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  1. @elgabogomez It's easier to do it right in pre, and if you load the monitor up with LUTs you can make sure you get the same image in post. You could also hook it up to the PC as a reference monitor. The SmallHD702Bright is sometimes on 24hr-sale on B&H (i think its 700$ rebate when it is) - I'd recommend subscribing to the mailinglist, and wait for that day imo. They also just recently released the 502Bright 5" monitor - which is probably way more versatile.
  2. Wrote AC instead of ventilation, whoops. The room itself is treated for acoustics, it's just because of the mic selection... I'll see if I can modify the routing to see if its possible to have the mix coming from ProTools and not the mixer then, thanks
  3. Sorry to interrupt the thread - but I've never heard of this DNS2 before, do you happen to know if there are any cheaper alternatives to this for just stereo passthrough? (I read its around 3200$). I work in a multicamstudio for podcasting, and the goal is to not have to do any postprocessing (you'd leave with the finished product). I've got it so I do both a raw recording & send a separate stereo XLR to the videorecorder. As of now there's noticeable AC noise being picked up, so I've been looking for a solution that doesn't require a whole new set of mics - something like this might just be it. I assume it gives more clarity than software noise reduction?
  4. https://www.smallhd.com/community/502-bright-on-camera-monitor - Yes, but not very cheap. There's this that was just released a few days ago.
  5. You can save a some bucks on RAM and gpu, without any real loss in performance https://pcpartpicker.com/product/ghs8TW/crucial-ballistix-sport-lt-16gb-1-x-16gb-ddr4-2400-memory-bls16g4d240fse -25$ https://pcpartpicker.com/product/gL98TW/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1060-6gb-g1-gaming-video-card-gv-n1060g1-gaming-6gd -120$ I would drop the extra CPU cooling fan and opt for a Ryzen 7 1700 instead of the ryzen 5 (the included fan is great!) I haven't overclocked mine (even though I probably could, and should've done a long time ago) +30$ You'd save 155$ and have 8 cores instead of 6. Also make sure you have some redudancy in your power supply, + get one thats modular, think it'll only be like 10$ different. I'd recommend you'd invest in a good monitor, Dell Ultrasharps are relatively cheap for what they do. edit: removed something about the mobo, didnt notice the rebate https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vL3QCy
  6. I've used (borrowed) the FS5 for a couple of years, and must say I've never really liked it for the type of work I do. Yes, the image looks nice enough when you overexpose log, but in general I've never been too happy with the results I'm getting out of it in camera, atleast in 1080p. (using recorder to 4k prores however, is great, but more awkward.) I just find the image to not be as sharp as it should be. Eva1 was pretty much the only camera within my budget that ticked most of my boxes, and I've had no regrets since. eND & autofocus is nice, but I've never had a project that depended on it. I find it feels very similar to an fs5 on steroids (with better ergonomics imo). Footage looks close to that of the FS7 from my experience (though I haven't worked with a lot of fs7 footage) - but at a way smaller form factor.
  7. BHPhoto currently running a megadeal on some 7" monitors, including 700$ off the 702, I'm ready to hit order, but the weight and size scares me a little. I saw that both the Feelworld FW760 & iKan DH7 are both lighter https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1186278-REG/smallhd_mon_702_702_bright_7_daylight.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1261736-REG/feelworld_fw760_7_ips_ultra_thin_full.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1197329-REG/ikan_dh7_7_4k_full.html
  8. Only 5 star reviews of that one on BHPhoto (with people using it with the 400mbps gh5 mode) - but no v90 rating so you won't be 100% "safe" that the speed will suffice
  9. Then you'd know the easiest (and the best) way to increase light is to stop shooting progressive and go interlaced /s I don't remember the reasoning for this, but the earliest videocameras had +1 stop of light in interlaced mode.
  10. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1345165-REG/angelbird_avp128sd_avpro_sd_128gb.html?sts=pi Came across these which say they are V90, a bit skeptical of ordering these myself as I've never heard of this brand before, but they're really cheap. Anyone have experience with these?
  11. Just like how the screen on your phone still looks great (depending on phone ofcourse) even when dimmed all the way down indoors. You don't need a lot of nits if the environment is dark.
  12. Brought home a 5" blackmagic video assist from the office over the weekend, pretty bulky of a monitor with clunky controls that I personally wouldn't get myself, but it convinced me that 5" is more than enough to judge focus. Still the questions stands, what justifies the 2x price of the 502? IMO the Focus looks better in every aspect except battery slots and SDI.
  13. Take contrast ratios in displays with a grain of salt. The thing that makes a difference are the amount of nits.
  14. @hmcindie looks like they graded it using only an S-Curve, V-log does some funky stuff to the color channels in this camera. ACES input transformation makes this real easy though. You can tell that the red in the panny still is more magenta, and the blue is more saturated compared to the c200.
  15. I too am looking for external monitors to replace the external LCD on my camera. I've tried a 7" before which looked great, but it's a bit too clunky. I suppose a 5" will be plenty to judge focus? Also I'm a bit confused about the price difference between the FOCUS and the SmallHD 502, could anyone clarify what the 502 offers, besides ports & battery slots, that the Focus doesn't?
  16. Whoa, how frequent do they update the Deal zone alerts? Do they include the flash deals? In the past deals the SmallHD702 was 700$ off... crazy! Wish I was online then...
  17. I feel there must be some errors in the audio section of this camera still... The point of where the audio clips is either at 0dB or way lower and I have no idea why. I have a clip where in the beginning it goes to 0dB and later won't go any higher than -25. I was using a phantom powered mic, and lowered the volume of the mic just a little bit at the start on the side panel (maybe 1 stop down on the dial). Luckily we did backup audio recording... Anyone else experienced this / found a solution? The levels looked fine on the peakmeter! (Audio rested just in the middle) I couldn't do any monitoring at the time.
  18. Just leave a big enough headroom (12-18dB) and generally gaining up won't introduce any noticeable noise. Generally I like to deliver my projects at -23lufs anyways. Also AGC on cameras have become pretty decent for talking heads. Annoying when there's a lot of background noise though.
  19. On headphones the reverberation is extremely annoying...
  20. @Zak Forsman Nice! Do you also come across the issue I'm having sometimes with the sidegrip? If I hold the camera one-handed using the grip it sometimes unlocks the rotation. My lens weighs about 800grams (Sigma 18-35). Haven't had time to contact support yet, was like this since day one for me. (With top-handle & mic on tho). It doesn't happen all the time but my heartrate always jumps when it does...
  21. A rear-mounted EVF is, honestly, useless. You can't judge the ergonomics without trying it out, and I think it's far superior ergonomically to the FS5 and at leas on-par with a C100/200. Dual Pixel AF it doesn't have, sure, but for me personally auto-focus isn't even a factor I really consider when buying a camera like this... As someone who uses C100/300 and FS5 a lot I can confirm this. Ergonomics do feel great, however a nipple over a scrolling wheel on the sidehandle would make life a lot easier. Still, far better than the FS5 and pretty similar to the C series.
  22. I've had the EVA1 for almost a week now, but sickness and rain has prevented me from using it too much. However I've had a couple days of shooting and thought I'd share some random samples from some documentary footage . Only the sunrise shot has been graded (lifted shadows). A lot of the shots are handheld. Lenses used are the sigma 18-35 and canon 70-200 f2.8. I Don't have any proper IR footage but I'll get some eventually. I used ACEScct V35 to Rec 709 in Davinci to correct the Vlog. Only ISO 2500 or 800. Exposed to +0EV in cam. No NR in cam or in post Just a bunch of random shots in a random order! Things I've noticed about the EVA1 though: At base ISO and in VLOG the ceiling for the waveform monitor is at 92%. When you stop the ISO down (2500 base, ISO 1000) the ceiling drops about 10% (to 83 or something like that). A pretty big drop in DR! I'd only go higher than base on the ISO if needed. Battery indicator is only in bars, no percentage LCD is very reflective, hard to tell if things are in focus! I'm planning on picking up a camera monitor for it later. Ergonomics feel great, no complaints! However the side grip can unlock itself if put under too much weight (to adjust the rotation, it doesn't fall off). Might be just my unit though. Underexposure can get noisy (who would have thought) - however it looks more like film grain than digital noise most of the times. I haven't tested this with the built in NR function. Honestly a really awesome camera and can't wait for the 400mbps & raw update. I can export the original V-Log footage and post it here for download if anyone wants later. EDIT: I exported for youtube H264 at 68mbps, is there a better way to get less compression on YT?
  23. Forgot to mention it was pre-owned! But you may have figured that part out. Was the only listing I could find on our countrys craigslist, not a huge market for microphones here :P
  24. Just picked up an mke600 up for 180 euro, can't really complain at that price
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