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  1. That’s because there are smart people, however mankind in general is pretty dumb, panic prone, and has a herd mentality. i should note that I don’t claim to be one of the smart ones. I do dumb things all the time despite my best effort not to. Most of the people on this planet aren’t that different from me, whether they’re willing to publicly admit it or not. It must be maddening for smart people, though there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.
  2. I’d like to see how the line skipped 4K output looks next to the 4K output of the C300 markIii. Maybe I’ll rent one and take a look.
  3. Has anybody gotten it to overheat in standard 4K mode? Last time I checked, broadcast delivery standards where still 1080. Acquiring in line skipped 4K still results in a 1080 delivery that looks significantly better than if acquired in 1080. Just saying... we’re getting all bent out of shape over something that isn’t likely to significantly improve the image quality of standard delivery resolutions. I’m not saying that having 4K HQ or 8K isn’t desirable. It is. It’s just that those Modes are best reserved for special shots, and getting them should be planned for accordingly.. as it is, shooting anything at 4K at any quality with the bit rates canon has been doing is really expensive on the rest of the video chain, especially if you shoot a lot of content. It’s just not viable to shoot a lot of 4K unless you have a big budget, and if you have a big budget, then why not get an appropriate camera?
  4. Nope. I do however have an R5. My intended usage is shooting stills, and for that it’s one of the greatest cameras Canon has ever made. The fact that it can record any video at is a bonus.
  5. I differ in opinion. If I where using it as designed, yes. The fact of the matter is that canon disclosed up front that there are recording limits. They can not anticipate every single usage scenario, so provided generic guidelines.. it’s not realistic to expect them to know how every single user is going to use their camera. I’ll answer with a question: do you find yourself implicitly trusting every advertisement you see? I don’t and I seriously doubt that you do.
  6. Does the S1H have an 8K sensor in a weather sealed body? if the standard line skipped 4K output has a negligible image quality difference to a C300 mark whatever, then what’s the problem? We won’t know that until those tests are done.
  7. It’s not a professional video camera. If it were, Canon would have released it under their Cinema line. They didn’t. they provided some basic recording limits information if using the higher end video features so people don’t run out and buy it thinking that it’s a replacement for a real cinema camera. personally, I’m more interested in seeing how the standard 4K stacks up against their 4K Cine cameras. If the Image quality difference is negligible, then the higher end video features are nice to haves, and can possibly be improved upon With firmware, but ultimately unnecessary to get a job done if looking to match other canon cinema cameras. For all we know, there’s an RF mount Cine version of this camera in the pipe and the cripple hammer is Still in full effect
  8. All manufacturers marketing is designed to get you to part with as much money as possible, and therefore should never be taken at face value, which means that by definition it is a lie. I’m not defending it, just stating reality. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Every company does it in some form or another. with respects to usage, canon pretty clearly laid out generic overheating record times to act as a guidepost. It’s up to the user to decide if that will fit into their intended usage or not, and/or conduct their own tests. I’m not seeing a foul on Canon’s part there. again, just because it doesn’t do what you think it should doesn’t mean it’s a bad camera, it’s just not a good fit for your intended usage.
  9. Correction: you bought a seriously expensive stills photography first camera that just happens to have the ability to record pretty high quality video, NOT a video first camera that just happens to record stills. If you intend to use this camera for video first, you shouldn’t be expecting reliable high end cinema performance in a stills camera form factor. That’s kind of like expecting C700 performance in the price and body of an EOS RP. ?!?! If you need reliable C700 performance, then use a C700, not the RP. I’m using C700/RP as an example. in terms of how canon chose to market the R5, yes, it’s unfortunate that they are chose to market it as video first, however reviews are showing that it’s not that camera, at least not in current firmware form, so if anybody is stupid enough to buy anything based solely on manufacturers marketing (Not just Canon), then they kind of deserve to get what they get. This is why independent reviews exist.
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