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  1. Have both the LX100 and the GX85 (and GX9 now). One aspect not so much mentioned of the LX100 - the sensor / image pipeline is (I suppose) from the GH4. It's colors have that greenish tint from Panasonics from that era, and the low light performance is a tad worse compared to the GX85. Audio, yeah, the LX100 is a little bit better, but still worse (in my opinion) than the GH2 / GX7 that I've had in the past.
  2. One of the best lens in value terms ever. When I browse my photos and stop in a picture that gets my attention, 95% of the time the picture was taken with the Panasonic 20mm 1.7, Oly 45mm 1.8 or the Oly 75mm 1.8. There are some magic in these lenses.
  3. I think that engeneering have it's blame too. Looks like a Japanese thing - they adopt a development path and don't have the pride to accept when the path was wrong. For example, at Olympus: - I could navigate pretty well in their menus because of practice, but they are atrocious. SCP make is a little better, but the menus per se are very illogical. There where huge problems with MySets too, at least in the past - when I've contacted them about why some settings are not recording in a MySet (E_M10 MK I times), they said that allowing these settings could potentially set the camera in a infinite loop lock... - For YEARS their spot metering center only - Pansonic had it in the same spot of AF point for years. Only in Pen F they've implemented the ability to change it - but is STILL center only in the (more recent) E-M10 MK III... - Still have fixed "pages" for LCD / EVF layouts - you could not have level gauges and histogram on the same screen... - Sitl could not engage peaking + focus assist with a single button press - you need two buttons to do it. - Stubborn strange places to put the power lever; And the list goes on. Other Japanese makers have the same behaviour; Panasonic stuborn to implement IBIS, saying that "OIS is superior" (Canon was the same until now), only to discover that making IBIS work in conjunction to their OIS was actually a SELLING point; Panasonic limiting some cameras to 10-50 mins of 4k; Sony with their menus and color science...
  4. Horseback Hide Me? If I have to guess that this name was related to cameras, would say that was the leader of the G100 development.
  5. I think that Sigma already made a miracle with the FP, since they have much less resources than Sony, Canon, etc... Hoping that they could develop their own IBIS or license PDAF (I'm very sure that is some patent or agreement preventinh Panasonic to use PDAF), unfortunately, is kind of hopeless, I think.
  6. Regarding to Olympus: the best end (with 0% chance of happening) would be Sony buying Olympus. They could pull a Panasonic and drop the APS-C line (which never got so much love from Sony after their FF move - the A6xxx is almost the same since 2014). They could port to Olympus their AF tech, better codecs, and finally release a newer m43 sensor with all bells and whistles (BSI, stacked, all the tech), like a 24mp unit with Fuji low light performance. An OM-D with good low light, good AF, 4k60p, 10 bit output, with Olympus colors and ergonomics, anyone? And Sony could use Olympus knowledge to improve their IBIS and color science, Zuiko expertise in great compact lenses and optics. Or maybe a FF OM-D with E-mount. But will not happen. In fact, Sony looks somewhat quiet in these days...
  7. @IronFilm Yeah, would be a niche product for pure amateurs like me, heheheh. If fact, was to record audio when filming concerts (I have a Sound Professionals minuscule mic which can handle high soud pressures) with easy level monitoring and being discrete. Saw a video with a H1 tear apart, looks like the LCD display is fixed in one of the boards, maybe my idea of changing enclosures could not be feasible.
  8. Not exactly. Was not aware of the MixPre3, but I was thinking about something even smaller, simpler and MUCH cheaper (like Zoom H1 price). Thinking about something the size of the dead JuicedLink RA 202, even "thinner" if possible, and with a front display. Zoom could do it, with the H1 internals and display. (in fact, that gave me the idea to torn apart an H1 and put it in a custom metal enclosure...)
  9. Just wish that Zoom or someone make kind of a very small recorder that could be attached to the tripod mount. Like a Zoom H1 in "landscape" position, with the display in the left, start / stop button and the adjustment buttons on the right, all facing the operator under the camera LCD. In one side, a XLR / Mini XLR connector, in the other a mic input with plug-in power, no internal mics needed. Somewhat like a Ninja Star for audio.
  10. I wll probably always have some m43 gear, even when the format ends. For travel, it is an almost perfect format. But have a lot of stuff to offload (most kit lenses and old bodies), the financial hit is somewhat significant. If I switch to another system (only Fuji is in my sight - the mirrorless FF lenses are much bigger to my tastes), will wait until the market settles. Probably more companies will go down or merge.
  11. The Vaio part was being said as hope everywhere. Could be, but notebooks are a VERY different market. Most of the expensive tech of the notebooks are developed by the larger companies - Intel, AMD, display manufacturers, chipset companies. Most of the research in the notebook business is in design, cooling and some exclusive features. They are most integrators - get the processor, chipset, display, connectors from vendors, integrate it in circuit boards, add some batteries and assembly the notebook. Cameras are the exact opposite of it. Each brand develops its chipset, that only could be used in their cameras - and it is hard to recoup these costs in a shrinking market. The camera software was not used in other products too. Camera companies have to spend a lot of money to research, develop and build new techonologies, only to be used by themselves in a market that sell fewer units each year.
  12. Fuji do a better, if not perfect, job in this regard, too. People asked for a video / photo switch to separate the modes, got in the XT-4. Asked for IBIS, got in the XT-4. And in the XT-3 and XT-30 the specs delivered surpased the initial expectations - when in the m43 world always there are a lot of caveats, probably with the exception of the GH line.
  13. My god, Panasonic outdone themselves on this one. Was really interested in this camera - the attention to the audio part could make it a perfect concert recording camera. But what they presented: - As it offers V-Log, expected that the 1,26x crop of the GX9 was not present. Nah, there it is. - To put even more shit over the top of the cake, the camera have no IBIS, instead uses EIS, with ADDITIONAL 4k crops, as bad as 1,76x with the best IS mode. - Horrible ergos, buttons scattered on top of the camera, cheap move of not offering a rear dial; - 10 min 4k limit; Honorable only mentions, a very bright and hig res LCD, and a big EVF (Dpreview says it is field sequential, others said that not - but even Dpreview, that hates field sequential, said that tearing was not an issue). The positional audio looks clever too, but the mic opening does not look good for teh capsules quality. Incompetence is what will kill m4/3. Management blindness (almost always underdelivering, the opposite of Fuji, for example), technical stubborness (Olympus: the insane menus, ages to make spot metering coupled with AF point, no option to have camera level AND histogram in the same screen, Mysets confusion, two buttons to engage peaking AND enlarged view / Panasonic: ages to adopt IBIS, idiot crops in smaller cameras, mic inputs in few cameras, field sequential EVFs, crippling record times, bad dials in smaller cameras, mics getting worse, refuse to let DFD go), and not listening to their customers.
  14. In fact, Panasonic should make a standalone version of the LX100 lens, just a little bit bigger to cover the entire sensor. I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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