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  1. ​It did not. I could see what I assumed was the overheating icon. I stopped recording for a few seconds and then turned back on. It continued to roll with that icon displayed for 5-7 more minutes before the shoot wrapped up.
  2. I used XAVC-S on the A6000 yesterday and it starting overheating around the 28min mark. I don't think I've pushed it that far before with the AVCHD so can't really compare.
  3. I have both cameras, but just received NX1 this week. Havent done enough tests but from what Ive seen initial they should cut well together. I think it comes down to using similar picture profiles and getting used to how each one handles white balance.
  4. ​I just got my NX1 yesterday to compliment my A7s. Loving just about everything about this camera right now with the exception of focus peaking and zoom assist you point out here. I've really gotten used to that on my A7s and find it really useful.
  5. Thanks for the test Ed. I just got my NX1 yesterday and I am considering doing an extensive test against my A7s.
  6. ​Jimmy - I have the A7s as well and just ordered the NX1. Have you done many shoots with both cameras? How well do they match up?
  7. I think this is relevant... "The Discovery Fatigue" http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/05/discovery-fatigue.html
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