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Nikon full frame mirrorless camera specs

Robert Collins

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18 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

Ah Spain , Australia, they all look alike. Seen one you have seen them all as they say. I could have sworn you were one of those Crocodile Wrestlers from down under.

Now being a Conquistador invading Mexico, I, I can't envision that. But being at the advanced age I am, some things do seen to escape me. My Bad.

My Sincere apologizes for calling you a Bloke. eh, tail between my legs. ☹️ 

Still looks like Alice Springs. Maybe it is Alicia Muelles?

EMBRACE being middle of nowhere!


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12 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Still feel that Nikon doesn't need to make a mirrorless D5/D500 just yet, and should concentrate instead on bringing out the core mirrorless models first (something like a D850/D750/D7500 equivalent). However Nikon needs to get these first mirrorless models out soon as there will be a time not far away (I suspect within 5yrs) when that need to have a response to Sony's mirrorless attack on their sports/birding/wildlife market will mean that Nikon must put out a mirrorless response rather than keep on relying upon their D5/D6 top tier DSLRs. 

Size matters. I'd never take a DSLR on a backcountry snowboarding trip, I only carry what I need to stay alive. On overseas work trips I want all my gear to fit into an overhead locker. A mate of mine asked what he should get to replace his D600 and Nikkor primes for his regular Japan pilgrimage. I told him to get a Fuji X-T2.

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9 hours ago, noone said:

Agreed, though what is heavy and isn't is subjective.      That new 400 2.8 Sony actually weighs 5 grams LESS than Nikons CURRENT 300 2.8! (that has to have been deliberate I would think).

Many people will hand hold a 300 2.8 for quite long periods but a lot less so a "normally" heavier 400 2.8.

I know I can hand hold my old manual focus 300 2.8 for the duration of a football game or several sessions at a cricket match - putting it down from time to time to the point I don't even take a tripod or monopod now or I put it in a backpack and go for a walk.       Not going to do that with a 400 2.8 except maybe this one (if I win the lottery).       I should say my old Tamron is probably the lightest 300 2.8 made though and I use it with an A7s (previously several DSLRs ).

Absolutely to subjectivity.

What I was referencing with regards to weight is the Sony is 2,895g, the Canon is 3,850g and the Nikon is "approx 3800g", so the Sony is lighter, but they're all still really heavy with all that glass and metal!

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On 7/4/2018 at 3:20 PM, Andrew Reid said:

I am excited about this one, could be very popular with us if they get video right.

However I am not sure why the rumour states 25MP and 45MP, when current tech from their supplier Sony is 24MP and 46MP. Seems like an odd move to use different sensors with 1MP difference.

NR sources usually report numbers a bit higher or lower than what it actually is, mostly because they have early access to technical spec list, rather than marketing materials. Total number of pixels is not the "effective" pixels.

However, I think at least one of these two sensors is going to be made by TowerJazz. 

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Latest updated rumors https://nikonrumors.com/2018/07/09/additional-nikon-mirrorless-full-frame-camera-specifications-af-and-more.aspx/

Over 400 AF points, not sure about the exact number, it should be somewhere between 430-450. The AF is supposed to be very fast.

The rear LCD screen is tiltable just like the Nikon D850.

There is a second LCD screen on the top of the camera (just like the Fuji X-H1 pictured above)

My understanding is that there is only one selection wheel on top of the camera.

The camera's "prism" with the EVF is a bit less angular/smoother when compared to the Sony a7.

I can now confirm that the new 24-70 mirrorless full frame kit lens will indeed be f/4.

I see 8K listed in the technical specifications, but it is hard for me to get the translation - I don't think it's for video, maybe 8K time-lapse just like the D850?

The new Nikon mirrorless camera will have a nice finish and a very comfortable grip. The overall handling/feeling is supposed to be excellent - this is coming from somebody who is/has tested the camera.

Most likely no built-in flash.

The promo materials should include dancers.

Potential names: Z300 and Z500 (not confirmed at all, could be just a guess).

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2 minutes ago, Mokara said:

Depends on if they have the processor to handle it or not. It is unlikely that the specs will dramatically exceed the current DSLR cameras for that reason, so that is what you are looking at in a best case scenario.

Yeah but a Mirrorless D850 would not be too hard to take LoL.

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A 24-70 f/4 kit lens is a pretty nice offering, and a good strategy if you're releasing a new mount.  If they released a 24-70 f/2.8 and a fast 70-200 for it at the same time it would cover a lot of bases for those looking to switch systems.

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