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DJI Action 2


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I had the first model but along with every action cam, sold it as none of them have ever really done what I wanted them to do.

This might be different however and make a good little unit to pop on the hot shoe of one of my stills cameras and capture some video…

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Just seen Zach Mayfield’s initial review on Kinotika and I love it’s size…but as is always the case with these things, I am always in a minority that I don’t want a wide angle, but a mild telephoto version.

50mm equivalent and I might be interested…

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camera conspiracies has done a review. Dont think he's overly impressed.  But he does make me laugh. He aint happy with the gopro 10's audio interface either. Not that any of this bothers me overly much as i i'm not really in the market. 



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10 hours ago, Emanuel said:

And when you see two unrelated people saying the same...

It's not from nowhere.

It depends on the usage, for POV Sports like helmet, chest and so on the wider the better, you want the ski, snowboard, horse etc in the frame, it also show more the speed.
I do prefer much more a 360 reframed or GO2 than normal GoPro FOV for POV. 
If you want to use it as more normal then yes they are too vide. GoPro approach with the additional MaxMod lens is not a bad idea.

I find the 1 inch insta too narrow for most POV work. Car mount is ok but body mounted is not that great.

I'm not sure about this Osmo..... the mount is terrible for action/sports one impact and the clips will break and you will lose the camera. Seems a terrible design for an action camera. GoPro mount based on a frame or embedded in the structure is the best solution as the swivel part take the force but camera normally will not detach..

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I think it would be great to have action cam with a 24 or even better 35mm 1.8 lens to chest or helmet or bike mount.... for sure you will not see all the artifacts as it will be all oof.....

They call action cameras because they are made for that, not for narrative work.
I'm sorry that you don't like that people enjoy skiing, snowboarding, mtb.... but you don't need to watch and it does not have to be extreme as the target are consumers.
For a action POV camera the wider the better and I can tell you the 1 inch insta that is probably the better camera of all the action camera stays mostly at home as the fov is useless for POV and for non POV a mirrorless camera is 1000 better. 

I do agree that quality is horrible from all but you get footage that you will not get in another way. Is the same as 360 cameras quality is horrible buy you can capture scene that would cost 100x more to do with a real camera.

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Nothing against people enjoying sports footage at all : ) Let alone extreme sports ; ) What I feel annoying is the lack of quality we generally find when people shoot them or the whole mania ad nauseam about it.

To begin with absence of care about framing, photography, etc..

Without mention the way people infer a small camera is made for.


There's a gap from there to regular capture devices still to be fulfilled.

There should be more love for nonintrusive acquisition.

Not everyone seeking for miniaturization on cinematography is necessarily looking for action cameras.

The way the manufacturers or their marketing sees the trend, is underwhelming, to say the least.


To whom like me has his roots based on neorealism or some frontier in-between narrative and documentary, as for instance, will invariably appreciate a small form factor with better IQ match.

Not easy to find to each release nowadays, exactly because of the above-mentioned I've just written.


Last but not least, all of this also in behalf of extreme sports shooters obviously, why not? ; )

When people know what they're doing ofc :- )

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