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Andrew Reid

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9 minutes ago, Cinegain said:

Geez Louise, that sounds hella cumbersome. With the very few issues I had over the years it was pretty easy to pull my money back (even normal wire transfers (high fee though)). Used to think most creditcards would include helping you out up to 60 days, believe that even got extended to 180 days at some point. Guess things aren't that straight forward everywhere. Well, good luck, keep us up to date, curious about Veydra's fate. Guess owning a Veydra now will be like owning a unicorn.

Could just be my crappy bank. ?

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8 hours ago, Matt Kieley said:

Fujinon 12.5mm 1.4 on the bmpcc, shot wide open. I still need an adapter that will allow me to focus past 2ft, but I wanted to at least get a rough idea of the sharpness of this lens at f/1.4. I'm pleased so far.

@mercermaybe you could chim in, you´ve been an advocat for that lens, so I´ve bought one too a couple months ago. But still would need to know what would be the best cmount adapter for it?

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You might just be surprised what will happen tomorrow. When things go public people often suddendly get their shit together and become all apologetic. I have done it lots of times. Most recently in a store when I wanted to upgrade a lens, but they had a silly, rigid policy. A couple of comments here and there and it was all sorted out in half an hour with the owner of the chain changing from being a prick to kissing my ass. 


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On ‎1‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 2:30 PM, webrunner5 said:

So are going to stay with the Sony A7s or go up to a A7r mk II, or a A7s mkII if you sell your m4/3 stuff?

Stay with the A7s for now and start saving for its replacement when it dies or is behind the norm in low light for stills and dabbling in video without grading (IE filming low light rock/blues songs).

There is still nothing that would suit me better for what I do and it takes the lenses I am happy with.


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14 hours ago, Cinegain said:

Did you try to get a hold of Ryan Avery yet? Asked Matthew Duclos, Noam Kroll & Adam Wilt if they know anything about this disappearance act? They seemed pretty in the loop.

And I would start a procedure with your creditcard company to get your money back...

I was told by a senior member at dvxuser that Ryan’s no longer with Veydra, but that I should contact him anyway as he’s willing to help. So I have.

Update: Ryan just emailed to say the X-mounts are in stock and that he’d see that I got them asap. And it does indeed appear as though he is no longer with Veydra.

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6 hours ago, jonpais said:

Devin Graham just uploaded an unboxing video of 1/4 million dollars worth of Leica Summicrons, just few weeks after buying a set of Sigma cine lenses. Worst case of GAS I’ve ever seen. 

Two very different price categories, too. Interesting. Wonder if he plans to rent them out. Both are extremely popular in their respective worlds.

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@Matt Kieley here is a picture of the bottom of my lens and the inside of the adapter. As you can set it has a bevel on the bottom that just clears the inside tier of the adapter.


And here’s a picture showing the rear element housing/c-mount threads protruding from the back of the adapter...



Does your lens/adapter look the same?

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