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24p is outdated


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You’re making claims that have actually already been tried.  Which if you had a clue you would already know.  Youre not the first genius to think of this.

Peter Jackson made a HFR film with a 270 degree shutter at 48fps for exactly the flawed logic you presented.

In his own words…

“Changing the shutter angle affects the amount of motion blur captured during movement. Reducing the shutter angle gives you the stroby (or jerky) “Saving Private Ryan” look. 

However, we’re going the other way, shooting at 48 fps with a 270 degree shutter angle. This gives the 48 fps a lovely silky look, and creates a very pleasing look at 24 fps as well. “

Except it didn’t work and was universally hated in its HFR versions. 

Oh and because you won’t know how to do the maths, that means a 1/64th of a second shutter speed. 

Its not about motion blur. 

It still tanked.  


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Putting taste aside, I just don't understand why you would shoot this way? Unless you are a true run and gun, video shooter, shooting auto because  you're trying to get as many shots as possible in a short amount of time or you need to fudge your shutter speed to get a little extra light... exposure.

Cinematography is difficult enough, so why muck around with tried and true conventions when you can spend that time with lighting or sound or art/set design?

Maybe the OP just wants to "discuss" theory and that's fine, but the argumentative nature suggests otherwise. 

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It’s not sacred.  

it’s just what audiences continue to like.  If it wasn’t, then geeze wouldn’t there be a lot more HFR content?

There’s nothing stopping you from shooting at any frame rate you like.  

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One of my crop mood videos got voted on YouTube. I think the key factors are the color and the good enough resolution. It was about landscape. I used shutter speeds from 1/48 to 1/2000, because I want to have a small package and don't want to have a nd filter in a matt box or some vari nd. I don't see significant effects of the shutter speed on the landscape shots.

Here is my take:

The so called magic 24p motion blur actually has negative effects on fast actions, no matter if the codec is weak, or strong, or uncompressed raw; it has negative effects on slow motions, if the codec is weak; it does not have significant effects on landscape. Even if the magic 24p motion blur exists, it has very limited application scenarios, maybe in drama, or soap opera, etc, for talking heads or dialogues, etc. 

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9 hours ago, zlfan said:

Here is my take:

I think we've got it now.

You make a point which has a certain, albeit limited, legitimacy:  high speed sport or YouTube viewers. Others - and possibly a more discerning audience - disagree. 

I'm not sure I understand why you keep repeating yourself. A weak argument gains no strength by simply recycling it ad nauseam (and I accept that an argument gains no strength by including latin phrases...)

Time to move on perhaps?

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