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Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC

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AFX is the long overdue focus control expansion option for our PBC system for BM Pocket4K/6K cameras. With AFX and its included handheld remote you can control manual focus of MFT/EF lenses

Three days to go. The RAW shooting Sigma fp with the Baveyes 645 medium format speed booster is a little powerhouse. Particularly when you can now add ToF autofocus to that manual Mamiya 35m

It's out there! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afx-autofocus-adapter#/ https://www.eoshd.com/news/exclusive-cda-tek-announces-afx-module-for-lidar-autofocus-featuring-tilta-nucleus-motor

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Exciting tool for this unique purchase, I don't even remember to ever be so excited with something more lately... 9 hours left. Fellows based in Europe, tomorrow morning this offer is over, this is really a last call for such discounted price:




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I received a New Campaign Update from Indiegogo regarding the The AFX - Autofocus Adapter:

"Holiday Greetings

We would like to send our warmest regards to all of our backers for this holiday season and thank you for your support of the AFX.

In terms of the project itself, we are pleased to report that we are starting to receive the scheduled production samples of the main AFX and MMX boards and accessories.  It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year and we wish you all a safer and more prosperous 2021."

@BTM_Pix Happy Holidays!

Great news that things are moving a long.  I can't wait to receive my AFX and MMX early next year!

Happy New Year!


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18 hours ago, Henchman said:

Have you thought of creating a repository for lens profiles?

We did consider it but decided against it.

The calibration file is unique to the combination of camera, copy of the lens (plus any adapter such as speedbooster etc) and position of the sensor at the time you did the calibration.

With all of those variables in play, it is far from guaranteed that you'd find a calibration file that someone else had made that would work 100% with someone else's setup so it would cause more issues than it solved.

So for that reason, its not something that we will looking to incorporate.

Plus, the calibration process only takes a few minutes anyway and is a one off per lens as its stored in the AFX's internal database so, as well as being more accurate, its actually far quicker to it than it would be going to a website, finding a suitable calibration file and flashing it onto the AFX.

Having said that, there is possibly some benefit for owners of multiple AFXs that they use with the same models of cameras and lenses to be able to transfer calibration files between them so that could be something that could potentially be incorporated in a future firmware update. 

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From update #5 received today, new enhancements include:

Increased capacity for the calibration database for the AFX to now allow up to 128 lens/camera setups to be stored.

Zoom lens files now have five “tracks” of calibration to compensate for focus differences in non-parfocal lenses at different focal lengths.

Calibration procedure is now semi-automated.

Multi Client/Server mode over Bluetooth LE to enable AFX to drive MMX units, pass range data to a PBC to act as an outboard distance indicator unit or even source range data from another AFX.

New option for AFX to drive MMX over a wired connection through Port 3 of the MMX instead of over Bluetooth LE.

Switchable user preference for metric or imperial display of distance.

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@BTM_Pix Thanks for making your system incredible flexible!

This is fantastic news for people who own or plan to own more than one AFX and MMX.  It reminds me of what Steve Jobs said when he first introduced the iphone...


It's an auto focus distance sensor, it's lens motor driver, it's relational database, it's a Bluetooth Low Energy Multi Client/Server...

It's all of these, but together it is a revolutionary autofocus tool kit where networked autofocus sensors can distribute autofocus distance information allowing you to co-locate two cameras, one as your autofocus subject tracking camera, one as your subject/scene framing camera.  Whatever is in the center of your screen on this first camera can determine what is in focus on your second camera, that can have a completely different framing.

Add a gimbal with subject tracking and you can have AI track your subject around the scene, then distribute the autofocus distance to the second camera, which can frame your subject/scene however you like, while your subject stays perfectly in focus.

Perfect Framing with Perfect Autofocus = Revolution.

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20 hours ago, majoraxis said:

“Add a gimbal with subject tracking and you can have AI track your subject around the scene, then distribute the autofocus distance to the second camera, which can frame your subject/scene however you like, while your subject stays perfectly in focus.”

Ok yeah, I’d take a V2 where the sensor is built into a little DJI Osmo kind of micro-gimbal camera that has object tracking to keep the sensor pointed at the subject... that would be straight up insane.

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@Caleb Genheimer Great idea!

I am going to try a Crane 3 Pro gimbal for tracking, but I still need to check the tracking accuracy and speed with a heavy lens to see if it can keep up with the subject.

The other nice thing about using a gimbal is being able to do the tracking control by moving the phone to manually to move the gimbal and track the subject by hands and eyes.  So instead of focus pulling, it is focus pointing.




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