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  1. I've been using the 14-42mm kits lens and want to invest in a a good prime lens, mainly for video use. Ideally one with in-lens stabilisation, quiet focusing, aperture between f1.4-f1.8, and a 20-25mm focal length. Now, my main concern now is whether I should get a micro four thirds lens, and have all the compatibility perks that go with it, OR buy an adapter so I can use Canon/Samyang/Rokinon glass with my lens, then just buy a separate stabilizer for the camera anyway. All help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. The few posts I've made on the forum were always about the NX1. Sadly, due to difficulty in getting a good enough price for it in Hong Kong as well as it not being available in the Philippines, I may not be able to get it. I'm inching closer and closer towards the G7 now which seems to be the best option for what I'm looking for in a camera under $1,400. I do have some questions regarding the G7: ~ I read that firmware updates are very frequent on the NX1 and GH4. Can the same thing be said for the G7 and have they been significant improvements? (Also, can AF be improved via firmware update?) ~ How is the dynamic range on the G7? ~ Finally, this may be an unrelated point, but I'd rather ask now that make another topic entirely: How does a LUT work? Are they essentially filters for your video? And for anyone familiar with the Small HD 501 & 502, how do the LUTs work there when recording? Thank you in advance!
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that this will also end up being my primary camera for filmmaking. Do you still recommend the LX100?
  4. I'm leaving for New Zealand next week and my dad decided that we should buy a new camera to take nice photos on the trip. I've been settled on the NX1 for months now, but never bought because a) it's not yet available in my country (the Philippines) and b) I've never gotten to try it for myself. Last week, I tried out the NX500 and was very happy with the OS and I assume it's virtually the same as the NX1 (correct me if I'm wrong). Now, we're stopping over at the Hong Kong airport and plan on buying it there or from our usual tech supplier in HK. Unfortunately, the NX1 is much more expensive in HK and amounts to 1,740 USD as opposed to just 1,400 USD when ordered from Amazon. There's also the risk of the airport not having the NX1. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other options similar to the NX1's capabilities but is cheaper. I'm used to shooting on a DSLR which is why I like the NX1 so much (on top the features of course), but I'm open to using a camera like the NX500 or other point and shoot type mirrorless cameras, so long as I can really get great quality video out of them. Also, price-wise, preferably something that (with a lens) costs $1,400 USD or less. Thank you in advance!
  5. Can you still use the touchscreen autofocus on non-pro Samsung lenses? Is it any different than the PRO S lenses in that aspect?
  6. I'm really leaning towards buying the NX1 and at this point, it's only a matter of what lens to purchase with it. Since my needs are primarily for video purposes, do I really need the 16-50mm S lens? What benefits does it have over any other lenses? And on that note, what other lenses would you recommend?
  7. ‚ÄčThat's good to hear. What do you know about the two schools and how?
  8. I live in the Philippines and am working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Digital Filmmaking, and intend to graduate within the next two years. After I graduate, I plan on doing further studies at a one/two year filmmaking certificate/diploma course in the US. All the most popular schools are universities or colleges, especially the ones mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter in this article http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/top-25-film-schools-united-721649. Surely, there must be some great film academies/institutes out there. I'm not looking for a bachelors or masters degree but want to go to an institute because I am looking to hone my skills, and see no need to take a full on degree. As an international student, one of my biggest problems is getting a student visa, then converting it to a working visa, so it would be great if the school assisted with that as well. As for the ones I've found, it's pretty much the New York Film Academy (the reviews for which are 50/50) and the Digital Film Academy, both in New York. It would be really helpful if you could offer some insight as well as suggest other schools. THANK YOU!
  9. I'm a filmmaking student and I'm planning to buy my first camera. I've looked at lists for the best cameras to buy, but my price range is within $1000-1500 (I'm willing to shed out a bit more for a really good camera). At first I saw a lot of posts on the Rebel T6s/EOS 760D and it seemed pretty decent. However, upon further research, it seems that the DSLR community thinks Canon is holding back and even stripping way some new technology on their cameras. Then I saw some reviews of the 70D which looked great as well, but it is an older camera. I don't want to buy something that's out of date, or will disappoint me when a far superior camera comes out in the coming months. Lastly, I read about the Samsung NX500 which, spec-wise, seems great. Especially since a lot of people are talking about how 4K is the future and that Canon and Nikon really need to be stepping up their game. But I was wondering, despite it's specs, is the NX500 really a better option than a DSLR?
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