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  1. yeah i think its macro blocking coz i tested the cam in 1000watt halogen lite,it was better then that
  2. thanks alot for this,i have bought a 32gb class 10 of toshiba and will run magic lantern in it.thanks for ur advice really appericiate it (y)
  3. can u see the grain coming in the video in great amount ? m talking abut that
  4. i am new to the forum thing :/ i just uploaded it in my media gallery its in quicktime format staright out of the cam https://vimeo.com/91539013 just uploaded same one at vimeo
  5. yeah it shoots rubbish at 50mm 1.8 even in 720 mode,but i am shootng in 1080 at 30fps
  6. I matched videos shot by canon75-300 canon 50mm and the kit 18-55 there was less noise in 75-300 and it was about 2pm and bright daylight. plus i use cinestyle also
  7. i gave a hit to magic lantern on my 4gb transcend card,i think it was card's fault that magic lantern gave an error after a few minutes of installation,when i restarted my camera the screen was blinking from sides,so i formatted the card and the next day camera was working fine, i now fear of the magic lantern thing actually :/
  8. u can check this out tell me if its suffiecient,or i will send another one https://vimeo.com/91539013 incase u find problem viewing over here
  9. I am using canon 60D.but i am getting noise in daylight i am pretty much worried because my fellows shoot great videos with it and mine is giving this noise in daylight.i am usin 75-300 canon ,18-55 canon. and 50mm canon but noise is more in 50mm and 18-55 ,75-300 gives less of it.i shot samples while using 3 of these lenses and i found that when i screw in the cpl filter noise gets worst.please help me. settings are 200iso,fstop 5,and shutter double to that of frame rate
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