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LOG, IBIS, 10bit, AF, does it really make for better footage?

Andrew Reid

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To me IBIS is to emulate the movement of a heavy camera like it would be sitting on the shoulder. To work a heavy camera handheld from the shoulder means having a sufficient EVF rigged and good balance of the whole setup. That neither comes easy nor cheap. To have the cheapest way of 10bit combined with the heavy camera look would demand a Sony F3 or FS700 with an external recorder plus an EVF plus balancing all of that out, plus powering. Or shell out a some more money for a used Sony F5. So IBIS in my S1 saves me from having to do that. And it saves me from having to carry a lot of weight for small lower paid shoots. 10bit implentation in the S1 and practical absence of noise mushyness (NR) gives me a high quality image.

Fs700 internal is a great 8bit cam btw. It´s Slog implementation is worthy to be used under sufficient light. A7S and the MK2 on the other hand have a gruesome Slog implementation regarding colour, coming from my experience. It should be tested before using it, that´s for sure.

For a start I totally support the notion of practicing without IBIS and without Log to get immediate results without "unthougthful shotdesign made by IBIS" and without grading hell and without the mentality "fix it in post". Resulting in more thoughts ahead of shooting and sofore more thoughtful filming, less "fixing it in post", less dull shots and films.

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IBIS to me is meant for handheld work. I don't use it in place of a tripod or monopod. IBIS gives me freedom that a monopod or shoulder rig doesn't even moving around. If I'm not in a rush, or need a static shot, I'll always go with a tripod or monopod. But if I'm literally running and gunning, like I do for weddings or my sports work, good IBIS is so vital to getting good looking footage. 

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I know it gets you more shots and freedom but it doesn't look as good does it.

Even on the best systems it still does weird stuff like slowly rotating the frame for no reason, or panning carries on when you don't want it to, just knocks your framing off by a slight amount but enough to be distracting.

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A few years ago I did a camera job for an auto/moto TV show. We were using GH5 cameras. I had to "fight" with the director to use a tripod for some of the static car shots! And he is almost 65 years old..not some young guy that doesn't know any better..

A tripod shot, is a tripod shot. IBIS is not.

I see a trend with various trends in the industry. First we had the 5D full frame look (in some projects it was hardly anything in focus). Then we had the GoPros, the directors wanted 2 to 3 of those in each project..then we had drones, I know documentaries that were using drone shots (Phantom2) instead of tripod shots..then IBIS, some directors didn't even want any tripods on set. Now there is a trend with AF on set (especially with C300mkii cameras). I have never used AF on any project in my life, that is why I got the R7, to see what's what.

It is a language that has evolved for more than 100 years now, everything has its place but the basics have been set decades ago, when there was no ibis, no log, no AF, no full frame! The old school stuff is almost 90% of that language in my opinion.

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