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  1. Halogens would be nice, but the studio we're using doesn't have that great ventilation so it heats up quickly. The lightstorm kit looks amazing, if they release within the next 2 weeks I'll probably get those, even though they're a little over budget. Are there any kits of 3s or more people would recommend? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1031521-REG/genaray_spectroled_studio_500_bi_color.html - These are more in my price range for now, but maybe I'm being stubborn.
  2. Hey all, I've got a couple of gigs in august and I'm in need of a light kit. Normally I would have easy access to renting a kit for free, but that time has just passed so it's time for me to pick up a kit of my own. I have a budget of around 800£, the less I have to spend the better. Something like the Scorpion light kit would be ideal for my uses, but I'm not sure if I get enough bang for buck, and the lack of user experiences around the web scares me. Any advice? (I work in a crammed studio environment so versatility is a huge bonus) Thanks
  3. To me it has always been a matter of comfort. Albeit I haven't used that many cameras (still sort of new to the game) and only do small gigs for family and miscellaneous projects (not for much pay). I use a 700D/T5i and I find the ease of use to be benefitial when on set. I've tried borrowing a friends a7s multiple times but I end up focusing more on the camera than on the creative side. With the canon I'm able to start shooting instantly because that's what I'm most comfortable with. The flaws (moire, noise, etc.) never really bother me whilst I'm recording but it gets annoying after a while watching it repeatedly in post, which is why I keep considering an upgrade. But at the end of the day it does the job that needs to be done. although I will probably replace my 700D as soon as possible to feel better about myself when editing/daydreamining shots It will probably be a great motivational boost too.
  4. Any good ideas on how I should kit some old m42 lenses with filters? I have a Helios 44-2 (49mm filter size) and some Petri lenses (55mm 1.8, 135mm 2.8, 35mm 2.8) which seem to be 52mm, 58mm, and 55mm in filter size. A Takumar 28mm 3.5 SMC (looks to be 49mm filter size), and a Raynox 35mm 2.8 (52mm). Will 3 step-up rings from 49mm, 52mm and 55mm to 58mm work just fine or should I not bother? Thanks.
  5. Anyone had any experiences with the old Nikkor-H 85mm 1.8? I picked one up on the cheap recently but I'm not sure if it'll see much use for video, but I've been able to use it on EOS mount. I also picked up a Helios 44 (8 bladed) 58mm, and a Nikon 28mm 2.8 AI-s (which I really like) Also how does one go about cleaning the insides of the bourne lens?
  6. I just found a collection of projection lenses on our national craigslist - but I'm not too familiar with anamorphic as a whole. Are any of these worthwhile? (they range from 30-200 USD equivalent each) Thanks! Isco-Göttingen Iscovar 0,8-1,3 x (zoom converter) & prime Isco-Göttingen Kiptaron 1,2/50 focal length between 40 & 65 mm.10 mm ISCO-Göttingen SUPER-KIPTAR 1.825 mm ISCO-Göttingen SUPER-KIPTAR 1.435 mm Optische Werke, Göttingen Duotar 1:1,535 mm Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,6. 45 mm50 mm SOM Berthiot Cinor 1.563 mm (2 ½ inch) Taylor-Hobson 1.6565 mm EMO A. Seibert Wetzlar 1,565 mm Isco-Göttingen Kiptaron 1.70 mm Angénieux 1:1,575 mm (3 inch) Taylor-Hobson 1.6575 mm Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,675 mm EMO A. Seibert Wetzlar..85 mm Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,6. 38 mm. Super Sankor F1.5. 63mm. (2.5 inch.) Sankor F2.0. 50 mm Hokushin 1.2 Schneider-Kreuznach CINEGON 1.4/16 mmPaillard-Bolex diopters: 5, 10, 20 & 40 mmKern-Paillard Yvar 1:2,5 f=75mm,Bell & Howell f/3.5 3 inch
  7. Makes me want to pick up a Pentax Q-S1 even more and forever keep it in my pockets... Unless there's even better light-weight alternatives?
  8. The package does include a mamiya 645 super with a prism and film holders for a total of 750$ - but digital (video for the most part) are my intentions. They don't look like N's as far as I can tell. Primarily I would want some manual primes to accompany the nikkor for cheap for a more compact and/or multicam setup. How do they compare to other older/vintage lenses, when used on a digital sensor? I don't plan on shooting any faster than 2.8. I'm trying to keep it under 1000$, which is why I found this package appealing. Sorry, older lenses are not my forte but I would really like to hear how these lenses would fare for me before it gets sold. Thanks again.
  9. Hey, random lurker here. I just came across a set of Mamiya 645 Sekor C lenses (35mm 3.5, 45mm 2.8, 55mm 2.8, 80mm 2.8, 110mm 2.8, 150mm 3.5, 300mm 5.6) on craigslist for ~550 USD. Is this a good purchase? What are the alternatives? Currently I'm using a T5i with a Nikkor 28-70 2.8 but I'd like to add some primes. (Edit: I'll most likely replace the t5i by summer, just incase this changes things) Thanks in advance!
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