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LukiLink project turns smartphones into an HDMI monitor

Andrew Reid

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Just now, Andrew Reid said:

Good to know, I must have overlooked that info from Frank.

What sort of female connector, did they say? USB C female connector is a bit more solid than the older USB mini connector, not as wobbly.

This is the photo they have on the kickstarter project. I don't recognise that port.



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I have banned Evgeny's two accounts for trolling.

There are two users appeared on here called "Evgeny Magata" and "evgenymagata" both of whom have only posted about this project. Are you Evgeny Magata Snr or Junior?  Paranoid? Haha, yes tha

If, like me you have ever wanted to use the OLED screen of your lovely thin and light smartphone as an HDMI monitor for your camera, you are now officially in luck. The LukiLink will give you tha

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Right so that's a full sized USB 3 female output, and you can get a cable from that which goes directly to USB C.

Quite ok with that.

Hopefully Frank can send me the final unit to review as well.

I think it is due out in October?

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Got the app, will be installing soon.

Android only for now but iOS app coming October.

I noticed the phone battery drained from 95% to 0% over night because I left the LukiLink plugged in to the USB port... They could do with fixing that in the final version. Remember, my hardware is pre-production!

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On 8/25/2017 at 3:46 AM, Andrew Reid said:

It's pretty normal on KickStarter for people to contract out the engineering work to, erm, engineers! Digital Bolex did it.

evgenymagata's point here was that an off-the-shelf product is being relabelled and sold as original, which is simply not the case, as the circuit board, capabilities and app aren't the same and have been contracted out to engineers by the people with the ideas, which is exactly how KickStarter is supposed to work.

Even if I KickStarted my film, I would not do every single role myself and play 5 acting parts :)

Unless it was called The Room!

I work in tech, its common even in companies like Microsoft to bring in outside talent for a specific project. I know this because I contracted with Microsoft several times in my career as a UX Designer.

Notable projects:

Xbox One

Windows Hello


This is standard stuff, no one should be interpreting this as something suspicious or nafarious.  

Whats the latest on this project? All my research leads to their KS campaign which has been well closed by now. 

Is it for sale, and if so where? 

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14 hours ago, Kisaha said:

It isn't for sale, it isn't ready yet.

They have difficulties with Apple's operating system.

They say that Android version and hardware is ready, but nothing is certain with KS.

I work with devs who code on multiple platforms and as of late, Apple did something with the last two versions of iOS thats causing our apps a lot of issues. On the other hand Android has really opened up their platform. I can understand the slowdowns. No one wants to release a crap v1 app right out of the gate, so the wait is most likely worth it. 

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Sadly, seems more and more like a scum. It is almost a month with no updates, while we were expecting delivery for Christmas (the project was about to conclude in September, or October, originally). No one is replying to the comments, emails, or anywhere, and the latest video we had was a prototype with a lot of cables and a huge circuit with latency of a second or two. Not good.. Most of the backers are asking for refund (to no avail of course).

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I have used once the BlackMagic 5" and it was too wide and heavy. I am not sure an external recorder is the solution to a modern world! Ideally cameras should include great Super Amoled 4.5-5" monitors, great codecs, and that's it. Add an Sennheiser 440 and go!

When you start building up your rig, then you can't stop. I sometimes build a rig out of my NX500 just for fun, with matte box and everything! With all these said, I have to admit that the NX screens are just unbelievable. I watched some footage I shoot for a couple of jobs (together with the clients) and most of the 6-8 hours footage is in focus, but as we (I) getting old, a nice SmallHD does the job better I guess. Haven't used it professionally yet.


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