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Canon 60D problems.Noise and effective video

Haseeb Akbar

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Well, i'll say it again put Magic Lantern on your camera, if it means buying another SD card then do it - I use the cheap Transcend SDHC class 10 16gb no problem.


Make sure you've got the right 60D firmware for ML on your camera (1.1.1 - there are links etc...)

Its easy to do, just do a low level format in-camera.

Plug the SD card into computer & copy'n'paste the files you've downloaded from ML onto it (where all the other files on the card are).

Put SD card back into camera.

Put camera in M mode, then turn it on.

Open up Canon menu & go to the Firmware section, enter & click OK (as if you were updating firmware).

Wait until the ML sucess screen comes up & restart the camera.


With ML you can now film RAW files (if you use a nightly build).

But for better H264, you can up the bit rate to 3.0x & get far better quality video (no sound, but its shit anyways).


Also, get some vintage lenses - a Helios 44-2 (pre-set aperture so no click stops) will be cheap, produce great images & is a very good place to start.


Neat video is an expense you don't really need at first, but is nice to have to clean up low light footage.


Visioncolor's picture profiles (VisionTech 02 being the one i always use) are amazing, no one has ever complained buying them after a recommendation!


If you shy away from this advice you'll be left with v.average (noisey/grainy) looking footage.

thanks alot for this,i have bought a 32gb class 10 of toshiba and will run magic lantern in it.thanks for ur advice really appericiate it (y)

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I downloaded the HD version of the clip 1MB, 1280x720 from vimeo. In my opinion the noise you see is normal for Canon 60D (I own a 60D too :lol:). The best thing you can do is: shoot at ISO 160, 320, 480, 640, etc.. not at ISO 100, 200... 


Then download software called: Neat Video to remove noise.  I think the bigger problem on DSLRs is compression artifacts. When shooting dark or uniform colored stuff you get ugly blocks called macroblocking. And unfortunately you get even more compression when uploading to youtube or vimeo. 

yeah i think its  macro blocking coz i tested the cam in 1000watt halogen lite,it was better then that

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thanks alot for this,i have bought a 32gb class 10 of toshiba and will run magic lantern in it.thanks for ur advice really appericiate it (y)

No problem, if you run into more trouble or need answers just carry on posting.

You can get some nice footage from the 60D & you don't need to spend a fortune - get out there, shoot, make mistakes & learn from them.

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