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NX1 Lens

Alphonzo Alegrado

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That lens has optical image stabilization. Makes the handheld video footage considerably less shaky, and mirrorless cameras all suffer from really really bad micro-jitter. I personally haven't used it but have seen some videos that use it and it looks good. It's a really useful focal range and decently fast for it's size.

I was personally looking into getting a nikon adapter and the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens and a cheap 50mm f1.8, and maybe the tokina 11-16mm f2.8 if I wanted to do wide angle stuff. No autofocus with adapter use, but with video I never ever pull focus automatically.

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Are you already invested in a lens system?


  • Native compatability: Autofocus access (in camera-body or wireless tether), CA correction, stabilization
  • Relatively sharp lens
  • Good zoom reach
  • Fast, especially at the wide end


  • Fly-by-wire focusing
  • A little on the heavy side
  • Price (debatable though. this point depends on what you need)
  • Primes are generally sharper than zooms

Personally, I think it's a great all-around option if you don't mind the fly-by-wire focusing. What's your budget like? AF isn't really a big necessity for video mode (it's more of a luxury if anything). In that case, depending on your budget, you have a whole world of lenses to choose from! On the low end, you can go for rokinon cine primes or a slew of ,older cheaper lenses. Sigma's Art series is pretty nice (the 18-35mm f/1.8 is really popular, and the 50mm is on par with the Zeiss Otus 55mm). On the high end, take a look at the Zeiss Otus 55 and 85. Take note that the Sigma and Zeiss lenses are best used for photographic purposes (as the focus throw isn't specialized for film, or might be too thin).

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16-50s is a great lens for handheld shooting due to the image stablization.  It's nice in low light at the wide end and AF is pretty good in good light.  What's nice is you can switch to manual focus on the fly and back and while recording video by pressing the "AF on" button.  Not sure if focus peaking works non-Samsung lens as it only goes on only when I am focusing in MF mode.  Focus by wire has been a non issue, in fact I like how smooth it moves but I am not using it to pull focus.  I wish focus peaking could be set to be on the whole time for any lens.

Any one have the 50-150s? If so, how is it for video?

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I have the 50-150 but never tried it for video.


You can use peaking with legacy lenses by touching the icon on the screen. It stays always on, and is very effective. I tried it with a hexanon 57/1.4 at full aperrure and it's very good.

​Give it a try, saw a sample video taken with it online and it looked gorgeous. 

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The 16-50 is at the top of its class, faster than the competition and its very sharp. Unless you're going all legacy, this is a must own NX lens IMO. From Rogers tests at lensrentals:


24-70's on FF, including the EF 24-70L II


Not apples to apples, but the 16-50s is among the best standard zooms available. Its a great all around lens on the NX1.

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 I would agree with the others that the 16-50 S is a great lens, and worth the price. I have used it the most out of all my lenses for video and photography, even after buying adapters and playing with my legacy Canon/Nikon glass. It's a native lens, has all the bells and whistles, is weather sealed, and just overall a great companion to the camera.

I started trusting my cameras AF a bit more with the 16-50 S, and I have been using touchscreen focusing with the speed set to medium or slow, and it works pretty well. It's not perfect, but about 95% of the time it's spot on and gives the feel I want on a focus pull.

I would say the downside, other than weight, is that the fly-by-wire is only decent. I personally don't like the feel it has for a manual focus pull. I would, as others have recommended, consider grabbing an adapter and picking up the Sigma Art series of lenses. Especially if you want smooth manual focus control. the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 on the NX1 crop is a good zoom range for video work, and produces some truly beautiful images.

Or you know, go balls out and buy some true cine lenses and a PL adapter. Which is probably what I am going to do once I find a job that will justify it.

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ArellaTV brings up many good points. I still have not connected a NX lens to my NX1, I have been using nothing but classic lenses. Personally, I can't stand a fly-by-wire lens, but if I were to buy a NX lens it would be the 45mm f1.8 it's inexpensive and the IQ is pretty incredible. I shoot nothing but video with this camera, and you can get a nice cinematic image with the older glass because it just seems to take the edge off that 4k sharpness. Not to mention, there are some pretty incredible older lenses that you can adapt to the NX1.  

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(First time poster, loooong time lurker)

I always go for the old saying of "One good zoom and lots of primes". And Im a vintage lens horder so naturally I recommend getting couple of those as well. For the NX I have some Konicas and m42.

Here is a quick test I did with a Yashinon 50/1.9, that I payed 10 bucks for, as well as a Yashikor 200/3.5. I think they give a funky look that can be handy for some more artsy stuff.


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Wow Mattias I'm super impressed by your 4K super slow motion ! Would you care to share your technique ??

Thanks :) 

It's just upscaled. 

I did some tests a while back that showed that youtubes compression is so bad that hd upscaled and 4k looks pretty much the same.

But when upscaled youtube enables three times the bitrate and when viewed in 1080p the resolution is back to normal but you still gained the higher bitrate. 

Same with good HD from the bmpc and 4k downscaled, on youtube it looks the same.

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