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  1. My unit arrived yesterday. One thing of note is when one picks up the Lidar unit one can hear rattling inside. I don't know whether this is normal. After several hours frustrating hours I still cannot get it to work. I have a P6K. It works fine (including focus adjustment) with a camera Control App on my phone, so I assume there is no problem with the camera's Bluetooth. The lenses I have attempted to use are the Canon EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro and the Tamron 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens. Initially, there is no problem pairing the Lidar unit with the camera. When the ramping lens calibration screen comes up and the steps increase sequentially the camera does not change focus, making it impossible to determine how many steps are required. After I press the B button the Focal Length Menu is not a problem. I do press Mode + C on the R1 controller. Sometimes multiple times. The blinking blue light on the controller becomes solid while the Menu + C buttons are pressed, but then starts blinking again. I do not know whether the R1 controller is communicating with the main Lidar unit. Pressing the C button and the A button does not change the focus of the camera, and and the Calibration Point = number does not increment. If I restart the Lidar unit it never remembers the camera. I always need to Clear Bonds in the Maintenance Menu and clear the bluetooth memory in the camera to sync again. I have repeated the process multiple times with the same result. If I start the Lidar in MOTOR mode it does give me the focus distance, but of course it doesn't communicate with the camera. With tongue in cheek, I've narrowed it down to a)my inability to follow directions; b)a problem with my P6K; c)a problem with both lenses I've attempted to use; d)a problem with the AFX unit. I would appreciate some help.
  2. Can we assume the AFX Focus Module will be fully compatible with the new BMPCC 6K PRO via bluetooth?
  3. Wow! Does the unit tilt down easily to compensate for the parallax problems (the unit will be aimed above the subject and the subject will not be in the center of the LIDAR's field of view) that would arise using macro lenses at distances less than 5 or 6 cm?
  4. Does the LIDAR unit have a distance range for optimal focus? Specifically, I'm wondering whether the unit will be usable with macro lenses at close focusing distances.
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