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Couple of questions regarding Black Magic Cinema and GH2


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Hi all,

First of all thanks for taking your time to read my post.

Here is my situation I have hacked GH2 that I use for shooting short narrative films and I also intended to shoot a feature on it. Now with the appearance of the Black Magic Cinema camera I m considering selling my GH2 and buying the BM camera, however I really love what I get from my liitle GH2. Now first question is would this be a smart decission, or should I keep shooting on my GH2.
In case that my finances improve drastically I m considering buying a BM camera without selling my GH2, which leads to my second question - would I be ablr to shoot with these 2 cameras a serious narrative film in a 2 camera set-up situation? If yes, than that is something to seriously think about.
And my last question is would I be able to use my LOMO OKC 18 lenses and my Carl Zeiss 85mm 1.4 on BM camera, and if yes what kind of adapter would I need? I simply love these lenses and practically shoot 99% of my stuff with them (I still need to save up for 14 mm and 35mm Semyang as I m having problems with focus pulling on some shots with my LOMO's).
Anyway, thanks a lot on your responses. I m looking forward to hear some suggestions.

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BM is Raw files

= cannot mix files in edit unless you convert them all to the same file type before hand.
I would buy 2 x Gh2 and stick with what you know until we all see BM camera is as good as they say!

I think the Gh2 will still give the BM a run for its money!!

Has anyone seen a rolling shutter test for the BM camera yet!!! they are keeping that well quiet !
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CS6 can edit AVCHD natively but I have never tried a raw workflow mixed with AVCHD in it before. The GH2s are the safer bet for the moment. BMD is still an unknown quantity as it isn't in the wild yet but it does look very promising.

Andy I have heard rumours about the rolling shutter. At one point John Brawley said it was no worse than any other camera in the price bracket, I guess he means 5D Mark II. I wonder...
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I hope the rolling shutter on the BM is as good as a RED or ARRI - who knows!! I think it will be similar to GH2 as sensor sizes are similar

I think the GH2 is an amazing camera but the one thing that lets it down is the 'jelly wobble' on any quick moving shots !
Andrew please check your PM I've messaged you again re: Editz

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[quote name='MOONGOAT' timestamp='1343205421' post='14473']
I thought I heard somewhere that CS6 could do this.

I would not like to mix file types in an edit - it may end up a whole lot of bother if CS6 falls over mid way through the job.......
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OCT 18 no. OCT 19 - some, but not many lenses will fit. Ceicio does an adapter, I have it and it is very good but those lenses protrude so far back into the mount that they nearly all end up hitting the back of the adapter before reaching infinity.

Carl Zeiss lenses - yes sure, ZE, ZF, ZA or older CY and M42 all fine...
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