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Samsung nx1 new firmware 1.31

Raymond Poulet

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Pavel MaÅ¡ek: How do you enable Focus peaking in video mode in the EVF?



​It only works for Samsung lenses. I switch to EVF, than go to video mode and then set AF to MF (via left upper botton for AF, becuase AF ON button does not work). Then is lens set to MF and focusing peaking is also enabled. Unfortunately there is some bug so it does not work properly as you can see in video....

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Where did you find this? I haven't seen any official documentation about new bitrates. But its nice, a slight bump with UHD 24/23.98p and a massive bump with all the 1080p framerates below the red box.




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I am not happy that some of so clear issues were not fixed.

I had to create this short video and hope that some of Samsung NX1 programmers will watch it.


I just got my NX1 yesterday to compliment my A7s. Loving just about everything about this camera right now with the exception of focus peaking and zoom assist you point out here. I've really gotten used to that on my A7s and find it really useful. 

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A key change is the high bitrate for the new 1080 120 fps mode.

Either something went wrong during editing or it's YouTube or you ran into another bug. There are two cases of frame skipping in your test.

1] Old men moves his right leg to the front. Just before he puts his weight on it a frame is missing.

2] Asian woman moves her left leg for the second time to the front. Frame is missing just after the moment the foot leaves the pavement.

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