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Lens Turbo/Speedbooster anamorphic question


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Ok, so after receiving my adaptor a few weeks ago... I've created an unscientific review of the Lens Turbo for Canon FD on my nex 7 http://themartist.com/lens-turbo-canon-fd-review/


If you don't feel like reading the review, the bottom line is I am happy with it... even though It appears that those with more pixel peeping prowess are confirming that its inferior to the speedbooster. I still see many advantages using it for stills,  but I'm sure that the benefits may be even more useful for video purposes. This bring me to two main questions.


1. If there are any specific shots, or methods you'd like me to test either stills or video on the Lens Turbo - please let me know and I'll do my best. I have a canon fd 50mm 1.4 and 20mm 2.8 for the lens turbo. 


2. What positive/negative impact will the speedbooster or lens turbo have on going the anamorphic route? What type of setup would be best, and how would one be able to have a nice compact (ish) setup to match the Nex's diminutive benefits. The dream is having an affordable small full-frame in the nex that is easy to travel with and may shoot some awesome anamorphic footage. 


Appreciate any input or questions from either Andrew or the rest of you guys. 

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This type of adapter is not very beneficial for anamorphic. Usually anamorphics need long lenses (50 or 85mm on APS-C sensor) because they vignette heavily. Now there are some focus-through anamorphics, like the Panasonic, that can be used with pretty wide lenses but as far as I know it needs the lens to be stopped down to be sharp.

The only benefit I see is the light gain, that could balance out the light loss caused by the anamorphic lens so if you have an f2.0 lens + anamorphic + lens turbo/speedbooster you would still be around f2.0.


This is just theory. I'm still interested in the speedbooster though.

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Ag-la7200 loses 0.1 f, and is excellent with wide lens for me panasonic pancake 20 f 1.7 is the best.

I have the 50 f1.8 and the 28 f2.8 zuico OM and work well.
So I think will go well with canon FD.
does not work with medium telephoto and telephoto, over 60mm.
also may depend on the construction geometry of the lens,
example: does not work with sigma 30 f1.4


Try it



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