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    Audio Software

    IMO what DAW you use doesn't really matter other than personal preference, what does matter is plugins I usually use Waves, grabbed the Gold-bundle and the API-560 EQ a while back and those have been my gotos, X-Noise is pretty neat too but haven't purchased that one yet.
  2. sondreg

    Audio Software

    I use Cubase, but didn't purchase the full version for OMF support, still works great for me tho, found it to be more user friendly than reaper (which is probably the best for the money).
  3. You can use this formula: 256GB/((MB/s * 60)/1000) Prores 444 XQ = 17 min on single 256GB Card Prores 444 = 26 min Prores 422 HQ = 39 min Prores 422 = 58min Prores 422 LT = 84 min
  4. I'm located in Norway, but retail shipped it to UK for service
  5. Update: Sent my NX1 into service and it was repaired and covered by warranty - replaced a 'PCB' at the top of the camera and is now working
  6. The internal mic stopped recording any sound all of a sudden, even if the hack has little to no problems I'd feel a little uneasy doing 3hr gigs and not knowing if the footage survives or not...
  7. Did Samsung themselves remove recording limit? I've already had to send my camera in for repair once, so I don't wanna void the warranty by using one of the hacks...
  8. Not to ruin the party but calling it "this is a money is no object rating any price criteria" seems odd when the only thing keeping it up in the top 10s are the "Value for money" critera - on the other hand, did Nx1 prices go way up? I only had to pay 940$ for mine brand new (in Norway) - My only complaint is the lack of proper audio support and recording limit, after using C300s and Fs5's at work that would really be useful in most of my freelance gigs, but I'm struggling to find an upgrade from it in terms of the gratification of using it and the image quality, atleast without going 10x on the price...
  9. Hey, I was just using my NX1 today doing a small video, was shooting in the rain for about 90 minutes and everything worked well, footage turned out well etc. So I set it out to dry. (This is using a NIK/NX adapter btw.) But later I had another gig, out in the sunlight this time and when I got back I noticed no audio was recorded (using internal mic) - every clip just has this initial 1 second hiss sound that fades away, and the peakmeters show no life at all. Anyone had this happen? It works using external mics but I sort of rely on using the internal one...
  10. It depends on a lot of factors like the size of your room and acoustics. For a small environment you usually don't need to focus that much on big diaphragms and/or subwoofers. Personally I sit in a small environment so I got a (cheapish) pair of Yamaha HS5's, they work great for me but they are a little shoddy at the low end (mostly because of acoustics). If I had a bigger room I'd consider the Hs8 model, these should also provide more bass but I have no real experience with these. I'd say try some and see what works best for your environment.
  11. In Google Chrome you have the option to use hardware acceleration in the settings, this is usually turned off. I know that in youtube this fixes a gamma shift, maybe it fixes color shift too? Haven't tested anything with vimeo myself...
  12. By "not clean" I meant that the 4K source renders a better 1080p timeline, aka. its better (quality wise) to shoot 4k instead of 1080p when delivery is 1080p. Uncompressed would probably have been a better word than "clean"
  13. Recording at the best possible quality is obviously better - if it's available to you. The NX1 doesn't record a clean 1080p image, meaning downsampling a 4K image will result in a cleaner 1080p image...
  14. edit: removed text - realize it was renting price not sale price...
  15. I'm guessing you want to make the audio as dry as possible? The only thing you can do is to add dampening as much as you can and get closer to the audio source... in pic: Red is direct audio, blue is reverb. Cardioid would help a ton as it won't capture as much of the reverberation coming from behind the mic. Another option is obviously to do ADR (replace audio in post) and add reverb to taste later.
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-2-5-Inch-Internal-MZ-75E1T0B-AM/dp/B00OBRFFAS
  17. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15efDoJJEaew-7WdoCDim5anYvbdSXnVjOH-RRD656Ws/edit?usp=sharing Created a spreadsheet for calculating fullframe equivalents based on F-stop and sensor, it's a little messy I apologize. I'm not sure how to properly setup a google sheet document for public sharing (individual values) - if you do know please tell me so. I'm not a math guy so it might be off some.... I'm not sure if this is actually useful, I'm tired and didn't really read the whole thread With this you can calculate specs on FF equivalent lenses for different sensors for the same result. Please correct me if the maths wrong
  18. Grabbed a Zeiss Planar 50mm on craigslist for my Nx1 and took it for a quick test run, very pleased with the results!
  19. It still depends on what codec you are shooting with. 16GB of ram has sufficed for me personally, more will probably help but no less. With 4K H265 I use a standard HDD, a not so ideal i7-3770 processor (4 physical cores) and an AMD Fury X, also not "ideal" per sè, playback is fine, but any adjustments kill the playback speed. I don't think disk speeds matter that much for playback.
  20. It depends on the RAW format and bitrate - but keep in mind the speed of the drive shouldn't affect the playback speed of a clip that has been altered with, because it's still playing back the same file. A good graphics card will help more. CPU doesn't do as much when it comes to price/performance. I would personally still recommend an SSD but not for storing footage, unless if its going to be its only purpose.
  21. Just use the custom WB on something white for the sake of simplicity. It doesn't take long and is very reliable.
  22. What SD card are you using?
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KALsx-HDJjE I think this might help resolve the warping
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