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Doc shot mainly on RED cameras (90%+ of the film was shot on the Epic MX/Dragon), I am professionally involved throughout my activity as film producer and this unique endeavour with my veteran buddy Andrew Benz (Executive Producer and Cinematographer https://twitter.com/benzdigital) over 8 summers in Brasilia (Brazil) and the producer Sebastian Alvarez.

Directed by Yoni Goldstein and Meredith Zeilke.


One of 8 films selected by 2017 Dok.Incubator.
Top prize, the Finishing Award, valued at over €12 000,00 to have credits and 2K SDR and 4K HDR color correction & DCP done in Luxembourg at Espera Studios.


North American Premiere at True/False Film Festival 2020.


International Premiere at Visions du Réel in their Burning Lights International Competition.









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30 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

@EmanuelMan, last thing that I need to see is more things about Brazil, hehehe.

If americans think that Trump is crazy, our psychotic president is saying "hold my beer". Bipartisan wars here, at the expense of peoples lives. A beloved friend of mine (and a lot of other people) snapped and went crazy because of insane bot propaganda and fake news from both sides of the political spectrum.

If fact I'm fed up of this country, when the incoming world recession that will come in the next years pass, my plan (already was thinking about it before the virus) is to leave Brazil and raise my daughter in a less stupid country (and one that treat women at least with a minimum respect).

Portugal is the number one option, by the way. :) Not as much because of the same (or very similar :) ) language, but most because my wife have Portuguese citzenship and I fucking love Portugal.

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I fully understand you Márcio @Márcio Kabke Pinheiro, seems we have no alternative to look in any direction indeed. Well, you're welcome over here for sure! : ) We've fallen in love with your country, no matter the current nonsense panorama and how incredible the situation the country of Bossanova is living today... : X Remember Jorge Amado... Roque Santeiro? Universal language.

Take a look on this other feature documentary financed by ARTE:


It is ironic this great name of the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture died exactly last year, isn't it? ; )


In the same way, the feature doc A Machine To Live In praises Oscar Niemeyer's work but not only...

One of the main themes of A Machine To Live In is Brazil’s dream of building a first world utopia and ended up dropping a nightmare into the Brazilian cerrado... The Citizens then took these themes of utopia building back to their satellite cities. These are their reactions so to speak to living in the Dream of the Others.



shot from A Machine To Live In (2020) by the cinematographer Andrew Benz over Brasilia Rodoviária / central bus station

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24 minutes ago, Danilo Del Tufo said:

Emanuel, that's great! Very beautiful cinematography delivering warm and harmonious mood and sets the ambience. Good luck, and keep up the good work. 🙂

Andrew Benz credits ; ) That drone shot done by his hands and directors' inspiration is incredible, my fav drone shot ever! : ) Need to enjoy it there in the middle of the doc stream... Thanks for your kind words (E : -)

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Great piece, thanks for sharing! 

It's a really mesmerizing / hypnotizing trailer, reminds me a lot of 'Baraka' (1992). 

Something that at first looks like a montage of abstract, unconnected shots depicting us and our behavior, but after watching it in full, you are surprised you didn't grasp the whole idea earlier. 


What truly makes it shine is sound design and editing - those are top-level and keep the viewer  engaged. Congrats! 

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