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Nikon Z6III is coming.. as mini Z8

Eric Calabros

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I can't see there be anything 'RED' in the Z6iii unless there was something going on behind the scenes, at least 6-12 months back.

Certainly nothing 'innovative', but what do I know...

I suspect the future of this is RED raw in certain future Nikon hybrid cameras and a Z Mount option for whatever future RED bodies there may be.

I suspect that is about as 'exciting' as this gets...

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Just now, Django said:

That seems most likely. Canon cine lenses have PL options and thats Nikons historical competitor.. 

Would Nikon go to such a small niche market like this, that is PL mount lens. I personally think they envision a Sony like lineup from red in the future. Option one would be to start just above the z9 price bracket with a new Komodo directly in competition with the Sony FX6. A 6k global shutter camera with a video camera form factor with XLR input, timecode etc. but this time it would include Nikon super good autofocus, Stabilization, CFexpress memory, Z mount and if possible internal ND. I don't know if their is enough space for the later. 

This type of camera, will be the type of high volume camera, that Nikon can use to make with little change some Cine like Z mount lens, because lets not forget, while the Z mount are the most adaptable lens mount, the Z lens are the least because of this.  

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You can adapt pretty much adapt anything and everything to Z Mount except L Mount and even convert what are otherwise manual focus Leica lenses to become AF lenses.

OK, regarding the latter, it's not amazing AF, but at least something...though not something that especially interests me and I prefer the native manual focus options for Z that were previously primarily L Mount only, from Voigtlander.

E Mount lenses on Z bodies with an ultra thin adapter is great though! Nikon have a range of 'native' lenses that are essentially rebranded older gen Tamron E Mount lenses, but I prefer the newer gen myself.


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Latest spec seems to suggest 24mp for the Z6iii allowing it to be 6k capable.

The question is whether that will be cropped 6k or not…

6k 50/60p uncropped internal? Is that asking too much?

I think it would be a requirement for me…

I’m more interested to see if there is going to be a Z7iii with 60+mp sensor.

Not for video and not because I need or want more mp for the sake of mp, but because it would allow me to replace 2x bodies and 3x lenses with a single body plus 2x lens set up and that is worth dealing with the extra file sizes to me.

It looks like the Z6iii at least will be announced next month, ie, April…

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