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Andrew Reid

Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

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11 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

At ISO 1600, again surprising.

Canon LOG on the EOS R is virtually noiseless, very smooth indeed, with abundant colour info.

The X-H1 shot, same ISO, F-LOG, has more noise in the blacks and a harsher look overall. Why does Canon LOG keep so much colour info and the warmness of the light, whereas F-LOG washes it out?



Fuji X-H1:


Because Canon Log stays in BT.709 gamut while F-log uses BT.2020 gamut, without correct mapping the F-log shot would appear extremely dull.

I believe EOS R can also output BT.2020 externally.

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So why does Canon stick to 709?

Is it because they believe the benefits of a wide colour gamut are reduced in 8bit LOG?

I have experience of both 709 and 2020 on the Sony cameras in developing Pro Color. 709 gives the better colour and 2020 stops highlights clipping - for example bright blue neon lights clip less early on my Sony A7 III in BT.2020 than on the Canon 1D C in 709.

I can't help thinking Canon stay for a reason to narrower colour gamut in 8bit...and they have made it deliver.

A classic case of 'ignore the specs sheet'?

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10 hours ago, Django said:

True, but the fact they are dedicated video cams also means the sensor & processor are fully tuned towards video IQ. For C100 all the magic happens pre-codec:

Canon Super 35mm CMOS Sensor

The EOS C100 Mark II Digital HD Camera employs the same single Super 35mm Canon CMOS image sensor as the rest of the Cinema EOS camera family and includes the same innovative strategies that have established the outstanding image performance of these cameras. This 8.3 megapixel sensor maximizes the size of the individual photosites each of which deploys two photodiodes to ensure high speed removal of accumulated charge, which in turn helps elevate the effective sensor dynamic range.  Allied with innovative Canon signal extraction strategies that enhance the sensor signal to noise performance allows unprecedented elevation of the ISO setting in this professional Super 35mm camera, while always protecting its dynamic range. 

Canon DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor

The four 1920 x 1080 HD R Gr Gb B video components from the image sensor are pre-processed and then sent to the DIGIC DV 4 processor for advanced video processing. This includes separate interpolation of the sparsely sampled R and B HD components to form full frame 4K for each. The two green HD components are also interpolated to form a single full frame 4K Green component. These three 4K RGB components are then down-sampled to create a set of  YCC 422 HD components that have high MTF, improved edge transitions, low false color moiré, and enhanced overall color reproduction. These components are further processed preparatory to sending them to the AVCHD and MP4 codecs.

perhaps lower RS. that's the 4Ks biggest downfall imo.

Well, stills cameras do the same thing. The image to be encoded does not just magically appear.

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A pretty damn good video by Jason Lanier using the EOS-R for Photography. But his techniques work for video also I think. Mostly the utilization of lighting. I am in my Truck camper  in Largo, Florida using my old laptop. So no clue how the output really looks like. Be I am sure it is good, no probably great. Man that zoom lens is a Honker!



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10 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

A pretty damn good video by Jason Lanier using the EOS-R for Photography.

Seems to know his way around a camera. But does he have enough experience reading spec sheets on forums to back it up? ;) 

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