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  1. Yes, as I said, I think that MFT will be relevant in movie circles for some time. But in the stills arena, where the volume exists, could happen a phase out - and MFT became kind of a PL mount, only used in niches.
  2. Have my doubts that Fuji will trickle down IBIS to a XT-40 / XT-300 very soon. Or remove the 10/15 min cap. Since their lower bodies have VERY good specs, they are probably afraid of canibalization. But if I was a vlogger, would use a XT-200 in a Crane M2 in a heartbeat.
  3. In one of the Linus videos, his video guy says that their RED transition was motivated by their need of a very fast workflow: almost daily episodes, a lot of episodes being shotted simultaneously - more leeway to make fast exposure adjustments on post, more cropping options to punch-in in post instead of running multiple cameras. I think that having the best tech, in a tech channel (it applies to Brownlee too) gives than a good comparison point to cheaper tech, and gives a useful perspective of cost/benefit for value comparisons. And, of course, fulfilling gear lust.
  4. Kind of. The real supporters of the m4/3 format are Panasonic and Olympus - all the others (Blackmagic included) are very niche. From Panasonic, I clearly see a GH6 on the horizon, but not much more - there are rumors of a GX10, but as a minor update. Olympus just repackaged the E-M1 II in a smaller body to make the E-M5 MK III, and rumors says that the same sensor will be used for the E-M1 MK III. M4/3 evolution is dependant nowadays on Sony to evolve on sensors. Olympus is struggling financially to evolve their platforms (if the E-M1 MK III still use the same chipset, will be a VERY bad sign). Panasonic could repurpose the tech developed for the L cameras to m4/3, but don't see much intention to do it - everyone (except Fuji) is pushing full frame, better margins on bodies and (especially) lenses. As I said, I love my m4/3 gear, it fullfills almost all that I need (except low light - my dream camera is a proper GX body with IBIS and the GH5s internals). And I think that m4/3 will be a viable format for video for a good amount of time - but maybe not for stills, where the sales volumes are. And don't want to end with a bunch of bodies and lenses with very deprecated values in a phase out, like was with 4/3 users. And Fuji is doing a lot of things right. Have bodies and lenses with the same or a little more size and weight than m4/3 (for people, like me, that likes compact gear). In two generations jumped from some of the worst video tech for some of the best. Is (maybe) the only manufacturer that their bodies frequently surpasses expectations in specifications. Their prices are competitive. IBIS was the last barrier for me (I use a lot of vintage lenses), maybe they will be my future.
  5. Maybe. But a GX85 / GX9 have kind of the same size, and runs for 30 mins without problem. Ok, they have less pixels to downsample, but I think that it is still feasible. I think that is market segmentation, really - or worse chipset tech.
  6. Only in the XT-3 / XH1, no? In the smaller bodies (XT-30 / XT-200) the cap is 10 minutes in 4k in the XT-30 and 15 mins in the XT-200 (just now noticed that the smaller one have 5 mins more!). Fuji probably would put a cap in a X-E4 too.
  7. Just waiting to Fuji put IBIS in their smaller cameras to switch from m4/3 to Fuji - like a lot my m4/3 gear, but I'm afraid for their future, and probably want to sell it before the price drop when it (maybe) is discontinued. As a complete amateur, my dream Fuji camera is a X-E4 with IBIS, XT-3 internals and good video AF. Even accept a 30 min 4k cap (sorry, 15 mins is too short). I prefer rangefinder bodies, the draw MUCH less attention, you could take stills/video in the streets / concerts and nobody cares.
  8. I forgot to warn that that video could do permanent brain damage, sorry. Guess that the some Canon people that manages advertising budget were fired after this one. Probably this is the cause that they don't have budget to put 24fps in their cameras (pun intended).
  9. Is this topic about that atrocious Northrup video, with 3 cm of depth of field, and with the image blurring in different places every 3 seconds with the poor lens trying to focus on him? I had to use a breathalyzer after saw it to certify that I was not drunk.
  10. Looks like that @androidlad was spot-on. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-the-olympus-e-m1iii-will-be-announced-in-mid-february/
  11. Amazing job, @BTM_Pix. If I had a Pocket, for sure would be joining the campaign. Any plans to make a Panasonic version? (Ideal would be a Olympus one, but judging from the lack of controls of the Oly app, probably the protocol is very bad)
  12. I've suggested some time ago in another thread that using the Nucleus Nano with your apps would be a killer setup. Printscreens were done, the copyright claim in on the way. Kidding, of course, was just a logical path. I think that a tablet could be more useful for live view, a 7" unit could have the parameters in one or two rows and a larger image.
  13. Waiting for more samples of 1080p120, the only sample that I've saw was kind of soft. Loved the styling and the smaller footprint compared to the E-M1 MK II, but if this and the 1080p120 was not mandatory for use, I guess that the E-M1 MK II is a much compelling package.
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