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I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions

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On 8/15/2020 at 8:55 PM, mechanicalEYE said:

The external files does not show camera temp in exif data. The reason why I snapped the photos immediately after recording internal and external. Which was 65 C, and then 64 C for second photo.  

My thinking was, if the camera is smoking hot at the end of a continuous external recording, once you immediately switch over to internal recording, camera temp is now reported with CFexpress card so the camera should still respond as if internal temp is high enough to produce warning or shut down based on temp at that time.?? Is my thinking way off base?


Exactly... doesn't make sense to me.

What causes the internal temp to go up is the CPU because it is the main heat source inside the body, as shown by our Chinese friends with the infrared thermometers.

So even if the temp sensor might be on the PCB rather than directly measuring the CPU, it gives us a good idea of what is going on and how hard the camera is working to raise the internal temp in the EXIF data.

So if you measured it from a JPEG EXIF straight after a long 4K HQ shoot via HDMI, and then again after 20 mins of internal recording of 4K HQ or 8K, and it showed the same 64C in both cases, it means surely the CPU is not generating more heat in the internal recording mode.

And it is not shutting the camera down to protect the sensor from heat caused by an 8K output, as it is doing that output for hours in 4K HQ mode to HDMI.

I'll add that to the rather long list of oddities about the camera that will be presented to Canon Japan management next week.

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@Andrew Reid  quick note...

Today I took the R5 outdoors in 104°F again. I wanted to record 4K HQ internally only, specifically to check EXIF data after overheat shutdown. 

EXIF data showed the camera temp was 30 C at start of the test

Camera counter showed the 25 minutes on the timer.

Shot 4K HQ continuously... strangely it threw overheat warning at 26 minutes, and lasted until 29:06 ( that is better time than when it overheated at idle in the menu ( 22 minutes ) )

After shutdown I restarted camera to check times and for 4K HQ it read 5 minutes.

Took a photo, then shot another short clip in 4K HQ

EXIF data for first video long run clip 30 C at the beginning, then 65 C at the end.

EXIF data for the photo after  overheat shutdown - 65 C

EXIF data for last video clip after overheat shutdown - 65 C

In the end the camera sat just 13 minutes, and it was back ready with full times available in all modes.

Gotta be firmware... just doesn't make sense when the feedback is all over the place like this guy in Chicago.

Chicago highs aren't anywhere close to 104°F





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I would have thought that it gets to 65C sooner than 25 mins.

So let's try this...

Record 4K HQ in 5 min segments, and after each 5 mins measure EXIF temp with a JPEG and immediately start recording the next 5 min clip.

Then log all the recorded temps - for example:

0 min: 30C

5 min: 65C

10 min: 65C

15 min: 65C

20 min: 65C

If it holds steady like that at 65C for ages, we know it can handle 65C and we know it would need a further increase in temp later on to trigger the shut down.

BTW 65C is the temp Magic Lantern reads out on the screen on most of the old DSLRs during 1080p.

It is very unusual for a CPU to hold steady at a certain temp for 20 mins, before giving up at 25 mins or suddenly spiking upwards even thought the processing load has been consistent for the past 20.

If a CPU can run for 25 mins steady at same temp (65C) without crashing or thermal throttling, it can run for another 25 mins at that temp, and another.


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@Andrew Reid  

Test this morning - Outdoor temp 77°. 

Each take was 5 minutes per video clip with a JPEG shot immediately after each clip, then immediately started recording the next 5 minute video clip. 4K HQ

EXIF data temps:

Video take 1. - 31 C

JPEG: 42 C

Video take 2. - 41 C

JPEG: 49 C

Video take 3. - 48 C

JPEG: 53 C

Video take 4. - 53 C

JPEG: 57 C

Video take 5.  - 56 C

JPEG: 59 C

No overheat warning so tried another 5 minute clip with take 6...

Video take 6. - 59 C  ( threw the overheat warning 38 seconds into the clip )

Overheat shut down at 3 minutes 19 seconds into the clip, immediately powered the camera on to take last photo... 


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4 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Thank you for the test

So it shuts off before the temperature EXIF reported by the 5D Mark III in 1080p.


You're welcome.

The counter at the end of the 5th clip, and 5th JPEG said I could record 3 minutes of 4K HQ... it shut down 3 minutes and 19 seconds into the 6th clip. 

pretty interesting.

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8 hours ago, mechanicalEYE said:


No overheat warning so tried another 5 minute clip with take 6...

Video take 6. - 59 C  ( threw the overheat warning 38 seconds into the clip )

Overheat shut down at 3 minutes 19 seconds into the clip, immediately powered the camera on to take last photo... 



60c.. that pretty nominal temperature for cpu, not even past 70c!

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1 hour ago, ntblowz said:


60c.. that pretty nominal temperature for cpu, not even past 70c!

Exactly... and this was at the camera prompted shutdown. Camera was barely warm to the touch at that time.

I've seen steady 65 C when the camera was flaming hot in 104 degrees for 1 hr plus continuous external recording. After a 1 hr of running externally camera showed all internal times to available at full record times.  So how can it shut down at 60 C?  Firmware tricks!

I've saw a steady 65 C with the previous internal recording test shooting continuous for 29 minutes until shutdown.



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I think Canon is just playing it safe so it records consistently in all types of exterior temperatures. I wish they would just let it run as much as it can, but then people would complain that it can only record 20 minutes in 100 F + weather. Haha. I would much rather it run for 40 minutes in sub 100 F weather, but I think this is the only way they can give consistent runtimes which I guess they think matters the most. Just let it do what it run as long as it can given the temperatures, Canon, please! 


I spoke with Canon CPS guy today and he said he gets at least one call a day about this issue and he said that canon wants them to log anything we tell them especially regarding the R5. They are listening! 

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All it means that this Chinese engineer must had failed his thermodynamics class. Because someone else took a different approach and with thermal pads between boards with a different path, was able to get the camera to record for a very long time. The big question then is, if you transfer heat to the case in a more efficient manner, how hot will the case get? It to may get to be too hot to handle. Not all thermo pads are created equal, some are more efficient, some not very good at all.

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