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Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating timers, workarounds, and Magic Lantern

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I think it’s pretty clear the main processor and DSP become pretty toasty on the R5. The CFExpress heat is a contributing side factor as well.

But please don’t buy the R5 thinking you will make it into a 8K C500 (Unless you are @Matt Perks) You are buying the wrong camera.

5 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

won't be buying another Canon for a while.

R3 looks tempting though.

We have a masochist here lol.

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No, No need to do anything It's very simple. Canon do a very simple calculation. When camera is running, a counter is setup. When the counter reach a certain level, you have a warning logo.

Just confirmed that the Date change "hack" is still live with New firmware on R5. 

Ok, my trick works apparently. Tested by yourboylloyd on Magic Lantern Forum Record as you wish. When overheat occur. stop recording. Change the date. Drop the power (using the screw story or

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I have rigged the Zitay CFExpress to SSD on my R5 for handheld work with a 1 TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD. It works fine at the highest bitrates (8K RAW) and the CFExpress "card' plugs into any CFExpress reader and the transfer rate from the SSD is the same as if it were a CFExpress card (400 MBps). The combo is a significantly cheaper alternative to any 1 TB CFExpress card that has the capability of the 8K RAW bitrates (few do - Canon has a list). I did not find it awkward to use it in the field. But out in the sun I do not think this rig increased time to overheat. Thus, I do not think the CFExpres card is an important source of the heat issue. So, a cheaper alternative for high-capacity fast storage but not a heat saver.


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