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GH5: SD Cards for 400MBPS


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To prepare for the 2.0 update for the GH5, Which SD cards currently available will be able to handle this data rate. I Understand that it is V60 and V90 cards however not all cards currently specify this. Will the Sandisk UHS-II cards work? Has anyone had experience with ADATA Cards? I see they have affordable V90 Cards

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From an earlier discussion:

On 19-5-2017 at 5:04 PM, Cinegain said:

Yeah, that's another thing. 'Regular' storage or batteries even. Concerning storage and GH5 capability:

The 95MB/s* seems to classify as V30 (so max. sustained 30MB/s, 150Mbit/s should be a little less than 20MB/s, so I imagine that's fine; *read, 90MB/s write). More about speed classes, as you've probably seen, here: https://www.sdcard.org/consumers/choices/speed_class/index.html . Haven't seen any official V60 cards yet (required for GH5 w/ firmware update; 400MBit/s - 50MB/s, so V60), but I have V90 and those would roughly be the ones with spec: R280/W250. The Panasonic and Delkin ones, don't come cheap though. If 90 equals 30 and 250 equals 90, you're looking at about a factor 3x. So, 60x3=180 (also 90+30=120/2=60 and 250+90=340/2=170). That's the exact writespeed of the 'Transcend Ultimate SDXC 64GB, UHS-II U3/Class 10'. With all that said, draw your own conclusions and then check cards availlable and pricing right here.



So here as well I felt like only paying for something I think was worth it and ended up with SanDisk (R280/W250), the brand I've been putting my trust in since the hacked GH2 and BMPCC days, we'll have to see if the math/interpolation and logic pans used here pans out... but savings then are around 30%. I see ADATA has joined the party as well: http://kz.adata.com/en/specification/449# . Kind of interesting. They have these series of cards labelled V90, now the 64 and 128GB get around that R280/W250 mark with an even better R290/W260 rating... however the 256GB version drops down to R275/W155 and still gets the V90-label (I guesstimated max. rated to continuous supported would be around factor 3 and V60 being around 180. Though for 400MBit/s - 50MB/s, W155/3 ~> 52MB/s should still suffice). Maybe there's no real indicators after all... or people will indeed start running into issues with that one. Same for Delkin & Integral V60 that seem to have popped up... around the 280MB/s mark readspeed and W100. Dunno. But the R95/W90 by SanDisk that we all know and love has been given V30 with later versions... I imagine they might do the same to the R280 & R300 ones as well (but V90).


So I'd take the tip in Andrew's article to heart. Take the fastest cards SanDisk have to offer, they should work fine. But no guarantee as for some reason they don't have the officlal V-classification label. I sorta question the high capacity 256GB ADATA compared to the other V90 cards as well as those mentioned V60 cards with only W100.

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Yeah, another one came in with the mail today (already have a couple 280~300 ones), was a ext. black cyber deal if you will. As previous comments suggests, they work just fine. Everywhere online I've also seen other people only having good experiences with them whereas even some official V-classification cards wouldn't be able to cope for some people. I'm purdy much brand agnostic, I just use whatever works best, but SanDisk has been killing it since the hack GH2/BMPCC days and have never let down.

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8 hours ago, JordanWright said:

Can you duel record with the sandisks?

I have 2x 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II 300MB/s. And I can confirm that I was a bit dissapointed. These can’t do dual recording. Camera just says it needs two exact same kind cards. Even though those are exact same kind.

But, those aren’t marked with V90 so I can’t complain I guess. Otherwise those have worked perfectly never stopped recording with highest settings on my GH5.

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