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  1. All it means that this Chinese engineer must had failed his thermodynamics class. Because someone else took a different approach and with thermal pads between boards with a different path, was able to get the camera to record for a very long time. The big question then is, if you transfer heat to the case in a more efficient manner, how hot will the case get? It to may get to be too hot to handle. Not all thermo pads are created equal, some are more efficient, some not very good at all.
  2. So have you actually seen the video from LensRental? They did a teardown of the camera and then put a thermal camera on it without the back which is the more proper way to test for temperature. The camera over heats to the point that you will exceed the maximum temperature limits of different components. Magic Lantern cannot fix a hardware issue. Extending the time limit by getting around Canon's poor lock security will damage the camera.
  3. The Red One shipped in August of 2007, a 4K camera. Canon did not release the 5Dm2 until Nov of 2008 and it was only a 1080p camera. The Red One was used in Hollywood right away because it was much more affordable to what was available at the time.
  4. There are many RED haters out there but RED was innovative and did push the industry to make filmmaking more affordable.
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