘Speed’.

With the 12MP sensor in the A7S I expect it to beat the D4S with less noise at high ISOs and take the low light crown from the Nikon Df too.

Two smaller but still significant bits of info I was told…

Full Metabones Smart EF mount compatibility. We can use our Canon EF lenses on the full frame sensor without issues.

This is an important one for me. Most of my best glass is Canon L series. I don’t have much Sony stuff.

Plus the EVF is updated over the A7R with faster refresh rate and better contrast ratio. The GH4’s EVF I am already very impressed with, it is even better than the one on the Olympus E-M1.

Be sure to follow the latest updates on EOSHD starting right now and going through the night. The Sony press conference which you can watch at the top of this page, starts in less than an hour.

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