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SLR Magic Rangefinder converts "dual focus" anamorphic (aka Kowa) to single focus - and more

Andrew Reid

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Well for a start a Kowa is $300-400, and the Iscorama is 10x that at $3000+

That is a reason.

And it's 2x anamorphic... more oval bokeh!

I know there are some 2x Isco's like yours, but finding one is impossible anyway.

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Front thread is 82mm and yes it does rotate so you would need to put on a normal ND filter not a variable one.

The front of the Iscorama, etc. rotates anyway though so it's not a step back from the top-flight anamorphic solutions. Definitely a step up and I can't wait to see what the Kowa is like with it. Kowa 8Z is easily a match for an Iscorama for image quality and character.

noob question but why can't i put A vari ND on A rotating front?

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noob question but why can't i put A vari ND on A rotating front?

I don't claim to have a deffinitive answer to this, but in terms of brightness, rotating the lens front wouldn't change anything.

However, a polarising filter would be effected.  You rotate a polariser to acheive a specific look, and since this would change during focusing there wouldn't be any point using one. How this relates to a Vari ND is that a Vari ND is two polarisers together.  You rotate one with respect to the other to adjust the brightness.  Rotating both doesn't effect this primary purpose, however it does effect the secondary affects of polarisation characteristics.   This may or may not be visible depending on the situation.

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i was wondering if this guy here does the same thing, if yes, then he and his single focusing adapter have been around for a very much longer time than this product from SLRMAGIC,...does anyone know more here ?




Politics aside, this is great news.  not just for anamorphic, but for just about any lens.  I have some monoblocks for 70mm projection I'm gonna try one of these on. (hopefully it's good on a kowa b+h + fast 50-85mm prime.  Now, if they made a premium model with the focus mechanism internal with no rotating front....  


Andrew...  Please put this up against the Iscorama in a high speed full frame shootout!  :) 




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No, this design wouldn't solve that problem. 

If the lens is able to hold infiinity focus while zoom then it probably would.

Another interesting possibility with this is close focus on dual focus setups. This acts roughly like a variable 0 - 1.1 power diopter. So when focus is set to infinity for both it focuses from infinity down to about 3 feet. But for something like the Kowa if you set the lens and anamorphic to focus at 4.5 feet it will now go from 4.5 feet to 1.8 feet. These numbers are approximate and based off the 3' min focus reported for this thing but the concept should be correct. It would be nice if someone who has one can test that.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Don't lenses have completely un-standardized front-element-to-filter-thread distance? How could one possibly make an optical block that works with all lenses at and put at any distance, to place a lens in the optical formula and get a decent pictures the alignment has to be micrometer accurate. 

Anyway I don't care if it works it works. 

@Zak have you tried it on any normal lenses yet? (non anamorphic) Any loss?

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SLR Magic Rangefinder video stills from movie upcoming at the end of the day ;)

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby10.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby20.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby30.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby40.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby50.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby60.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby70.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby80.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby90.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1000.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1010.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1020.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1030.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1040.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1050.jpg

SLR Magic Rangefinder Baby1060.jpg

I was just about to type that it looked soft, but these stills make me want to reserve judgment until I see more footage. If it can hold its sharpness I'm all over this thing. If not it becomes more of a special use device.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Yes soft and hazy, flarey, with a local low contrast filter streaks.

Perhaps it's the nature of the taking lenses used here I hope. 

Thanks for the stills @Sebastien Farges What are the lenses and how much of optical change did you notice?


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