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fave shots...


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For me as a sports shooter its any NFL Films shot that's a super tight ball track and is perfectly in focus. My draw drops every time. 

They have a montage of what i'm talking about from 6:17 - 6:33. All 100% skill with manual focus.

Mind you these guys get zero do overs so if they miss focus they are in the hot seat.



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I liked the shot in Russian Ark.

In case you're unfamiliar with it, the whole film was one continuous steadicam shot.  IIRC it was filmed in three sections and stitched together in post to look like one shot, but it's invisible so it looks like one shot.  The film was very good too, not for everyone, but I got into it and it created an immersive experience.  Plus, I had no idea what the hell the camera was, sometimes people would talk to camera like it was a person, other times it would just be ignored and the people who talked to it were also mostly ignored so it wasn't clear if they actually existed either, and it didn't really fit or make sense, so that was intriguing too.

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While long tracking shots are always incredible, and difficult to physically pull off, here's a shot that is amazing for the way it affects the story. (Start at 3:14 in case the link doesn't automatically).

What I love about this is that there's no complex choreography or VFX, it would be almost trivial to shoot. It's not even a particularly striking composition. Yet this completely ordinary shot both completes Cobb's emotional journey, and simultaneously asks the biggest question of the film to leave an otherwise closed ending completely open. It's worth noting that unlike franchise films, this open ending has no room for a sequel.

If we disregard the cut in to Michael Caine, the shot really begins at 3:06, which makes this the only shot where Cobb is seen together with his children, and also the only shot where it is unclear whether he's in the real world.


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21 minutes ago, Grimor said:

And most of the nudists in the area are British! ???

Well the UK government banning freedom of movement next month will take care of that though, to be fair, if you've ever seen the elderly nude Brits playing beach volleyball there then some of their body parts are enjoying waaaay too much freedom of movement anyway :) 

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