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Tito Ferradans

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So, as mentioned a few weeks back, I've just completed the first episode of a webseries shot with anamorphic lenses and MagicLantern raw. For this one, we used a LOMO Foton-A, and there's only ONE Iscorama shot. Episode 2 was almost entirely Isco, except for the very beginning. As soon as it's ready, it'll show up here too.



Don't forget to enable the english subtitles, as all dialogues are in portuguese. :P


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Keep on posting more of these as they become available, I'd love to see more :)


I loved the composition of that shot where she walks down the stairs while he hides behind the pillar - great composition with the wide aspect ratio.


Also very cool environment, those are some crazy abandoned buildings! Are those to be found in Sao Paulo?

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Thanks guys!

We got a bit stuck between episodes 2 and 3, but it's gonna move forward soon. hahah


Yes, the location is at University of Sao Paulo, an abandoned construction site. There are more places like this around town, but they're very little safe for a small crew and lots of gear. It takes a while to find a decent one. :(


Gábor, sure! I'll do it tomorrow, because it's really late and I gotta teach some classes tomorrow. :P

Youtube didn't fuck it up so much, though. The Foton can be soft many times, and footage is a bit grainy too (ISO 1250). It gets pretty good if you choose the biggest resolution (1440p I believe).

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Hahaha, ok, I must admit, the one shot that everyone is talking about is my favorite one as well. hahahaha

And, yes, it would've been awesome to have a split diopter there!


Gábor, here's a couple frames for you! Original DNG, from the camera, and the final version, TIFF.







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Part 2! All the night parts were done using m42 russian glass, iscorama and a 5D3 shooting raw. Lighting was mainly practical with flames, a couple flashlights and one "Kick" led panel (from kickstarter).


we're currently moving towards an 8-episode first season, to be shot during May, using BMPCC and anamorphic lenses (Iscorama and Foton-A). :)

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