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Leaked: DJI's new super-35 sized X7 drone camera for Inspire 2 and possibly Osmo


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6 hours ago, Eric Calabros said:

What's questionable about the mount? I don't like that Pentax style pins, but is there downsides with this design? Also they said 58mm diameter while looks smaller than EF mount. 

Can't say the idea of needing to exclusively buy DJI lenses is welcomed. I would have preferred a heavier Osmo style setup.

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The main goal of the X7 is to be able to put a S35 sensor on a relatively small bird. Up until now for putting a S35 sized camera even a DSLR you needed a much bigger, heavier and dangerous drone. Also having an integrated camera + drone makes controlling both a much much easier task especially over distance... 

To have such "small" drone lifting a S35+lens the main design goal was to keep it as light weight as possible especially the lenses. Did you see how small are the motors on the gimbal compared to Ronin MX or soo... One thing I'm disappointed is that any frame rate > 30 fps it is using a crop of the sensor "narrow" and also no mention other than the intro video how the AF works, MF apparently can be done with a follow focus wheel attached to the remote or via touch screen slider. I see the compelling idea of an Osmo solution with this camera but I think the main desing goal was really a drone first camera. Osmo would need to be quite big to accommodate the cpu, cinessd, battery....

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