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  1. You need the phone to conect the gimbal with the camera every time, or was just needed to the initial setup?
  2. At least I hope the machine drum rotates in a 180 degree shutter speed.
  3. Just imagining the hacker harassing a typical DPReview forum user. "You should pay me 3 bitcoins or I will delete all these...ahn...brick wall pictures".
  4. Tried a bit in my GX9, but so far only found the modes that @Артем Асеев already found.
  5. I thought an even simpler device, only the wheel, display, and 1 or 2 buttons (easier to put on a gimbal), but this one could work too.
  6. https://tilta.com/shop/gravity-g2x-compact-handheld-gimbal-system/ Almost half price of the combo. Gimbal only offer is even better, US$ 299,00 (from 799,00).
  7. @BTM_Pix, have you ever thought about some kind of Tilta Nucleus Nano for the WiFi cameras that you've already figures out the wifi protocol?
  8. Yeah, this thread was my inspiration to try to fix mine (first will try to "realign" the sensor without opening. Will take a look. Thanks!
  9. @BTM_Pix, where did you got the service manual? I need one for the Olympus E-P1 (to try to bring its Ibis back to life).
  10. Did not have an E-M1, but already had a E-M5 MK II. Stationary, gimbal is not needed at all; but for panning shots and walking, gimbals are very useful. And like rangefinder style cameras when travelling / street - people don't bother with them, the SLR format of the E-M1 is much more intimidating. And heavier. Very tempted for the new Crane-M, because of the wifi integration - very pratical to start / stop recording using the gimbal handle. Only if the payload was around 1 kg... (and could connect to Olympus cameras too).
  11. Exactly my case. In my last vacation trip, the gear was: - 2 cameras: a GX85 (me) and an LX100 (my girlfriend); - Lenses: Panasonic 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 (a little gem), Panasonic 45-175mm f/4-5.6 (very underrated lens), Panasonic 42,5mm f/1.7 and a Rokinon 12mm f/2.0; - Supports: a Crane-M gimbal and a MeFoto RoadTrip tripod. All the camera / lenses could fit in a messnger bag, the tripod attached to it, and the gimbal on hand. Or everything in a Lowepro Fastpack 200 backpack. Did not miss any more equipment.
  12. They will probably go the Minimag way: pack a Galaxy S10 inside a new shell and charge it triple the price.
  13. @BTM_Pix being genius again. I think that there must be a voodoo doll of him in Panasonic's engineering headquarters: "First this sucker made us to release Cinelike-D for the GX9, now will put pressure on us in the GH6's focus system". Watch for subtle localize pains, like needle stings. In fact I'm amazed the the focus protocol in BLE could be so precise - using wi-fi in the Panasonic cameras, the focus ajustments always loooked very crude (or the Blackmagic's impementation have finer tuning?). Two doubts: - It will work as a single point AF system, no? How do you know where is the focus point, always center? (in this case, how you calibrate it to be exactly in the center of the frame?) - I remember the case of a camera that had it sensor burned by a LiDAR sensor in a autonomous car prototype (the LiDAR - at least the car one - uses lasers beams, which trashed the sensor). The LiDAR that you are using could have this problem, or the unit is not powerful enough to burn a camera sensor? (If you don't know, I think that you could test it against a camera. Please invite Northrup and his Nikons for the test :))
  14. I know that the GX9 is not very popular here, but I've got one in a very good price; but discovered a very strange problem with the rear dial press behaviour that looks like a firmware bug, and want to confirm it if someone have the same camera. Since the beginning (at least since the GH2, the 1st Panasonic that I've had - after that was a GX7 and GX85), when using adapted or m4/3 lenses without contacts, like the Rokinons, when you press the rear dial, the enlarged view was activated in the LCD/EVF, which was very convenient to help focusing. But when first trying the GX9, pressing the rear dial with my Rokinon 12mm have no effect at all. When looking more closely, I've discovered that in S,M or video modes, pressing the back dial have the previous known behaviour: the enlarged view is engaged. But in the A ou P modes, nothing happens. Did a factory reset, same thing. Anyone have this camera and can confirm this? And someone knows how to report a firmware bug to Panasonic?
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